Child disease: chronic stomach pain


  • Functional or organic?
  • Pain in chronic gastritis and ulcerative disease
  • Chronic pain clinic with enteritis, colitis
  • Pain with chippet and chronic pancreatitis

  • Chronic consider abdominal pain lasting more than 3 months. Not always the child is constantly complaining about discomfort in the abdomen, for a diagnosis, it is enough for the attack to repeated more than 3 times. If the pain is constant, two weeks enough to state the presence of a chronic problem.

    Functional or organic?

    Child disease: chronic stomach painThe development of a chronic abdominal clinic is boliant with functional and organic reasons. The pain is recognized when the child is not detected during the child's examination. The presence of chronic abdominal pain is explained by the imperfection of the digestive system, disknesia of its departments.

    Chronic pain in the abdomen of organic origin accompany the diseases of the digestive system and urinary organs, the pathology of the genital organs, blood vessels. Children are not able to localize pain and estimate its intensity to distinguish the pain in chronic gastritis against chronic pancreatitis. It is necessary to conduct a survey, but some features of the Chronic pain clinic notice the parents themselves.

    Pain in chronic gastritis and ulcerative disease

    Chronic abdominal pain clinicDiseases of the digestive tract, in particular, chronic gastritis, duodenitis and gastroduodenitis — The common cause of abdominal pain in children. More often, the cause of gastritis becomes infection associated with Helicobacterpylori, which causes inflammation of the mucous membrane of the antral stomach. The pain in chronic gastritis arises on an empty stomach or 1-2 hours after meals, is localized under the spoon, it is intensive, which makes it similar to the pain in chronic pancreatitis when damaged to the pancreatic head. For gastritis, the presence of heartburn and belching, for pancreatitis is characterized by vomiting and symptoms of intoxication.

    Pain with a combination of chronic gastritis and duodenitis is provoked by the use of fried, acute food and long interruptions between food. Typichna nausea, vomiting, bringing relief, exhaust air, sour and bitterness. The same picture is observed in the ulcer of the stomach and duodenum, chronic pain in the clinic of these diseases in childhood does not have such severity, like adults, and only with an endoscopic examination detects erosion or ulcers. Unlike chronic gastritis, pain in ulcers is more intense, often observed at night. About the presence of problems with the stomach says the rapid saturation of the child, lagging in growth and development.

    Chronic pain clinic with enteritis, colitis

    In case of intestinal diseases, pain is localized in the navel area, usually occurs in the afternoon and 2 hours after meals, it is provoked by the use of raw vegetables and fruits, milk, accompanied by meteorism, diarrhea and constipation, which relates it to pain in chronic pancreatitis. Nonspecific ulcerative colitis is characterized by the instability of the chair and the presence of a mucous-purulent feces with blood admixture.

    Pain with chippet and chronic pancreatitis

    Pain in chronic pancreatitis in a childChronic abdominal pain is associated with the pathology of biliary tract (cholepathy). The cause may be anomalies of development, parasitic, inflammatory, tumor processes, bile disease. Pain is localized in the right hypochondrium, in the epigastrium, gives it to the lumbar and iliac region, is accompanied by nausea, beloved bitterness, vomiting.

    Chronic pain in pancreatitis occurs in the right hypochondrium, has an attack-like mixing character, gives into the left half of the chest, is accompanied by nausea, vomiting, symptoms of intoxication.

    Often, chronic pain may be manifestation of helminthosis, does not have specificity, accompanied by weakness, salivation, lack of appetite, decrease in body weight.

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