Acute bronchitis


  • Symptoms of bronchitis
  • Treatment of bronchitis
  • Bronchita prevention

  • TO happiness there are doctors that can correctly
    determine what disease is and appoint treatment accordingly.
    But to fight with such a disease like bronchitis is better than Read more
    explore where he is taken from which organs they suffer from him like him
    treat, and most importantly how not to hurt bronchitis.

    Bronchita pathogens
    - Viruses, bacteria. Specialists noted that the pathogens of bronchitis
    different depending on the age of the sick. Viral infections reduce
    The ability of mucous membranes to make their daily work – Clean.
    By this, they create optimal conditions for contacting microbial flora from
    Upper respiratory tract to other respiratory tract departments.
    Weaken the body, and it can no longer cope with viruses and
    bacteria without medical intervention. These are internal processes. What
    concerns external – symptoms, they are very similar to the initial stage
    Influenza, pneumonia.

    Symptoms of bronchitis

    Bronchitis begins with a cold. Then appears
    dry cough (not expectorated), man is weakened, he has a high
    Body temperature. Rarely, but it happens. Yet the main symptom
    Bronchitis – This is a dry cough. A few days later, cough wet,
    Motica begins to depart. Such a period of sharp symptoms does not last
    More than 3-4 days. Finally bronchitis is cured for 7-10 days. But this
    It happens only if the bronchitis began to treat and that
    It is important, - we were treated correctly. Otherwise acute form
    Bronchitis flows into a chronic one to cure much more difficult.

    Treatment of bronchitis

    Appointed by the traditional scheme: abundant warm drink, vitamins, with
    High temperature antipyretic means. Mandatory condition for
    Treatment – Bed regime. When the body temperature has stopped
    Increase, you can apply aid – mustard pieces,
    Rubbing in the field of sternum with special ointments. Also good
    Help with bronchitis inhalation. Good distracting means
    Take foot baths with mustard. In water up to 40 degrees divorces
    Mustard (1 liter of water 1 st. a spoon of powder) and legs are immersed before

    Acute bronchitis
    In some cases antibiotics are prescribed.
    Their appointment depends on the severity of the disease, from the age of the patient. On the
    Assistance come anti-kilk and expectorant. If bronchitis
    in a child, the choice of an anti-teach drug should not depend on
    what drug was advised in a pharmacy, and on what
    This case is more suitable – This decides the doctor. For example,
    central acts such as «codeine»
    God should not give. In–first these drugs suppress cough
    Reflex, thereby slowing down the outflow of mucous membranes from the bronchi, in addition,
    children they can cause hallucinogenic effect. As caution
    need to use expectorant. Especially if the bronchitis is sick
    child of the first year of life. To expectorant drug –
    Nine, Allas, Thermopsis, plantain grass.

    These drugs contain
    Alkaloids – they help to increase the peristaltics bronchiol, thereby,
    Helping remove mucosal clusters from bronchi. But if a child
    There are various lesions of the central nervous system better
    refuse these drugs because they increase the vomit and
    cough reflexes, and this can cause aspiration or asphyxia and
    Education Atelectazov. Do not think that these are these drugs
    vegetable origin, and harm to the child will not be. Anyone
    Drug is able to cause an allergic reaction. therefore
    Do not independently choose treatments. Only a doctor can
    know which drug is suitable in each case.

    Bronchita prevention

    Bronchitis is more often in children. For prophylaxis
    It is impossible to allow children long chronic colds in a timely manner
    treat inflammatory respiratory diseases. For adults
    Banalna Prevention – Refusal of smoking, from alcohol. These habits
    Weaken organism. Also contribute to the bronchitis of hypothermia,
    Chronic and inflammatory diseases. To protect the organism
    Be sure to take vitamins to make bronchitis no longer bothered.

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