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  • How to mastopathy
  • Do not worry, it is treated!
  • Mastodinon® - the current standard treatment of mastitis

  • After all, the so-called PMS - favorite cover of mastitis. Our advice - be sure, and in the near future, consult with your doctor!
    And now the good news: compared with other breast diseases, especially cancer, breast is not so terrible. It quite successfully treated, if the time to ask for help. This is, incidentally, another reason not to postpone the visit to mammologist. The most common manifestation of the main signs of mastitis has a cyclic nature: they occur before menstruation for 10-7 days and combined with premenstrual syndrome. So often women find these symptoms manifestation of PMS, unaware of the presence of a dangerous condition.

    How to mastopathy

    What is the breast? Mastopatia - a benign breast disease, which manifests the growth of breast tissue, pain, and sometimes discharge. Mastopatia - indeed the most common breast pathology. According to statistics, this disease occurs in 60-90% of women, mostly of reproductive age. The most characteristic symptoms of mastitis:

    • breast pain, tenderness when touching the breast;
    • feeling increased breast;
    • "Bloating" and breast swelling.

    If you think you have mastitis, schedule a visit to the antenatal clinic or breast physician's office soon.

    This is especially true if, in addition to subjective feelings, you can confirm at least 3 of the following points:

    • Every woman has a right to know ...Do your closest relatives on the maternal side there are benign and malignant breast disease;
    • You are endocrine diseases;
    • You are regularly subjected to stress;
    • You are overweight (in violation of lipid metabolism, especially in combination with type 2 diabetes and hypertension, the frequency of hyperplastic processes of the mammary glands increases dramatically);
    • You more than 40 years.
    • Have you had any abortion or miscarriage in early pregnancy (sudden cessation of hormonal effects on the mammary gland is a backdrop for their pathological changes);
    • You did not give birth to 30 years;
    • You do not breastfeed after birth or fed too little (less than six months) or too long (more than two years);

    Do not worry, it is treated!

    The doctor awaits a visual inspection and palpation,mammography or breast ultrasound, endocrinological examination and possible examination of the gastrointestinal tract and liver. If the diagnosis "breast" is confirmed, the doctor will prescribe medication. The worst thing you can expect - it's surgery or hormone therapy.

    But in the initial stages of the disease (and more often the case) is sufficient sparing methods, which include:

    • Special diet that restricts the intakeproducts such as coffee, tea, chocolate, cocoa, or complete rejection of their use, which can significantly reduce the pain and tension in the mammary glands. It is also recommended foods rich in fiber and plenty of fluids (1.5-2 liters per day).
    • Vitamin therapy. Vitamins enhance the activity of existing drugs, eliminate or attenuate side effects, establishing the nervous system, strengthen the immune system. For the treatment of mastitis commonly used vitamins A, E and B complex or complex multivitamin preparations.
    • non-hormonal drug Mastodinon®. Today it an absolute favorite in the prevention and treatment of mastitis, as its effect is clinically proven, and good tolerability and a low percentage of side effects allows you to take even without a doctor's prescription, as the second of his "specialty" is PMS.

    Mastodinon® - the current standard treatment of mastitis

    As a reliable means for therapeutictreatment and prevention of mastitis ICP and among physicians and patients have long proven itself a non-hormonal herbal medication "Mastodinon" company "Bionorica" ​​(Germany). The main advantage of this drug is that it operates in a complex, working on the cause of the disease: gently restores the natural balance of hormones, relieves pain, prevents the development of pathological processes in the mammary glands and reduces accompanying premenstrual syndrome, irritability and anxiety, in other words, return the woman to the psychological comfort and well-being normal. Mastodinon unlike many dietary supplements, it is a drug. In addition, it is important that "Mastodinon" does not contain synthetic hormones, it consists of only natural plant extracts of Vitex sacred and other plants. Leading experts have much experience on its application, which demonstrates its good perenosimosti.Takzhe Mastodinon relieves pain in the mammary glands on the background of hormonal contraception or the beginning of hormone replacement therapy, thereby improving, adapting to the main drug.

    Assigned Mastodinon® 30 drops to a glass of water or 1 tablet 2 times per day. PMS symptoms of mastitis and disappear, usually to the 2nd month of treatment.

    After the 3-month course of treatment with Mastodinona®, be sure to see your doctor again. Usually, this treatment is enough to hear: "You're absolutely healthy!"

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