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  • About cystitis in children Cystitis, to date, the most common manifestation of urinary tract infection. The disease is affected by the disease, mucous and submucosal layers of bladder. At the same time, the causative agents of the infection can fall into the bladder with the most different ways:

    • ascending (from the urethra),
    • Downward (from the kidneys and upper urinary tract),
    • lymphogenic (with Lymph current from neighboring small pelvis organs),
    • Hematogenic (with blood current - if there is a microbial focus in the body),
    • Contact (when microorganisms hit through the wall of the bladder from the airborne inflammation located).

    When the defense is weaker

    But it should not be thought that any infection that fell into the bladder will immediately cause his inflammation. The mucous membrane of the bladder is sufficiently resistant to microbes. In order for inflammation, predisposing factors are necessary. They can be:

    • Blood impairment in a small pelvis (may be caused, in particular, wearing too close underwear and clothes),
    • chronic diseases of the genitour,
    • Related immunity,
    • supercooling,
    • Non-compliance with personal hygiene rules.

    And also a healthy bladder cleaned from microflora by «Layout» Her with urine. Therefore, regular and timely emptying of the bladder is one of the most important conditions for its health.

    Painful Beginning

    Cystitis accepted to divide into acute and chronic. The latter arise, as a rule, as a result of unrealized acute cystitis, with weakened immunite, on the background of concomitant pathology (anomalies for the development of urinary tract, diabetes, chemotherapy, and t.D.) It is also cystitis to be divided into primary and secondary. Primary cystitis occurs in the intact urinary bubble and develops as an independent disease. Secondary cystitis is the complication of other urinary bubble diseases.

    The occurrence of acute primary cystitis can be associated with the hypudition, transferred infection, tool research, neglecting personal hygiene rules. The characteristic symptoms of acute cystitis are pain in the bladder and frequent painful urination. But talking about the characteristic symptoms is easily in relation to the children of older who can accurately describe their feelings.

    But the kids diagnosis of cystitis is certain difficulties. Parents should pay attention to the participation of urination in a child, crying during urination, anxiety, lack of weight gain. The cyst of young children should be treated very carefully, since at an early age the inflammatory process can easily spread to the kidneys.

    Treat immediately!

    The treatment of cystitis needs to be engaged immediately and under the control of the doctor in order not to give illness to go into a chronic form and prevent serious complications (in particular, pyelonephritis). Treatment of acute cystitis complex, taking into account the individual characteristics of the body (this and antibacterial therapy according to the testimony, and antispasmodics, and uroantisteptics, and phytopreparations). Timely started and properly conducted treatment will allow the disease to pass without consequences.

    Prevent uncomfortable

    Cystitis is treated and sufficiently successfully. It is only necessary to consult a doctor in time and subsequently all of its recommendations. But it is better, of course, preventing the occurrence of cystitis. Prevention of cystitis is quite simple. It comes down to an increase in the general immunity of the body, compliance with the rules of personal hygiene, prevention and timely treatment of acute infectious diseases.

    Question answer

    Is it possible to use heat for the treatment of cystitis and how to do it right?

    In acute cystitis, the patient shows bedding and general warming. Local use of thermal procedures. You can use dry heat to the bladder area, for example, fill the bottle with hot water, wrap it with a cloth and apply to the bottom of the abdomen. Absolutely not allowed hot baths, since high temperatures will cause an additional blood flow to the inflamed urine bubble and a disruption of microcirculation in it.

    Is it useful when cystitis a lot of drinks?

    Yes, with acute cystitis, abundant drinking is recommended for increasing diuresis (urine release) and, accordingly, the best flushing out of the bladder inflammation products. The daily amount of fluid is distributed evenly during the day. Increasing the drinking mode with acute cystitis is recommended after removal of pain syndrome. Drinking useful weakly alkaline mineral water, weakly concentrated compotes. Very helpful during this period of cranberry and lingonberries.

    What products to exclude from the diet during the exacerbation of cystitis?

    During the exacerbation of chronic cystitis and with acute cystitis, food should not be annoying. It is advisable to eliminate all sharp, spicy dishes and spices. Milk products and vegetables, as well as fruits rich in vitamins. Nelisses there will be yogurts enriched with lactobacteriums.

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