What should be the right breakfast

The first half of the day - the most productive forour body, it is necessary to provide enough nutrients, and then the rest of the day you will have time to radiate energy and everything planned. That is why the breakfast - the most important part of our daily menu. What should be the correct healthy breakfast ?!

Breakfast - the most important part of our dailymenu. From what we ate, got up from the bed, it depends largely on our well-being for the whole day. In today's article we will tell the readers our website on how to be healthy proper breakfast.

Eat breakfast time

Eat breakfast time
Most people are divided into two main groups: Those who eat breakfast in the morning be sure, and those who can not squeeze even a small sandwich. If you belong to the latter, we hasten to inform: scientists have proved that people who neglect breakfast, are more prone to stress, cardiovascular disease, depression, and weakening the immune system. In addition, if you have not eaten in the morning, be sure that you eat at lunch at least twice more than usual to recover spent force.

Train yourself to eat no sooner than half an hour after waking. Our bodies need time to recover After sleep. Getting out of bed, drink half a glass of warm water. This activates the vital processes in the body and removes toxins. If you don’t like plain water, add a few drops of lemon juice or a teaspoon of honey. After drinking water, do your usual things - take a shower, get dressed, pack your bag. During this time, the stomach will begin to work, and you will feel hunger.

To each his breakfast

To each his breakfast
So, what should be the breakfast, defines your occupation, or at the very least, your plans for the day.

Office workers and those who during the daycoming mental stress, it is better to start the day with yogurt, boiled eggs, cottage cheese weight, portions of dry cereal with milk or fruit salad. Do not overeat, otherwise instead of pep you get drowsiness, lethargy and laziness ongoing. Be sure to add a portion of a bit of honey or eat a small piece of chocolate. It will saturate the brain with glucose and activates the brain activity.

Those who will exercise or day,eventful and legwork, it is better to eat in the morning for something more substantial. Make a sandwich with boiled chicken breast, lettuce and slices of tomato or pepper. Instead of the usual white bread encourage readers of our site to use bran or black, it is better fed and have no effect on your figure. You will also fit various types of cereals, cooked in milk. A good boost of energy you provide ordinary omelet with cheese. Eggs and cheese contain a lot of protein, which gives us strength.

Particular attention should be paid to breakfaststudents during the session. To better on exams and thought in his head hovered brilliant ideas, start the day with cereal with milk and dried fruit and nuts, milkshakes, pancakes, cheesecakes and pancakes with jam and cottage cheese mixture with sour cream.

A compote?

It is important not only what we eat, but what wedrink in the morning. For many, a prerequisite is a strong wake-up coffee. And on health, only the best to give preference to not instant coffee and custard. Remember that instant coffee is made from the raw material residues by evaporation. Because of the high caffeine content of the drink contributes to the leaching of calcium from the body, adversely affects sexual function in men and can cause stomach ulcers and gastritis. Do not be lazy to get up five minutes earlier and brew coffee directly in the cup, the Gulf of boiling water and covering saucer for five minutes.

To fill eluted caffeine calcium in the bodyAdd your breakfast pinch of black poppy or sesame seeds.

Lovers of tea is better to give preference to blackVariety. They caffeine is less than in the green to the same black tea contains a lot of vitamins B, P and PP, which convert sugar and fat in a clean energy. Add a little cream tea, they will drink more nutritious. White sugar cane to replace or honey.

Well to start the day with cocoa, brewed onlow-fat milk. Cocoa contributes to the development of "happiness hormone" endorphin, and the drink contains biologically active substances that increase efficiency and stimulating mental activity.

As for the juice, it is better to be replaced by fresh juices fresh: they are stored useful vitamins No preservatives and coloring agents. My favorite classic of the genre - orange juice because of the high content of sugar is contraindicated for people suffering from diabetes, obesity and gastritis.

Dinner is not desirable

harmful breakfast
In the list of the most useless products for breakfastthe first place is the sausage. She did not quench the hunger, and hence, an hour later you feel that you want to eat. It is also not advisable to start the morning with toast fried in a pan. For the morning meal is perhaps the most junk food. our site advises to replace fried croutons on crispy toast, get to taste almost the same. A toast to not turned over dried, cook them in a toaster is not more than a minute.

Bad habit - eating breakfast in the morning with the remainingpm slice of cake or pastry. Hunger is a breakfast quench quickly, but not for long. Furthermore, fats and flavors contained in desserts can cause aggravation pancreatitisAs well as nausea and even poisoning, if you do not pay attention to the expiration date.

Beware of instant breakfasts. Such products are subjected to numerous heat treatments, which completely kills vitamins and nutrients and reduces their energy value. When choosing dairy products in the store, give preference to those that contain a small percentage of fat content: they are better absorbed and will not contribute to the accumulation of excess weight.

And, of course, a bad idea to completionany breakfast - a cigarette. Besides the fact that smoking adversely affects the overall health, nicotine destroys all the useful and the nutrients that give us breakfast. So after a few puffs, consider that the morning meal for you in vain.


Breakfast is better not to hurry, without reading the morningnewspapers and watching television. Buy a special breakfast bowl, painted with bright colors. Proper utensils not only improves mood, but also helps to increase appetite. Train yourself to eat breakfast every day at the same time, and in a few weeks, your stomach will remind you about breakfast clearer than any watch.

Breakfast in the morning, be sure to grab a snack 2-3hours. This can be an apple, a banana, a glass of biokefir or a sandwich with cheese or ham. Since the first half of the day - the most productive for our body, it is necessary to provide enough nutrients, and then the rest of the day you will have time to radiate energy and everything planned.

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