• Causes of Gaimorita
  • Complaints of the patient by hymoritis

  • Causes of Gaimorita

    The main reason for the occurrence of the hymorite is infection - bacteria or viruses penetrate the sinus through the nasal cavity or through blood and cause an inflammatory process. The body with a weakened immune system is not able to deal with such viruses. Let's look at the factors predisposing to the emergence of a sinusitis:

    • HymoritConditions that violate nasal breathing: curvature of the nasal partition, vasomotor rhinitis, hypertrophic rhinitis (increasing nasal shells), in children - adenoids, allergic diseases of the nose.
    • Immunity disorders to which long-term chronic diseases, parasitosis, allergic conditions, etc.
    • Untimely or improper treatment of ordinary colds, ORZ, rhinitis, which causes a sinusitis as complication.
    • Bacteridation. Many of you are familiar to the procedure honey.inspection when doctors take nasal strokes on bacteriological sowing. Often the patient detects the so-called staphylococcus, which lives in the nasopherler of man for a long time. The latter if it were not for the examination - I would not know that he is a bacteria carrier. For a long time, these bacteria may not bring serious health damage. But even with a conventional cold, staphylococcus can be activated and manifold its pathogenic properties.
    • Congenital violations of the development of the anatomical structures of the nose cavity.

    Complaints of the patient by hymoritis

    • There is an unpleasant sensation in the area of ​​the nose and the incomplete area, which are gradually growing. Less expressed pain in the morning, grow up - in the evening. Gradually, the pain loses a certain place and the patient begins to hurt the head. If the process is one-sided, then pains are noted on the one hand.
    • Hope of nasal breathing. Patient laid nose. Voice acquires a vile shade. As a rule, both halves of the nose are laid. Nasal breathing difficulty permanent or with small relief. Possible alternate concrete and left half of the nose.
    • Runny nose. In most cases, the patient has a mucous membrane (transparent) or purulent (yellow, green) separated from the nose. This symptom may not be, if the nose is very laid, since the outflow from the sinus is difficult (it was mentioned above).
    • Increase body temperature up to 38 and above. As a rule, this symptom is observed in acute hymorite. In the chronic process, the body temperature rises rarely.
    • Malaise. This is expressed fatigue, weakness, patients refuse food, they have a dream.

    These are only the main complaints with a hyamorite. Installation of diagnosis helps the conduct of radiography or computed tomography (more informative method) of the apparent sinuses of the nose . After that, a qualified othinolaryngologist must easily be diagnosed. When the diagnosis of sinusitis is confirmed, adequate therapy should be appointed.

    Acute sinusitis and chronic sinusitis is most often treated with the help of ordinary pharmacotherapy, which the doctor selects on consultation, which most often has a weak effect. Washing the apparent sinuses of the nose (without a puncture) is carried out only with pronounced pain syndrome or abundant pus.

    Laser therapy is carried out in order to eliminate the consequences of inflammation and enhance the effect of medication treatment. In some cases (for example, with a severe course of the disease), the treatment of otorhinolaryngologist is advisable to combine with needleflexotherapy and the reception of biologically active additives. Fully the course of treatment of the acute process occupies depending on the severity of two weeks to two months.

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