Spring menu for problem feet


  • Blame the extra weight and heels
  • X-rays can help diagnose
  • Where to restore health
  • Spring menu for problem feet
  • Exercising with fatigue
  • What to put in the villa first aid kit

  • Blame the extra weight and heels

    Damage the articular cartilage can be for several reasons:

    • Spring menu for problem feetAge and hormonal changes. For example, the majority of women during menopause catches a lot of problems with the musculoskeletal system - and osteoporosis, and osteoarthritis.
    • Overweight. When we walk, our anchor leg joints and spine load rests as much in 4 the mass of our body! The more a person weighs, the faster come worn cushioning properties of its joints.
    • Injuries (this is now often err lovers of extreme sports). There is a crack or fracture cartilage that eventually leads to destruction of cartilage.
    • Wearing uncomfortable shoes. The most dangerous options: narrow toe, foot deforming excessively high heel - hairpin or unstable platform.

    X-rays can help diagnose

    If you will offer universal treatment for joints - do not believe. These diseases are divided into two major groups:

    • arthritis - are associated with inflammation of the joints;
    • arthritis - due to the destruction of cartilage.

    They require fundamentally different approaches to treatment and prevention.

    To find out exactly what's going on with yourjoints, the first thing you need to do a complete blood count (to determine the presence of inflammation), and X-rays. On radiographs and visualize even the initial changes in the joint.

    Practice shows that the end of spring -early summer for people with a sick musculoskeletal system - very quiet time, aggravation usually begin in the autumn (especially in artroznikov that badly exploited their already achy joints on summer jobs). So now is the time to do prevention.

    Where to restore health

    Spring menu for problem feet

    When osteoarthritis

    It is by the way will have a trip to the resort, where there is radon and hydrogen sulfide sources (for example, in Belokurikha, White Church, Pyatigorsk, Sochi).

    Good swimming in the sea, and all treatments with seawater.

    Magnificent prevention and "charging" for the next year are mud baths, body wraps. Mineral mud, useful in arthritis, is in Yalta, Odessa, Saki, Pyatigorsk, in the Sea of ​​Azov.


    Travel to the area with hot climates are not recommended! Scorching sun and the overall stress on the body, associated with acclimatization, can only increase inflammation.

    According to the experience of our consultants, after traveling to Egypt or Turkey, 90% of patients begin a serious worsening of arthritis.

    Sunbathing and arrange a "warm up" the hot sand is also harmful.

    For the prevention and treatment of arthritis resorts are best suited to temperate climatic zone or a trip to the Black, Azov, the Dead Sea in the velvet season.

    When arthritis useful physiotherapy (magnetotherapy, phonophoresis, and others), as well as swimming and SPA-procedures - in remission. Mud therapy is contraindicated.

    Spring menu for problem feet

    More fresh fruits and vegetables. Particularly beneficial in the condition of joints affected tomatoes, parsley, spinach, bell pepper, garlic.

    Vegetable salads with mayonnaise are not refuel, and olive or corn oil, fruit - honey, or low-fat yogurt.

    If possible, limit meat (especially red) and canned food - it is believed that they contribute to inflammation of the joints.

    The berries are very helpful blueberry, black currant, cherry.

    Do broths and teas from St. John's wort, chamomile, leaf cranberries.

    It is noticed that painful joints work wellnatural soy and ... avocados (eat 1 medium-sized piece for a week). All vegetable oils and seeds are also useful - pumpkin, sesame, sunflower.

    Exercising with fatigue

    To give joints numb, sitting do 3-4 times a day, such exercises:

    • Tighten and relax the muscles of the hips, flexing with the knees (5 times).
    • Take a long breath, sticking out his belly, exhale, plunging the stomach (3-4).
    • Slowly raise your arms up - inhale, lower - exhale (3-4 times).
    • Bend and straighten the toes - 10 times at a slow pace.
    • Sitting on a chair, crossed his legs and make circular motions with a relaxed feet to the right, then to the left. Repeat 10-12 times with each leg.
    • Very useful to roll the usual wooden feetrolling pin dough - from toe to heel and back. And you can buy a special trainer-foot massager. He looks like a rolling pin only with dimples, ridges. In this exercise improves blood circulation in the legs and the condition of muscles and ligaments.

    Doing exercises is necessary, of course, throwing off his shoes.

    What to put in the villa first aid kit

    The most frequent "summer cottages" of the problem with the joints and back - a muscle strain, spondylosis and sciatica episodes - from the diligence. So what better to fill up first aid kit in advance and put into it:

    • pain relievers and anti-inflammatory drugs on the basis of butadiona, diclofenac (Voltaren), combined analgesics;
    • ointments with heparin - from edema. Apply them to sore joints better in the evening. Fatigue is well removed ointments with horse chestnut and green tea extract;
    • absorbable ointments and gels such as troksevazin.

    It is advisable to always keep in the freezer ice. At pains to put a heating pad or ice pack for 20 minutes, wrapping the affected joint with a towel.

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