Development mechanism Panaritia and its complications


  • Mechanism of development Panaritia
  • Prevention of complications

  • People who have undergone panaria, remember the torment that fell into their share. The strongest pulsating pain, comparable to the dental, amplifying at night, tearing the soul and the body brings to the fact that the patient is sometimes ready to cut off his finger or the whole hand to alleviate his suffering.

    Mechanism of development Panaritia

    Development mechanism Panaritia and its complicationsIn order to understand the mechanism of development of Panaritia, it is necessary to schematically present the structure of the finger. The outer layer of the finger is the skin with a nail plate fixed to it. Located deeper, there is a layer of subcutaneous fatty fiber, which, in turn, envelops the tendons, flexing and extensive finger. The central axis of the finger is the bones, articulated in the joints (the joint is the connection of two bones, something like a hinge).

    Pause microbes fall into the depth of the tissues of the finger during damage to the skin (wound, abrasion, burn, corn, skin crack and t.D.). Any injury may be the reason for the development of Panaritia. After the infection has escaped under the skin, the human body begins to fight it and, as a rule, wins. But in some cases, the discussion of which is beyond the scope of this article, microorganisms are rooted and begin to multiply, causing an inflammatory response.

    First, the edema fluid accumulates in the subcutaneous tissue, which then acquires purulent. It is necessary to submit that in addition to the inventive pno, which is located in the center of the inflammation zone, there is always a zone of dead fabrics, which are damaged both due to the direct action of microbes toxins, and due to the compression of tissues of edema.

    If competent surgical help is performed at this stage, inflammation quickly subsides. Intervention must be concluded not only in «Opening of ulotnik». This vicious practice still takes place. The operation must pursue the goal as excised all the dead fabrics as much as possible, while maintaining large vascular and nerve trunks in immunity. Work is quite thin, and not any surgeon owns the right technique.

    Prevention of complications

    If the patient does not appeal for medical care, or this assistance turns out to be illiterately, the disease progresses. The purulent process is involved in the tendons (in fact, they begin to rot), and then the bone base of the finger. Ultimately, the doctor has nothing left, as soon as amputate finger, since all the fabrics die in it. Fortunately, it reaches quite rare.

    What you need to do to not bring to total purulent finger damage? First of all, you need to process any damaged place on the skin of the finger. The wound or abrasion should be a variety of antiseptic, which is at hand (3% hydrogen peroxide solution, chlorhexidine, Miramistin, Furacillin, and T.D.). Find a wound with iodine or green. For some reason it is believed that it is impossible to pour into the wound - nonsense. Nothing bad from it will not be, although the procedure is painful.

    Close the damaged place with a clean bandage, better if the bandage is moocked in vodka or diluted alcohol. It is categorically impossible to use the ointment of Vishnevsky or ichthyol ointment! These funds only clog the wound, creating conditions for rapid progression of infection. Change the dressing 1-2 times a day. If after 2-3 days the pain does not poke, and increase and acquire a pulsating character if swelling and redness increases - it is necessary to contact the surgeon. Every day of delay will lead to weight gain.

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