Offensive on the angina


  • Operational treatment
  • Run heat
  • Healing inhalation
  • Rinse on taste
  • Eastern style
  • Treatment according to the scheme

  • Operational treatment

    Offensive on the anginaAngry is subject to both children and adults. Most often, the alarina arises due to the supercooling of the body or its individual parts, especially legs, against the background of a decrease in the immune protection of the body, with non-caloric nutrition, chronic stress, overwork, lack of sleep.

    The first signs of the disease — Pain with swallowing from one or both sides of the pharynx, temperature rise, sometimes chills, headache, lubrication in the joints. At the beginning of the disease, a good effect gives a rinse of the throat with a warm alkaline solution (1 hour. Spoon of food soda per 1 glass of boiled water) 4–5 times a day, as well as drink warm milk (you can dilute it with mineral water «Borjomi» without gas) or fresh onion juice (1 h. Spoon 3–4 times a day).

    At the first signs of angina, it is recommended to impose on the neck warming bandage or compress. 1 hour can serve as a solution. Spoon of vinegar, divorced in 0.5 l of water, heated vegetable oil, vodka, diluted half alcohol or just warm water. Catching the neck with a fason (linen canvas) moistened with one of these solutions, on top of it, the wave paper is put on top, then the wool layer and fasten the bandage or warm scarf. Keep compress preferably at least 2 hours.

    You can make a hot foot bath . Pour into deep basin or bucket water temperature 40–42 degrees, sit down and lower legs in a basin at 15–20 minutes. As the water is cooling, it's hot water into a basin. To enhance the action of a foot bath, you can add 1–2 st. Spoons of dry mustard. After the procedure, you need to wipe your legs dry, put woolen socks and lie down in bed, boded with a blanket.

    In the initial stage of angina, the means of lemon are effective. Folk Lekari recommend keeping closer to almonds 2–3 Solutions of lemon, peeled from the peel, slowly sucking them. When the lemon becomes mild, it can be swallowed, and after an hour and a half the procedure to repeat.

    Run heat

    With sore throat in patients, the body temperature is usually strongly rises. To remove heat instead of tablets, it is advisable to use natural cooker. Here are some of them.

    • 2 st. Spoons of dry or 100 g of fresh raspberry berries brew in glass of boiling water, after 10–15 minutes add 1 st. spoonful of honey, stir and in warm form to take before bedtime;
    • 2–3 st. Spoons of raspberry jam mix with hot tea and take before bedtime;
    • brew 1 st. A spoonful of linden colors in a glass of boiling water, after 20 minutes to strain, add 1 st. spoonful of honey and take 0.5 cups before bed.

    With angina as a sweat, antitoxic and antipyretic agent use rice. 1 glass of rice should be pouring 7 glasses of water, add 1 st. a spoonful of mint, boil, mix with grated on the fine grater of the head of the replenish onion and take a decoction of 1/3 cups every 2 hours.

    Healing inhalation

    Offensive on the anginaFolk medicine in the treatment of angina recommends using warming physiotherapy procedures. At home this is inhalation using various compositions.

    For inhalation you can use, for example, potatoes (it is better to take small tubers). It should be thoroughly washed and cooking in a small amount of water so that the pairs go from potatoes, and not from water, before the appearance of typical potato odor (you can add 2 pills of validol). Covering with your head, leaning over the pan so that the couple falls on the face, and inhale it with his nose and mouth for 10–15 minutes. After inhalation, you need to immediately lie down in bed, so as not to cool. If inflammatory processes proceed especially acutely, you can make inhalation in the morning and in the evening.

    Grasp onion onion on the shallow grater and breathe over this casheder. Use only freshly prepared cleaner, because after 10–15 minutes she loses phytoncides and its effectiveness significantly decreases.

    Inside, instead of tablets, vegetable agents can be used, completely safe for the body:

    • 1 Art. Spoon of crushed fruits of anise pour 1/4 cup boiling water, insisted for 30 minutes and take every 2–3 hours;
    • Fresh bouquet juice take 1 h. Spoon 3–4 times a day;
    • 20 g of raspberry flowers insist in 200 ml of boiling water 30 minutes and take 1 st. spoon 3 times a day.

    Rinse on taste

    Gargling — Mandatory procedure for angina, which must be repeated as often as possible. Can be purchased in the pharmacy already ready-made compositions for rinsing or prepare them independently of medicinal plants.

    • 1 Art. A spoonful of chopped herb of a chasty pour a glass of boiling water, to insist 25 minutes, strain and rinse the throat with the infusion;
    • in a glass of fresh-suffered juice of red beets add 1 h. A spoonful of table vinegar, a mixture of slightly warm and rinse the throat 5–6 times a day;
    • 50 g of purified and crushed garlic heads to pour a glass of boiled chilled water, give to stand for 5–6 hours, sculpting every 30 minutes, strain and rinse the throat several times a day;
    • one–2 st. Spoons of dried daisy flowers pour 2 glasses of hot water, boil 10–15 minutes on a water bath, cool, strain and add 1–2 C. Honey spoons;
    • 4 ch. Spoons of crushed leaves of the medicinal sage brew 2 glasses of boiling water, insist 30 minutes, strain;
    • 1 Art. Spoon of flowers calendula medicinal pour a glass of boiling water, insisted, hurting, 1 hour, strain;
    • 100 g of dry blueberry fruits pour 0.5 liters of water, boil until the amount of water decreases to 0.3 l, and rinse the throat with thick solution.

    Eastern style

    Offensive on the anginaIn East Folk Medicine, such a means of horseshums are used:

    • 4 Article. Spoons of dry crushed grass of the horsetail of the field pour 2 l boiling water and tomorrow on a weak heat before the formation of a casciary mass. Warm mixture pour into a narrow bag or stocking and put in the form of a compression on the throat. Duration of the procedure — 2–3 hours. After cooling, a new compress is prepared. Total do 6–8 procedures.
    • 300–400 g of grinding grains and fruits pears are boiled in 0.5 liters of water until softening, 1 h is added. A spoonful of crushed red pepper, thoroughly stirred and additionally boil on low heat until the formation of the cascidual mass. Impose in the form of a compress on the neck at 10–15 minutes.
    • eight–10 chopped bulbs are boiled in 1 l of milk until soft, add 1 cup of honey and take 1 st. spoon per hour during the day.
    • Grinding onions in combination with honey (1: 2) take 1 h. spoon 3 times a day.
    • 2 bulbs are drunk in 1 cup of milk, insist 4 hours, filter and take 1 st. spoon every 2–3 hours.

    Treatment according to the scheme

    In scientific medicine, angina is treated according to such a scheme:

    • strict bed mode until temperature normalization;
    • liquid or semi-liquid food in warm form;
    • Abundant warm drink (fruit juices, lemon tea, milk, alkaline mineral water);
    • Reception inside vitamin C (ascorbic acid) and aspirin (1 tablet 3–4 times a day);
    • Regular (every 2–3 hours) rinse the throat with a warm weak-colored solution of potassium permanganate (manganese), boric acid or food soda (0.5 hours. spoons on a glass of water), furaciline;
    • Warming alcohol compresses (1/3 of alcohol and 2/3 of water) on the neck for the night, to replace them with a warm bandage (wool shawl, shawl);
    • Children who do not know how to rinse the throat, you can drink every 0.5–1 hour Warm tea with lemon and fruit juices.

    Angina treatment in any manifestations is carried out under the obligatory observation of the doctor. This is due to the fact that angina can be the forerunner of rheumatism. In addition, complications are possible in the form of purulent manifestations, which in some cases require surgical intervention.

    With a protracted course of the disease, fresh cabbage leaves, heated in hot water. They look over the neck and tie it with a warm scarf. Leaves change every 2 hours for 12 hours.

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