Explanation ultrasound tests


The method of ultrasound (US)

Explanation ultrasound tests

Ultrasonography (US) - it is the safest method of imaging diseases, situated in all organs of the human body.

The method

The study is based on the human body irradiationregistering the ultrasonic waves and their reflections. Any tissue except bone, transmits ultrasound. At the boundary of tissue with a different density occurs partially reflected rays are recorded by the sensor. The information obtained is processed by computer and provided on the screen as an image.

Explanation of results

Decoding result ultrasound is subjective and depends largely on:

  • equipment, which carry out research;
  • medical professionalism;
  • correct preparation for the US (for example, to study the bladder should drink water, so he filled).

In the study doctor may identify:

  • signs of inflammation - a thickening of the walls of hollow organs, increase organ parenchymal echogenicity;
  • presence of tumors - cysts, tumors;
  • the presence of stones in some organs - liver, kidney, bile ducts;
  • changes in large joints - the state of the ligaments, cartilage, joint fluid volume;
  • changes in the large vessels.

In pregnant women, this method is mandatory screening element - periodic monitoring. It is used for:

  • determination of the duration of pregnancy;
  • determine the sex of the fetus;
  • detection of various pathologies of the placenta and uterus;
  • early detection of disorders of the fetus.

On US patients can send the doctor of any specialty, ranging from the local therapist and ending with a neurosurgeon.

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