Bursite pain? help yourself


  • Arthritis or Bursit
  • So, we start the struggle
  • It is important to keep the mobility of the joint

  • Arthritis or Bursit

    You can easily and easily remove the jar with canned food from the top shelves of the stellage in the supermarket. And then, reverting behind the beans or tomato paste, frowned from pain and thought, and not buy all this with trays. The pain in the shoulder signals the first signs of arthritis? Do not hurry with conclusions: perhaps you bursit.

    Bursit is different from arthritis, although people are often confused because pains for these diseases are very similar. Under the borsitis is understood as the inflammation of the near-handing bag (bursa), which contains a washing joint liquid. The most common cause of bursitis - excessive and long-term loads. Arthritis - inflammation of the joints themselves. Ordinary Bursita Symptoms - Redness, Plowness, Painness Dreaming.

    Only a doctor can determine what disease you have: Bursit or arthritis. However, if the diagnosis is already supplied, the pain will tell you about the exacerbation of the disease. Most often occurs to bursitis of the shoulder joint, thanks to the golf, tennis, the cracking of the leaves, washing the car. Shoulder Bursa wear out. The result of chronic bursitis can become «frozen» shoulder, that is, a complete loss of the last mobility. Bursitis is also characteristic of the knee, hips, elbow.

    So, we start the struggle

    Burst pain? help yourself

    When Bursit will give himself to know the next time, apply a back. The following tips will help you cope with pain.

    Ice - benefit

    Having wrapped the ice in a towel, apply it to the sore shoulder or knee for 20 minutes to three times a day. To secure ice towel, use the elastic bandage.

    Avoid heat

    The first two days do not warm the sore place, because heat leads to increasing swelling. Then you can use a warm compress or electric facility in small mode, in order to facilitate pain.

    You will help «Arnica»

    After ice treatment, lubricate the sore place by Arnica. This homeopathic ointment is used to reduce swelling and remove painful sensations.

    Massage eliminates pain

    Easy sick massage softens fabrics, indicates. But it is impossible to put it very much.

    Accept Aspirin

    Reduce pain and swelling will allow non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NPP) sold without recipe, for example aspirin. However, do not use aspirin or other NPPs if you do not have everything in order digestive tract or with blood.

    It is important to keep the mobility of the joint

    Although it is necessary to avoid excessive loads on the shoulder during the exacerbation of the bursita, complete fixedness is even more dangerous. Patient Bursitis shoulder like a door loop.

    Left without supervision loop begins rust and creak. The same happens with the joint. Therefore, light exercises recommended by experts will help your shoulder save strength and mobility.

    • Put three banks in a plastic bag for 450 g. Stand sideways to the table, bent in the waist, put a healthy hand on the table, and the head is to fold the elbow. Holding a bag with a second hand, start to rotate it parallel to the floor. This exercise supports the muscle tone of the forearm, which are below the bursa. Regularly performing this exercise, you will prevent the deterioration of the state of Bursa.
    • Stand straight, bend the sore hand in the elbow so that the forearm turned out to be parallel to the floor. Press the pillow to the wall with a sore hand. Then change the position, leaning back to the wall. And hold the pillow from the wall elbow sick. Finally stand sideways to the wall. The forearm of the sore hand should still be parallel to the floor. And give them a pillow to the wall. Make each exercise 10 times, holding the pillow at the wall for 5 seconds. Series of exercises repeat daily 5 times.
    • Raise your hands above your head, then shake them from side to side. Do this exercise from 10 to 15 times a day. This exercise will help you keep the work of the joint, and your shoulder is not «Freeze». If you feel only some discomfort, continue classes, if - pain, stop and consult a doctor.

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