Causes of tinnitus


Causes of tinnitus
Tinnitus - quite complaint
frequent. She can wear a basic character or be accompanied by other symptoms.
They need to pay special attention, because the complete picture of the disease
is needed to determine the causes of noise in the ears.

Noise can be different: hum, crackling, hissing, whistling, ringing amid falling
hearing or, conversely, hyperacusis (increased sensitivity to sound).

There are objective and subjective tinnitus. The objective is not only heard
the patient, but also inspects his doctor. This phenomenon is rare and
associated with vascular changes in the organ of hearing, the pressure in the tympanic cavity,
Eustachian tube cuts. Subjective noise audible only to the patient,
and causes noise in the ears, in this case may be covered in the pathology of hearing
analyzer, and other organs and systems.

Tinnitus may be accompanied by the following symptoms:

  • dizziness;
  • headache;
  • nausea, vomiting;
  • pain in the ear or a sensation of pressure;
  • redness and swelling of the skin;
  • discharge from the ears;
  • fever and general weakness.

Causes of tinnitus

External causes of noise in the ears

Often, tinnitus occurs under the influence of external noise from people, by the nature of their
profession continuously colliding with him, or with fans listening to loud
music on headphones. Excessive sound vibrations perceived by the ear, with
eventually damage the receptors in the cochlea, disrupting their normal work, and
the brain perceives them as the noise signals.

Pathology sound conduction

Widespread in this group cause of the noise in the ears - cerumen impaction.
It interferes with the normal conduct of a sound, and therefore the vibrations are transmitted
not completely. By the same mechanism, noise occurs in inflammatory processes
in the outer ear.

Otitis media - inflammation of the middle ear or tympanic cavity. how
usually associated with infection and accumulation of inflammatory exudate,
preventing sound conduction.

Pathology sound reproduction

Causes of tinnitusIn Meniere's disease increases the volume of fluid in the inner ear and the otoliths,
located therein normally cease contact with the receptors of Corti
authority. Tinnitus is accompanied by hearing loss in the affected ear,
dizzy spells.

Sensorineural hearing loss - hearing loss due to auditory lesions
receptors cochlear nerve or auditory centers in the brain (trauma
tumor, stroke), also accompanied by tinnitus.

Labyrinth - an inflammation of the inner ear. The process involves
vestibular apparatus, noise dizziness join in the ears, nausea,

The pathology of other organs and systems

Cervical osteochondrosis - a disease that leads to deformation of the cervical spine
spine and compression of the vertebral arteries, involved in blood supply
inner ear.

Atherosclerosis of the arteries - resulting in a narrowing of the vascular lumen and how
consequence, insufficient blood flow to the labyrinth.

Hypotension and hypertension - despite different mechanisms, ultimately leading to a breach of both the circulation in the organ of hearing.

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