The main questions about diaper dermatitis, answers to which all parents need to know


The main questions about diaper dermatitis, answers to which all parents need to knowMore
70% faced diaper dermatitis problems during the first year
Life of your child. Diaper dermatitis — redness, irritation and
Surprise of infant skin in the area of ​​diapers.

The cause of diaper dermatitis — Physiological
Feature of the skin of the child of the first year of life. By the end of the pregnancy
Toddler skin is almost completely developed in anatomical relation, but in functional
— Only partially. Sweat glands in a child 12 times more than an adult
man that predisposes to the development of inflammation on the skin. Immaturity of own
Immunity of the skin in young children provokes increased sensitivity
To various stimuli and infections.

The picture of diaper dermatitis is characterized by different severity
inflammatory phenomena. At the very beginning of the disease, this is expressed as acute
Inflammation, swelling and redness in the field
using diaper. In the future, some children, especially those inclined to
allergic skin reactions in places of the inflammatory process can start
mock. In the focus of the lesion appears rash in the form of bubbles, guncrows, erosions
— This is characteristic of acute diaper dermatitis. Against the background of these changes
Secondary bacterial and fungal infection often joins.

consider when appointing medicinal
Funds for external therapy in children The following requirements: safety and efficiency,
the absence of side effects, the possibility of long-term use, as well as
Ease of operation — lack of unpleasant odor and fatness

Dermatology Medicines with healing effect, power and recovery
Tissues are usually associated with the presence in their composition of vitamin B5 (pantotential
acid). In the body, vitamin B5 turns into a panthenet, which is part of
Coenzyme A, and performing an important role in energy production processes.
Pantothenic acid ensures the preservation of the condition of the skin and
mucous membranes, which is of great importance for the system of local immunity.

The main questions about diaper dermatitis, answers to which all parents need to know
For example,
In pediatric practice, Bepanten ruler means are widely used.
The active substance of these funds is decantenol (synthetic provitamin
Pantothenic acid B5), which contributes to the prevention of development or
A speedy healing of already formed microcracks. Provitamin decantenol,
part of the drug, quickly turns into skin cells into pantothen
Acid, having a healing effect, reinforcing metabolic activity
dermatocytes and stimulating regeneration processes.

dermatitis — One of the most frequent lesions of the skin in young children. If
timely not to pay for due attention, inflammatory changes in
The crotch area causes pain kids and can become a source of serious
Complications. Correct child skin care, frequent change of diapers and
Using modern leather care products based on decantenol
allow you to prevent the development of diaper dermatitis.

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