Red grape leaves for healthy vessels


Red grape leaves for healthy vesselsIt happened that one day the French doctors were puzzled by the fact that the grapes are relatively rarely complaining about the diseases of the veins. Interested in this phenomenon, the researchers discovered that the peasants regularly make tinctures and parires from grape leaves to care for the religious, noving after many hours of work. This homework treatment was very common in a number of Mediterranean regions and unexpectedly successfulone.

The medical circle has long discussed the theme of the benefit of red wine. It is common that red wine in small quantities is a secret of long and active life. But – To the source of the health of veins turned out to be grape leaves?

Meanwhile, pharmacologists analyzed the chemical composition of the active ingredients of the leaves of red grapes. They discovered an effective complex of elements containing a significant amount of antioxidants, called Flavyn.

This clean vegetable extract is the basic for the product line of the antistax® from fatigue to legs, to improve blood circulation and reducing edema. Flavyn passed clinical trials as a supporting agent that improves the venous blood circulation of blood and a significant reduction in pain and swelling. He showed a positive effect in increasing elasticity and sealing veins. Exact recommendations have been developed: how and which leaves contain the maximum number of active elements when they should be collected and how processed. Leaves of red grape varieties are cautiously washed and dried, after which they pass a special procedure for drawing a medicinal complex Flavyen. All this testifies to the fact that the drug is antistax® Lies unique in its essence, the process of producing active substance. By the way, two antistax capsules® contains as much flawten as contained in three bottles of red wine. This is a good news for your feet and guaranteed lack of hangover.

But let's talk about the reasons for the effectiveness of the anti-station®.

Venous blood surgent both in the legs and all over the body provides a rhythmicly working heart, muscles and elastic elastic vessels. Known – To maintain good blood circulation, it is necessary to eat, use a large amount of fiber, fresh fruits and vegetables. Most of these products contain a significant amount of flavonoids. It is they who help the blood vessels and veins fully fulfill their functions.

Flavonoids in the human body contribute to the development of nitrogen oxide, which is very important for vessels, nerve tissues and to maintain immunity. In 1998, Louis Ignaro, Ferid Murred and Robert Furchgott were awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine «For the opening of the role of nitrogen oxide as a signal molecule in the regulation of the cardiovascular system». As a result of research, in particular, it was found that nitrogen oxide2:

  • regulates blood pressure;
  • regulates blood flow in various organs and tissues;
  • prevents the invasion of pathogenic bacteria;
  • Activates nerve cells.

Many flavonoids have p-vitamin activity, reduce the fragility of capillaries, enhance the effect of ascorbic acid. In recent years, reports about the antitumor effect of flavonoids. However, drugs containing clean flavonoids while little. Fashion forms containing flavonoids can be extracts from vegetable raw materials or flavonoid complexes isolated in pure form. This includes basic antistax funds® Complex Flaven.

Antistax® helps keep veins healthy. It is produced in the form of small red capsules, each contain red grape leaves extract. Antistax is produced for outdoor use® Gel and antistax® spray with a pleasant smell. External means should be used in the complex with capsules. Antistax® - It will help to avoid feelings of pain, gravity and fatigue in the legs, which are often found in people engaged in sitting or standing work.

It should be added that the greatest medical action antistax® gives combined with a balanced diet and active lifestyle. For a full effect, it is recommended to take two anti-station capsules® every day for twelve weeks.

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