When alarming and afraid: how to cure fears?


  • Case of life
  • How do fears arise
  • And now what i can do?
  • Psychotherapist – who is he?
  • How the fears are treated

  • Case of life

    All of us were taught from childhood to wash your arms before meals. For
    one of my friend this habit has become an obsessive action. At first
    Everyone admired her cleanness, but later her manner was constantly washed
    Hands after touching with any subject crossed all the boundaries.
    How many times a day she soap hands, no one could count on
    number and she herself: a piece of soap with her «leaving» For 1-2 days. And after,
    as a girl promoted more than an hour in the toilet, because I could not open
    the door because I was afraid to stain on her hands, my relatives
    Girlfriends understood: you need to do something. And after unsuccessful attempts
    Conduct with obsessive hand wash yourself they decided
    consult a psychotherapist.
    Fortunately, they appealed to help when the problem can still be
    It was quickly solved, so the treatment was short and successful. Across
    A few weeks of psychotherapy on the background of receiving supporting andWhen alarming and afraid: how to cure fears?
    strengthening the nervous drug drug girl managed to return to
    Normal Life.

    How do fears arise

    Say – this is an extreme case and this occurs infrequently. This is
    Indeed, but, ironically, less pronounced fears
    meet people very often. According to statistics - as in our country,
    And around the world - various phobias suffers from 4 to 12% of people,
    there are more often than each tenth! Impressive, truth?
    Unfortunately, many people in virtue of various reasons are hiding their fears and
    prefer not to contact doctors or psychologists – including
    Because again - scary. How does fear arise and why people
    shy to contact a specialist?

    The reasons for this, as usual, are the most different. Our life with her
    Rhythm rhythm and abundance of information last years and decades
    constantly postpones the face «Normality» man. For that,
    to «Touch everything», We have to accelerate your life rhythm. Is not
    always benefits health, and fear «Do not have time» only complicates
    Situation. Therefore, we do not always manage to keep confidence in
    Such a situation. And when self-esteem falls, then much in the world around
    It seems incomprehensible and threatening, and it creates an unfavorable environment
    For the emergence of insurance.

    How to specifically, fears and phobias can occur? In certain
    situations - for example, in a crowded metro car - in humans
    There is a fear that he can die from choking, or go crazy. Fear
    Begins to strengthen itself, and a person may have a feeling,
    that he did not cope with fear, and he began to live «Own life»,
    Out of man's control.

    And then he may have a fear that the same discomfort
    fear will arise the next time in the same situation – in the subway per hour
    peak. Funning this perspective, he begins to avoid traveling in the subway,
    mass clusters of people and other similar situations. Almost always that
    significantly reduces the quality of the patient's life: he can psychologically
    be very difficult to move in the subway, or he will spend much
    more time on the road, picking up ground routes - not to say
    already that to be in mass events he will also be difficult.
    Over time if you do nothing with the fear that
    will grow, increase in size and can go to other
    Region – For example, anxiety and fears may appear while driving and on
    terrestrial transport, airplane...

    And now what i can do?

    It is clear that the most important thing in such a situation –
    keep calm and confidence. Any fear can be defeated if
    do not closer in yourself, but to act and seek help – like from myself
    yourself and on the part of those with whom you can share your
    experiences. Increase your self-esteem, learn daily
    overcome fear, read books and watch movies that help
    cope with him. And if all of the above does not help, then you can
    Contact a specialist who works professionally with problems
    At the junction of medicine and psychology, including with fears – To
    Psychotherapist. When phobias, obsessions and other alarming
    disorders become so pronounced that they already interfere with living, it is
    Appeal to a qualified psychotherapist allows you to get rid of
    they start living in full life again.

    Psychotherapist – who is he?

    – This is not only one for the whole country Dr. Kurparatov. Now in ours
    the country is becoming more and more experts working with the most
    psychological and medical problems – Starting from the same fears
    and ending with psychotherapeutic accompanying pregnancy and treatment of dependencies.
    Many of them specialize in various fields, so finding
    specialist for the treatment of exactly your problem is quite simple.When alarming and afraid: how to cure fears?

    But some people have a certain difficulty in this place: «And what
    This specialist will do with me?» «Feed psychotropic
    Tablets?» «Does not heal?»

    In fact, psychotherapist – This is the same doctor as others
    medical specialists, but if the gastroenterologist helps you cure
    gastritis or get rid of stones in the bustling bubble, then psychotherapist
    Helps to recover from fear and other problems. The difference is essentially not
    So great to give up this aid and wait until fear
    grows and starts literally to devour all strength and energy

    If you broke your leg, you go to a traumatologist, and you put plaster to
    The bone has grown correctly. Our psychological state can also be
    break: it will not be so noticeable as the bone fracture, but the consequences
    can be even more deployed.

    For some reason, we have always been made not to pay attention to such
    «little things», as psychological problems: you want to speak – Share
    Paint with girlfriend. In men, about similar things and share at all
    not accepted. Meanwhile, it is really very important. Mental
    Health can be lost unnoticed: does not hurt a stomach or back,
    And only feelings – sorrow, fear, anxiety - sometimes give to know that
    something wrong. So you need to listen and with attention
    refer to their psychological needs. There are situations when
    Some only sincere conversations with a friend will not help – And in this
    case more correct will appeal to the psychotherapist. Then approach
    Treatment will be thoughtful, attentive and professional.

    How the fears are treated

    At first
    A psychotherapist doctor listens to the patient carefully and will carefully collect
    information about how long the fear is worried about what it is expressed and
    under what conditions arises. After that, if necessary, the patient
    Conduct additional surveys. The fact is that sometimes fears,
    obsession and other neuroses
    may be due not only to psychological reasons, but also
    dysfunction in the work of the nervous system or even internal organs –
    For example, be caused by oxygen starvation of the brain in childbirth. IN
    These cases carry out additional examinations will help the doctor
    Decide with tactics of treatment.

    When the diagnosis is clear, begins itself
    therapy. In some cases, drugs can be prescribed by the patient,
    Reducing alarm, improving the nutrition of the brain, strengthening
    nervous system. The purpose of their destination – Medical support
    the body, the correction of the changes that were discovered. BUT
    In parallel with medications, or even without them, is carried out
    Psychotherapeutic treatment.

    The main method of treatment of psychotherapist – This
    psychotherapy. Such a method of helping person – not «Just talk», how
    Sometimes it may seem. This is a conversation built in a certain way,
    thanks to which the patient succeeds to see what helps him
    get rid of fear; and in some cases the therapeutic effect may occur
    even without aware patient, as it were,.

    Usually the psychotherapist owns several methods
    Psychotherapy – such as Gestalt, cognitive-behavioral
    Psychotherapy or well-known psychoanalysis and hypnosis. In the process of conversation
    With a patient, a specialist determines which of these working methods is better
    everything is suitable for this person, and starts psychotherapeutic
    treatment, if necessary, combining it with with other methods
    Psychotherapy. As a result of this work, the patient can cope with
    alarm and fear, he is aware of the reasons that these fears caused, and
    learns to successfully cope with them. It gives him the opportunity again
    Start living joyful, full-fledged life without fear and anxiety.

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