If your blood found Rh antibodies


  • What to do if your blood found Rh antibodies
  • Prevention of Rh-antibodies

  • What to do if your blood found Rh antibodies

    If your blood found Rh antibodiesKnow your blood group and Rh factor, it is desirablebefore pregnancy. During pregnancy at the first visit to the antenatal clinic determined by group affiliation and pezyc-pregnant woman's blood. All pregnant women with Rh-negative blood and the presence of Rh-positive blood of her husband should be regularly examined for the presence of antibodies in the serum. Upon detection of Rh antibodies should apply and specialized medical centers for further observation.

    Specialized modern perinatalcenters are equipped with the necessary equipment, which allows to monitor the fetus and to diagnose the development of hemolytic disease of the fetus. The list of required studies in women with Rh sensitization includes:

    • periodic determination of the level of antibodies (titer) - is held once a month,
    • periodic ultrasound,
    • if necessary - carrying out intrauterineprocedures: amniocentesis, cordocentesis (procedures performed under ultrasound, in which a needle puncture the abdominal wall and penetrate into the cavity of the membranes when amnnotsenteze or in vessels of the umbilical cord - by cordocentesis); These procedures make it possible to take amniotic fluid or fetal blood sample.

    If any severe hemolyticdisease of the fetus in utero treatment is carried out (under the control of ultrasound through the abdominal wall of the mother's umbilical cord vessel entered the required number of packed red blood cells), which improves the condition of the fetus and prolong the pregnancy. Regular monitoring of pregnant women with Rh sensitization in specialized centers allows you to select the optimal timing and method of delivery.


    the appearance of the Rh antibodies

    Important role in the prevention of rhesus sensitizationgiven to family planning. The guarantee of a healthy baby from rhesus negative women (in the absence of prior sensitization during a blood transfusion) is to keep the first pregnancy. For specific prevention of drug use - anti-Rhesus immunoglobulin. We introduce the drug intramuscularly once after birth if born Rh positive baby; after artificial or spontaneous abortion, after the operation made in connection with ectopic pregnancy. It should be remembered that the drug should be administered no later than 48 hours after birth (preferably within the first two hours), while in the case of abortion, or ectopic pregnancy - immediately after the operation is completed. Failure to comply with terms of the introduction of the action of the drug will be ineffective.

    If you are Rh negative, and in the futurebaby - positive or Rh is unknown if the Pope, there is no way to install it, in the absence of antibodies to the end of pregnancy should worry about that, if necessary, if the child will determine the Rh positive, in the presence of anti-Rhesus immunoglobulin had. To this end, it is desirable to know in advance whether this drug chosen hospital is provided. In the absence of immunoglobulin need to purchase it beforehand.

    Currently, a programprevention of Rh sensitization during pregnancy. For this is supposed to be administered anti-Rhesus immunoglobulin Rh-negative mothers who have not found the antibodies in the middle of pregnancy.

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