Disease Ryg


Disease Ryg
Among infectious diseases, face disease occupies
Fourth place of prevalence. The cause of this disease is
Streptococcus, penetrated into the body through damaged skin sections. On development
Diseases affects the degree of pathogen's pathogens and susceptibility to it
man. Grinding inflammation contagiously, so after touching the patient,
hands need to thoroughly wash and treat alcohol or cologne. To group
risks include movers, military, drivers and builders. In these areas
activities people are most susceptible to small injury, skin pollution and sharp
Environmental change shifts — All this is favorable
Conditions for the development of dog disease. There are a number of background diseases in
The conditions of which are also likely to appear the emergence of the grinding inflammation (feet fungus, diabetes, varicose veins and the presence of chronic foci
Streptococcal infection).

Signs of face

The initial stage of this disease is peculiar
The presence of high temperature, chills, pain in muscles and head. Rozhysy
inflammation on the skin appear not immediately, but only after a few hours, and sometimes
and days. Additional symptoms in some cases promotes vomiting, general ailment
and convulsions. The inflammation itself is also accompanied by itching and edema. By
The nature of the caused local changes on the skin or mucosa, illness
divided into four types:

  • erythematose
    The form is characterized by the presence of a uniform area of ​​redness with clear
    borders and edges of the wrong shape;
  • at
    erythematosno bullosis form about the third day of the disease in place
    redness peeling the top layer of the skin and bubbles are formed with transparent
    Content inside. Brown peels are formed on the site of burst bubbles,
    who die and remains young healthy skin. There are cases when
    Troopic ulcers can form the venue of bubbles;
  • To distinctive
    The features of the erythematomous hemorrhagic form include hemorrhage in affected
    skin sections;
  • at
    Morning-hemorrhagic form Development of the disease is similar to Eritrithium-Bully,
    except that there is no transparent content inside the bubble, and bloody.

Foreign inflammation and its treatment

Disease Ryg
Disease Ryg — Serious infectation
Disease, which can be infected with airborne droplets. But if you
infected the pathogen of the grim inflammation, it is not necessary that you have
The inflammation itself will begin. Here, an important role has a geneticist concomitant
Diseases and provoking factors (abrasions, scratches, stress,
supercooling, overheating, tan and bruises).

Hospitalization is required only in severe
Diseases. The main assistants in the fight against the corrosion inflammation are
Antibiotics. To eliminate the concomitant disease, chills and heat prescribe
Antihistamines and antipyretics. Affected skin area
process antiseptics and often change bandages. Erysipelas
contributes to allergies, so you need to be very neat in use
Anti-inflammatory masses. With a light form (when there are no bubbles) Ointment
Not needed at all. If you yourself impose a bandage, remember that it is impossible
Binting tight, otherwise you breed the blood supply to the affected area. except
antibiotics, in the treatment of grinding inflammation well shown themselves
Physiotherapeutic procedures (therapy of infrared lasers, current
High frequency, local ultraviolet irradiation).

The disease of the face tend to return again, especially
on the background of the concomitant disease. Therefore, the best prevention of the grinding
Inflammation will be the treatment of background disease. To avoid serious
complications (up to elephantism), do not start the treatment of grinding inflammation.

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