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    Caries pursues most of the world's population, he does not spare either old men, nor adults, nor even infants. And all this, despite the fact that dozens of effective ways of treating caries are known, it is still not defeated. This is a well-known caries, the pathological process of dental destruction. For most people, any hole in the tooth is a caries, and doctors distinguish a bottle, peanant, deep and initial caries, caries of the tooth and roasting. For each view of Kaaries, its approach has been developed in the treatment.

    Bottle caries is the very first in the life of a person's dental disease. Children love sweet drink, and parents love to indulge children. When the kid consumes too many milk mixtures, breast milk or sweet drink, it develops a bottle of caries - a characteristic darkening of the front teeth. And the reason for such a destruction of the tooth is simple: if the kid constantly eats, food is in contact with the teeth all the time, falls on them with an immemorned bloom and destroys the toothbrope. So the first caries is formed. To prevent it, you need to enter the power mode, the sweet drink is replaced by ordinary water, and as soon as the first teeth appear, start to care for them. Bottle caries can lead to pulpitis and periodontitis. Yes, and when it matches, the child will once again collide with caries.

    Stage Caries

    Variants of caries teethDuring the caries distinguish between four stages. Early Caries, when a dark spot appears on the tooth, but there is no dental pain, and in the heat with a cold, an affected tooth reacts. The second stage is called superficial caries when the first destruction appears under the spot. Middle Caries is characterized by a destructive process, which affects part of the enamel and dentin. And finally, deep caries, he captures most of the tooth.

    If dark spots appear at the gum itself, then it is a peanant caries, he has its own special causes. No matter how well a person has not cleaned his teeth, climb into the space between the gums and tooth, he will not be able, here you need a professional ptty cavity (a dentist holds it). Do not tighten with the treatment of a pener caries, otherwise it will carry it into a complicated form of caries, in which the dentist will have to recall the dental channels.

    The root caries makes itself felt the pain in the tooth. It is possible to treat the roar carious caries with the help of filling, and even then under anesthesia, since the roar zone of the tooth is very sensitive. Fissurious caries call the defeat of the teeth in the field of fissures, that is, in the center. The dentist removes the affected tooth fabrics and seals them.

    Further, the patient remains only to observe the oral hygiene and not abuse sweet. But wouldn't you just refuse bad habits? As a result, after a year or two, caries appear under the filling. And if a seal once changed, then for several years from the tooth, which will have to drill, sooner or later nothing will remain. Fortunately, today new ways of treating caries appeared, which do not require drilling and sealing. For example, the treatment of caries laser. The laser removes the spoiled tooth fabrics, stimulates healthy. No matter how strange the laser treatment would seem, it eliminates such side effects as headache, gantry wounds.

    Ozone teeth treatment - it is so far experimental technology, but soon it will be available in each dental office. Ozone is a gas that dies the most alive in the light of viruses and bacteria. If you enter into a patient tooth a portion of this gas, then all bacteria causing caries will die. It will be possible to calmly put the seal, without fear of recurrence, or even abandon drilling at all.

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