Methods of intestinal cleansing

In the previous material we have already managed to talk about the purification of the body, how, when and why it is necessary. Now I want to stay more detail on the intestinal cleansing. Why the general cleansing of the body should be started from the intestine? Everything is simple - the intestines are the main highway on which everything that gets into the body.

Intestinal cleansing methods how to clean the intestine
In the previous material we have already managed to talk in general On the purification of the body, how when and why it is necessary. Now I want to stay more detail on the intestinal cleansing.

The question arises: why the general cleansing of the body should begin with the intestine? Everything is simple - the intestines are the main highway on which everything that gets into the body. And our food passes quite a long way, because the intestinal length is about 3 meters. In this way, nutrients are absorbed from food, but unnecessary and undigested gradually excreted from the body in the form... You know what. What do we clean the intestines from? The fact is that part of the ballast substances remains in the intestine. It is terrible to think, the man can over time to accumulate up to 20 kg of honeystones, which will never come out naturally. These slags do not lie dead cargo, but begin to gradually decompose, poisoning us to toxins.

When it is necessary to purify the intestine?

The cleansing of the intestines in the medical institution is effective, painlessly and at the same time will not damage the microflora
How to find out what the intestinal cleansing time came? Watch yourself: if you have an irregular chair (then constipation, then diarrhea), frequent swollen, nestable breathing, weakness, frequent colds, you need to urgently clean the intestine.

Cleansing the intestines can be carried out with the help of qualified doctors, you should contact the medical institution where you will spend the colummatoderapy. Speaking with simple words - the intestines are wedged with water. The course of the procedure is constantly monitored by a physician who reacts sensitively to your sensations. Therefore, the procedure is almost painless and very effective: you can completely wash the large intestine, while not destroying the natural intestinal microflora. Even the introduction of bifidobacteria directly into the intestines is practiced, during one of the latest rinsing procedures. When washing the intestines, a soft hydromassage of the walls of the colon is carried out. The bowls of the intestines are exempt from the wheel masses, as a result of which his suction ability increases, which means that the digestion is improved. Most likely, after such a professional cleansing of the intestine, you lose some weight kilograms, but at the same time get excellent digestion and well-being.

Intestinal cleansing at home

Esmark's mug - one of the intestinal cleansing methods at home
At home, you can carry out intestinal cleansing using the enema. Be careful: to put the belief yourself, you need a certain skill and considerable skill. For the formulation of the enema you will need an Esmark mug (this container is sold in each pharmacy). Tip that will be entered into the rear passage must be boiled before use. Water for the enema should be clean, better boiled. The water temperature should be slightly above room. This is an important nuance: if the water temperature is equal to the temperature of the body (+ 37c), the intestine will not shrink, all two liters that you will be switched, you will be in the intestine as ordinary drinking water. And by itself, it is impossible to do the enema with hot water (above + 40 ° C), burn the intestine. The easiest way to put the enema like this: get up on all fours, lower your head down, enter the tip with one hand to 5-7 cm and open the crane on the hose. Head all the time to keep lowered. After all the water (1.5-2 liters) enters, remove the tip and try 5-10 minutes to keep water inside. If ordinary water did not help the intestinal cleansing, you can add 0.5 teating water soap to the water.

If you want to make a bowel cleansing during constipation, you can put the oil enema. For this, 50-100 ml of vegetable oil is taken and in heated form (+ 37c) introduced into the rectum. You can enter oil into the intestines from a fringe or a syringe with a rubber catheter. Can be done even with Hemorrhoid, Just need special caution when the tip is introduced. It is impossible to do the enema if you have recently been operating an intestine, there is a groin or abdominal hernia or bleeding gastrointestinal tract.

Reception laxative for intestinal cleansing

According to experts, the lanternative is better cleans the intestines
If you do not suffer to constipation and do not want to mess with enemas, you can once (!) Take a laxative. The intestines will be cleared just like after the enema. Modern drugs, such as Fortrans, according to experts, can replace several enemies in their effectiveness. True, these drugs are quite expensive, but health is more expensive.

After cleansing in the intestine, VILROWS is exempt, which before that were clogged with slag sediments. Accordingly, the absorption capacity is improved and immunity increases. To strengthen the effect of the enema or laxative, you can drink a course of bifidbacterial or lines. These drugs contribute to the settlement of normal microflora in the liberated semen sections. Very useful to give the intestines to rest after cleaning. Just hide 2-3 days, get rid of the intestine from working on food digestion. During this time, microflora will be restored in the intestines. And you will feel rapidly, headaches will disappear, Sustav pain and spine.

It is difficult to imagine how much benefits can bring a bowel cleansing. But just clean the intestines are not enough. Other organism systems, kidney and the liver, carry huge loads and suffer from slags and toxins no less than the intestines. But it is not so easy to clean them, because we can not rinse the liver with a water as it did with the intestine. Therefore, in the following articles, our site will tell you About liver cleaning methods, and then kidney.

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