Causes, Symptoms and Treatment tubootitis (evstahiita)


Tubo-otitis, evstahiit, salpingootit, tubotimpanit- These are different names for the same process - the middle ear inflammation caused by dysfunction of the auditory (Eustachian) tube. Many of us have suffered from them, but few thought about it. What is it, what is called as shown and treated tubo-otitis, you will learn from this article.

reasons tubootitis

Causes, Symptoms and Treatment tubootitis (evstahiita)Eustachian tube connects the tympanic cavitynasopharynx. This tympanum is drained and ventilated. And the secret released by the Eustachian tube, contains antimicrobial components.

A variety of factors that cause a violation of patency of the Eustachian tube, tubo-otitis provoke. These include:

  • the spread of inflammation of the upperrespiratory tract infections (infectious and non-infectious origin) on the auditory tube. This phenomenon can be observed in influenza. Tubo-otitis in children can accompany many acute infections;
  • tamponade of the nose;
  • adenoids;
  • deviated septum;
  • nasopharyngeal tumor;
  • a sharp change in pressure during the climb or dive under the water.

Symptoms tubootitis

When ventilation is disturbed in the tympanic cavity,it is in the air begins to be absorbed through the mucosa. A new portion of air is not supplied, since patency of the auditory tube is broken, which leads to a decrease in pressure in the cavity. Due to the fact that the pressure therein becomes lower than the atmospheric pressure, inside the drum baffle tightened. And got here microorganisms cause inflammation. Here are the two processes and explains evstahiita symptoms:

  • a feeling of fullness of the ear, which may disappear when swallowing;
  • slight hearing loss;
  • feeling resonating own voice in the ear;
  • pain.

tubootitis Treatment

tubootitis TreatmentFirst of all factors must be eliminated,which violate the patency of the auditory tube. And then the tactics of treatment depends on the underlying cause. Also, the patient is prescribed to reduce the swelling of the mucous nasal drops, constricts blood vessels (Naphthyzinum, nazivin). They were buried in the slightly elevated doses of the same name with a patient ear, nostril, and then suddenly throws back her head and tilted it in a problematic way.

With the same purpose for the treatment evstahiitaused antihistamines (loratadine, Suprastin). To avoid casting the nasal mucus from an infection in the Eustachian tube to blow your nose should be cautious and turns, first to clear one nostril and then the other.

Besides drugs, the doctor may recommend that the patient undergo physiotherapy (UHF UFO and nose, laser inner hole of the auditory tube, pneumomassage drum partitions).

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