Therapeutic exercise in cardiosclerosis


  • Cardiosclerosis better warn
  • A set of exercises for the prevention Cardiosclerosis

  • Cardiosclerosis better warn

    Cardiosclerosis - a pathological condition in
    which the growth of connective tissue into the heart muscle.
    Typically, cardio - is the outcome of a chronic or
    acute heart disease (coronary insufficiency, myocarditis, and
    et al.).

    One of the most fundamental and earliest symptoms
    Cardiosclerosis is shortness of breath. With the development of the disease appear
    signs of heart failure: rapid pulse, swelling in the legs,
    enlargement of the liver, blood stasis in the vessels of the lungs, asthma attacks.
    Frequent manifestation Cardiosclerosis - a violation of cardiac rhythm
    activity. At the heart disease is increased in size. Besides
    , the proliferation of connective tissue in the heart valves may result
    to heart defects.

    Atherosclerotic cardio can developof coronary heart disease (insufficient blood supply to the heart muscle). How to prevent it? We offer you a set of exercises for those who do not want to run into this problem.

    Gymnastics and is suitable for those who already suffercoronary heart disease - as an adjunct to treatment, incl older people... We developed its specialists of the Russian Scientific Center for Restorative Medicine and Balneology MZSR RF Honored Master of Sports Lydia Maximova, master of sports Svetlana Gladkov, head of the department of physiotherapy Natalia Tumelo.

    A set of exercises for the prevention Cardiosclerosis

    The complex runs a day, takes 10-15minutes. When the gym is not necessary to use excessive force, the actions performed freely, each of 8-10 times. Before performing each of the exercises compound exercises do free inhale and exhale.

    Starting position: sitting on a chair, feet shoulder width apart.

    Uprazhenie number 1. Hands on knees. Clenching and unclenching his fists.

    Uprazhenie number 2. On the inhale breed hand in hand. On the exhale - hands on the waist.

    Uprazhenie number 3. On the inhale breed hand in hand - back on the exhale drop the hands on the knees and leans forward.

    Uprazhenie number 4. Squeeze the palm into a fist. On the inhale bend your elbows, as you exhale lower.
    Therapeutic exercise in cardiosclerosis

    Uprazhenie number 5. On the inhale allot a straight arm to the side, exhale return to the starting position. The same with the other hand.

    Uprazhenie number 6. Hands to the side. Flexion - extension arms at the elbows. Breathing is arbitrary.

    Uprazhenie number 7. Hands to the side. Circular elbow movement in one and the other side.

    Uprazhenie number 8. Stops are arbitrary, hands on knees. Raise the foot, is omitted.

    Uprazhenie number 9. Rolls from heel to toe.

    Uprazhenie number 10. Hands to the side. On the inhale bend the left knee, exhale arms to embrace him.

    Uprazhenie number 11. Put your hands on the edge of the chair. On the exhale, holding on to a chair, go down to the floor.

    Uprazhenie number 12. Inhale-exhale 3-4 times in a random pace.

    The next group of exercises to perform from the original standing position.

    Uprazhenie number 13. On the inhale to lift your hands up and take the left leg back. On the exhale, return to the starting position. The same with the other leg.

    Uprazhenie number 14. Hands on the waist, feet shoulder width apart. On the exhale, lean to the left, on a breath return to its original position. Too right.

    Uprazhenie number 15. Hands to the side. On the exhale, lift the left leg up (as you can) to the right hand. On the inhale omitted. The same right foot.

    Uprazhenie number 16. Feet shoulder width apart. Hands up, join hands. Perform a circular motion of the upper part of the torso and arms.

    Uprazhenie number 17. The hands at the shoulders. "Boxing Up": as you exhale lift, inspiratory omit up his left hand, then the right.

    Uprazhenie number 18. Free walking on the spot. (Walking, swimming, jogging is very useful).

    Remember that any exercise bring the effect only on the condition of their regular performance.

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