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  • Varieties of laryngitis
  • The treated?
  • Acute laryngitis constrictive

  • Varieties of laryngitis

    catarrhal laryngitis manifested
    hoarseness, rawness in the throat, feeling
    tickling, cough occurs periodically.
    Catarrhal laryngitis - this is the easiest form

    Tipertrofichesky laryngitis expressed more
    severe hoarseness, cough and sore.
    At the same time on a bunch of small form,
    the size of a pinhead, sprawl, so
    singer-called nodules, which give
    hoarseness of voice. Some children suffering
    laryngitis in childhood, in adolescence
    hoarseness passes. Doctors attribute this
    hormonal changes. Treatment is carried out
    is the same as in other types of laryngitis. AT
    pinch, bumps on the chords cauterize
    silver nitrate solution. If the ligaments changed
    very strong, sometimes it comes before the operation -
    affected areas ligaments are removed

    Atrophic laryngitis

    thinning of the inner - mucous - membrane
    larynx. Patients complain of dry mouth,
    painful cough, voice they almost always
    hoarse. With a strong cough can deviate from the peel
    streaked with blood. Fortunately, this disease in children
    practically does not occur. The reason for this
    laryngitis doctors believe overuse
    spicy food, rich in condiments and spices.
    Usually, when this addition larynx is also affected
    and the rear wall of the pharynx. The illness often occurs in
    Highlanders, residents of the Caucasus.

    There is also a special kind of laryngitis - the so-called professional.
    This disease usually suffer from teachers,
    teachers and other people who by the nature of the service
    often have to strain your voice. bonded
    often form a kind of thickening - nodules singer. Over time, the voice
    It becomes, like Vito Corleone from The Godfather.

    The treated?

    If you do not bring the disease to a chronic
    state, the laryngitis can literally win
    in several days. It is important to realize that
    silence - gold, in the most literal sense,
    of the word. It is not always just happen to bring this
    message to the child, but children usually large
    still understand that the better a few days
    speak in a whisper, than to suffer later many

    Try to have the child breathe as much as possible
    nose, mouth instead. Dry air dries
    the vocal cords, which increases the hoarseness.

    Children laryngitis
    Poite child water as much as possible! Of course,
    it is not a soda from the fridge. Better
    to drink warm water, on a hot day can be
    and drinking water at room temperature. liquids
    laryngitis body needs at least 1.5-2 liters
    in a day. It is better if the baby will drink it
    gradually, in small portions: then ligaments
    it will be much easier. Well to get rid
    by hoarseness and voice hoarseness lukewarm
    milk. The effect will be greater if in a glass
    Add a slice of melted milk
    butter: it will remove scratchy and dry.

    If you do repairs and the air is full of the apartment house
    corrosive vapors, it is best to send
    the child to the country, to visit my grandmother, etc. -.. In general,
    wherever you go, but that he was not breathing
    irritants. Otherwise, get rid of
    laryngitis will be very difficult.

    Good help with laryngitis inhalation.
    Put the baby to breathe over the steam. It is better if
    it will be an ultrasonic nebulizer and breath
    baby will be the infusion of medicinal herbs, for example,
    chamomile. But you can do the usual inhalation over potatoes. For this
    Boil the potatoes, drain and set him over
    Child pan. Let your mouth breathing. It is possible and
    just cook infusion of herbs (chamomile,
    St. John's wort or sage), and then heated on a water
    bath and allow the child to breathe. The infusion is prepared
    as follows: in a beaker of boiling water
    placed two tablespoons of herbs, all
    boiled in a water bath for 15 minutes,
    then cooled, filtered and brought
    water to the original volume. effective at
    eucalyptus inhalation laryngitis. it's desirable
    inhalations 3-4 times a day for 5-10 minutes.

    Fast cure will not come unless
    observe a certain diet. exclude
    baby food spicy seasonings, spices,
    ketchup, fried dishes. If the child does not like
    boiled meat and vegetables, you can bake them.

    In the early days of the disease can help hot foot
    bath water temperature should be 42-45 degrees,
    for 20-30 minutes. After the bath, it is best to wear
    warm socks, and do not go out. Very comfortably
    to carry out such procedures before going to bed. can
    help and sucking candies with menthol (to
    older children who do not have allergies), but it
    rather ambulance vehicle. If
    laryngitis persists for several days,
    consult a doctor. Consult a doctor in
    if your laryngitis is repeated
    the child repeatedly. For larger children
    laryngitis usually not harmful. Laryngitis in
    small child always requires urgent
    medical care.

    Acute laryngitis constrictive

    On it you need to be discussed separately. In another way it is
    the condition is called false croup - is
    this name can often be found in the
    classical literature.

    What is it and how to fight it? False
    croup - a condition in which there is swelling
    larynx causing laryngeal lumen
    tapers and the child becomes difficult to breathe. Without
    medical care the patient may die.
    False croup may occur as in the various
    infections (bad cold, the flu, and so on. d.), and at
    kids who are prone to allergies. In this case
    false croup there is no temperature rise.
    Croup usually occurs in young children, for them the same
    it is the most dangerous.

    How does false croup? Suddenly (often
    all - at night) the child begins to choke.
    Croup usually develops quickly, literally
    several hours, and sometimes - for 2-3 hours or less.
    The voice of the baby becomes a husky, cough -
    barking, noisy breathing, while noting
    gain inspiration. If the narrowing of the larynx is strong,
    It can be seen as the bottom of the neck while inhaling as sinks
    called jugular fossa - concave,
    which is above the breastbone. If the restriction
    very strong, it will take in the breath
    and the remaining part of the chest muscles, with
    This inspiratory intervals are between the ribs
    sink. The blue color of the skin of nasolabial
    a triangle or a person - a sign of very heavy
    state. The emergence of cereals contribute
    wet weather, the temperature drops to the heat,
    the impact of viruses, the use of
    Child-allergic "dangerous" products. From
    true croup, occurring in diphtheria,
    false croup is characterized rough, barking cough.

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