Children rhinitis


  • Runny nose in a child
  • Recipes of traditional medicine

  • Runny nose in a child

    There diagnoses
    that haunt our children all the time, and there are
    seasonal diseases that are repeated from year to
    year with tedious regularity. And we must try
    be prepared for them to know in advance how
    Best neutralize the effects, even if the "diagnosis" It seems trivial.

    In autumn and winter it becomes runny nose, perhaps,
    the most common childhood illness: itself
    itself or as a symptom of other cold
    diseases (influenza or acute respiratory disease). He gives a lot
    trouble and the children themselves and their parents, who
    sometimes they do not know how best to get rid of it. After all
    long runny nose and wrong treatment
    can cause chronic disease
    mucous membranes of the nose and paranasal sinuses.

    Children rhinitis
    Nose, is known to play an essential role for
    human respiratory health. Hairs
    nostrils retain large dust particles, and
    fine particles and bacteria "stick" to
    nasal mucosa. In addition, the mucous
    shell provided with a plurality of blood
    vessels which heat passes through the nose
    air, as well as humidify it. Naturally,
    work at a cold nose is broken, it can
    affect the bronchi and lungs.

    Furthermore, the use of vasoconstrictors
    funds is fraught with swelling, nasal obstruction
    breathing. Especially dangerous is the long-term use
    such drugs for chronic
    diseases, such as chronic sinusitis.
    The result may be medical and rhinitis
    even atrophy of the nasal mucosa. this
    will create problems for the child for many years

    Learn how to use drops or
    Spray from a cold. First, ask your child
    properly blow his nose. Drops: he shall lie;
    slowly drip the medicine and let your child
    lie down for a few seconds. Spray: The child sits,
    little head thrown back; Insert the spray into the nostril and
    gently press - let the child breathes

    The use of vasoconstrictor drugs more
    three days is the most dangerous for children. FROM
    on the one hand, an emerging body of a child
    very susceptible to potent
    Drugs and quickly get used to them. With another
    hand, such means "suppress"
    development of immunity, and there is a risk that in the future
    the child will often catch a cold. So that
    short term benefits can
    turn into serious trouble in the future.

    Therefore safer to treat
    rhinitis homeopathic medicines
    Vehicles and herbal. They contain only
    natural components of plant, at least -
    animal or mineral origin. They are not
    addictive, do not dry mucous membranes
    nose, have virtually no contraindications.
    Doctors believe that homeopathic and herbal
    medicine "train" the immune system,
    so first of all to show the children.

    Recipes of traditional medicine

    here is
    the most effective and sparing of them:

    • Dissolve in 100 mL of warm
      water half a teaspoon of salt, soak in
      tampon this solution and enter it in turns
      each nostril baby - salt removes edema
      nasal mucosa.
    • carefully
      Mix 30 g of sea buckthorn oil, 20 grams of fresh juice
      calendula, 15 g melted cocoa butter, 10 g
      honey, 5 g of propolis. Enter in the nose cotton wool
      soaked in the composition for 20 minutes.
    • Region
      gaymarovyh sinuses warm up hard-boiled
      eggs, putting them on both sides of the shell
      nose hotter as you can and holding up a complete
    • apply
      10 minutes to the nostrils onion and garlic mush in
    • at
      runny nose is very good garlic Vodicka.
      Garlic crushed, pour warm boiled water,
      to severely burned tongue, add the juice of aloe, honey - in equal parts. Bury 3-4 times a day for 1/2
    • Prepare
      decoction of the vegetable garden woodlice (2 teaspoons of herbs
      brew 1 cup boiling water, 1 hour,
      strain). Let the child pulls the nose warm
      broth - this procedure is fast and expels phlegm
      stop tearing.
    • Useful
      chew eucalyptus leaves or make steam
      inhalation with essential oil or broth
      eucalyptus, "potato skins" from
      adding a pinch of mint or validol tablets.

    Many of these procedures are quite unpleasant,
    so try to be done by the in game
    form, creating some kind of role-playing situations similar
    with fairy tales (remember rejuvenating apples,
    magic elixirs, living water).

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