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  • Sweat is not harmful
  • What is sweat
  • Thermoregulation of the body
  • Causes of sweat selection
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  • Sweat is not harmful

    For my long life guys I have, I repent, there was a lot. But the memory of one of them is special. I remember his smell. And, not the smell of his cologne or deodorant - I had a head from the smell of his sweat. With the lowest opportunity, I stuck in his nose in the armpit and…

    They say, Napoleon, returning from the fighting campaign, always ahead of himself, the notes of his josephine with the text «Do not wash, I'm going!» Talk, even sniff her shirts. As I understand him!

    However, the smell of the unwashed body is not quite for me. I like the smell of sweaty, but clean. What is the smell - is there something more exciting than salty droplets flowing around the clavies in the hot summer nights of love!

    What is sweat

    Pot, Latin Sudor, 99 percent consists of water. The remaining one percent is filled with all sorts of all kinds - nitrogenous substances, amino acids, soap, cholesterol, alkali metal salts, steroid hormones and even vitamins. And how many minerals there are sodium, potassium, chlorine, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iodine, copper, manganese, iron. Shouted a couple of drops and the daily rate is provided!

    It is distinguished by the abundance of sweating glands, which permeated the entire area of ​​the skin. Sweet glands no, except that, on the red border of the lips, the head of the penis and on the extreme flesh. The most abundant sweat glands cover the skin of the forehead, the axillary depression, the inguinal folds, the pads of the fingers and legs, palms and soles. The total number of such glands from one person can reach 3.5 million.

    Thermoregulation of the body

    The primary task of sweat - the thermoregulation of the body. The selection on the surface of water and salts says that the sweating is involved in the aquatic and salt metabolism of the body. But we are most interested in the aspect of sexual attractiveness, a considerable role in which the smell of the body and the smell of sweat plays.

    Male smellScientists find out that special receptors in the nose help us to choose our beloved. Moreover, they react only for sexual smells, and absolutely indifferent to flavors of seasonings, plants, and t. D. It is these receptors that tell us whether we should carefully look at a particular object, or let him go to his dear. And it is possible that the smell of a person is much more important for us than its external qualities or mental wealth. For example, with whom you will soon want to spend the night - with a smell-smelling quasimodo or with David Beckham, if suddenly he starts to build you eyes, a vastly at the same time at the same time a sustention?

    Substances that make attention to the person of his potential sexual partners are called pheromones and are produced by apokric glands - a special kind of sweat glands. Purdomons of animals Scientists have long been laid down on the shelves, but the pheromones of people are studied while extremely bad. One of the most fully studied Pheromones - Androstenon, a derivative of the male sex hormone testosterone.

    In the men's sweat of Androstenol (substances similar to Androstenon), fifty times more than in female, and most actively he begins to produce with the beginning of puberty. Moreover, Pheromones are most effective in «Middle battle». Many of them are not capable of spreading through the air and affect the object only during the immediate touch - kisses, oral caresses and T.NS. Therefore, the smell is not something that lures the candidate for bed, but what holds it there. You can fight with your smell of a mysterious stranger, except that, inviting him to dance.

    But at the same time, it is impossible to forget that modern culture is aimed at suppressing instinctive reactions. We can say that the brain works like «muffler» Pheromon signals, in order to avoid raising animal instincts. Scientists believe that alcohol helps remove brain control, which, usually contributes to sexual approach. However, the development of alcoholism also contributes.

    Causes of sweat selection

    If wet hot hugs are preferable to others, it makes sense to pay attention to residents of southern countries. Scientists argue that their sweating is more abundant than Northern. But only in those who lived in a sultry climate under the age of two years, when the formation of the functions of the sweat glands.

    The reasons for the selection of sweat may be thermal and mental, and each of them is controlled by its center and has its nervous apparatus. For example, the skin on the palms and soles becomes wet predominantly with mental tension. Unlike them, forehead and armpits can sweat for any reason, but the other skin surface begins to swing water more and more under the influence of temperature.

    A healthy person at room temperature loses 400 - 600 ml of sweat per day. But if, for example, chop firewood on the sun, there is a chance to free yourself from 10 - 12 liters per day. Physical exertion combined with high temperature often use athletes when they want to quickly reset extra pounds.

    Baths and saunas since sincerely are used by traditional medicine as the so-called «Potting treatment». Even in ancient times, people believed that sweating - it means to clean the body. According to the disassembly, there were even diagnoses. For example, the cold sweat indicated a serious complication of the disease.

    Purdomons contained in sweat can have various therapeutic effects. The smell of a beloved person can calm down, remove stress, understand the mood. The smell of a woman can help another woman in the regulation of the menstrual cycle. And the ladies who intend to acquire offspring, can benefit the smell of a naked men's shirt.


    By itself, the secret of the sweat glands is sterile, however, hitting the skin surface, it begins to interact with the seals of the sebaceous glands, with microbes, and the smell of sweat acquires new shades. By the way, about Napoleon and his love for the unwashed body of spouses - scientists are suspected that not only substances produced directly by the body can be pheromones, but also a number of substances obtained in the bacterial decomposition of the genital hormones contained in the sweat. But no one has yet been able to figure out it for sure. Just as answering the main question - which substance is «The most important thing» Pheromone of love and what exactly reacts a person: for some separate substance or for the combination of these substances.

    In addition to climatic conditions, origin, air and body temperatures, the intensity of sweating and its smell may depend on the state of health, age, gender, clothes. The smell of sweat may depend even on the products you ate yesterday for dinner.

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