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  • Snore

    It is believed that for a rest person needs
    comfortable cushion, dark, cool room and ... silence. And if the first
    two components are readily available to everyone, the latter - a real
    deficit for those who live next to the snorer.

    According to modern statistics, more than 70% of men and 50% women
    after 30 years of suffering ronhapatiey or, simply, snoring, irritating
    others and causing harm to themselves ...

    there is nothing that interferes with sleep, as the monotonous "roulades" wafting from
    adjacent pads. What did not make a snorer households - hush
    and hoot, push and tormoshat, but in the end, their ears or
    go to sleep in another room.

    Incidentally, snoring partner is one of the causes of disorder
    sex couples, and some do thinking about
    divorce because of the violent snoring own half.

    But, paradoxically, the snorers themselves often do not even notice their
    night manifestations, thus, bringing close to white-hot ...

    The fight against snoring
    However, because they come not from harm. They own and have hard times. And that's why.

    From a medical point of view, the main cause of snoring is weak
    the muscles of the soft palate. And it occurs when the air stream passing
    through narrowed airways cause soft pharynx structure
    "Fight" each other and.

    If we reject the aesthetic side of the issue, snoring causes great
    harm primarily man snoring. Since in itself is already
    harbinger and the main symptom of serious disease - stop
    breathing during sleep, or, to put it scientifically, obstructive sleep apnea syndrome

    Plus, during snoring relaxed sky blocking access
    the air in the lungs and the person experiences lack of oxygen (hypoxia).
    Because of her brain "wakes up" and causes the throat muscles to strain. But
    after some time the muscles relax again, and it all starts
    again. So, per night a person can wake up to a 300 times. And this, in its
    turn leads to lack of sleep and severe daytime fatigue. By the way,
    "Desperate" snorers risk of car accidents increases by 10 times due
    falling asleep at the wheel ...

    In addition, snoring triggers hormonal changes, metabolic disturbances
    substances contributes to the progression of obesity, hypertension, impairs
    the heart, and can lead to stroke, myocardial infarction and
    ... even impotence. Here is a "gentleman's set" is hidden behind
    ordinary snoring.

    So do not "cut" snorer for what it is, in fact, not
    blame. Just take him to a good ENT doctor, who will pick up his
    appropriate treatment.

    Causes of snoring. 10 reasons that provoke snoring:

    • Deviated septum
    • Congenital narrowness of the throat and nasal passages.
    • Nasal polyps, allergic rhinitis
    • Staphyloptosis
    • malocclusion
    • Enlarged tonsils
    • Obesity
    • Alcohol and smoking
    • Reduced thyroid function
    • Fatigue

    How is the treatment of snoring

    Snoring Treatment is most effective method of laser therapy. Only for
    10-15 minutes in a specialized clinic snorers do painless
    operation with a laser beam, which will get rid of snoring. There
    non-invasive way to deal with snoring - domestic unit
    "Extra-ENT" in appearance resembles a normal baby pacifier. It consists of
    cup-shaped petals, regarding language and rims that protect from
    swallowing and loss of breath. The therapeutic effect of "Extra-ENT"
    is reflex stimulation tongue and throat muscles,
    It increases the tone of the sky and prevents vibration, eliminating snoring.

    American scientists have invented another way to deal with snoring -
    Special vaccination in the soft palate, which is enough for at least 19
    months silent and restful sleep. According to Dr. Scott Bridle from
    Medical Center Walter Reed, 3 out of the fourth of patients for 1.5 years
    just forget about the snoring. There is such a cheap vaccine, but minus her in
    that will have to inject life ... ie each time
    the end of its "actions".

    Tips to combat snoring:

    • Going to bed, be sure to clean the nasopharynx and nothing prevents
      free breathing. To clean, use a nose vasoconstrictive drops
      or sea salt. This solution rinse the throat at night -
      this will reduce the swelling and make the soft palate tissue more elastic.
    • Sleep on a low cushion harsh - it will make snoring quietly.
    • Every day, perform the following exercises: mouth closed, breathing through
      nose. Squeeze the back of the tongue and forcefully pull the tongue to the throat.
      Repeat the exercise three times a day for 10-15 times, and the soft palate
      stronger, reducing the likelihood of snoring.
    • Noises "and" straining the muscles of the pharynx, the soft palate, and neck. Repeat the exercise in the morning and evening for 20-25 times.
    • Take a warm bath at night (t-37 ° C), it relaxes and promotes more restful sleep.
    • Try to lose a few extra kilos - this will give the obvious effect.

    If you implement these recommendations, then after 2 weeks you find that snoring is reduced significantly. Maybe even then your half will move, finally, from places of "temporary
    dislocation "in the marital bed, and stop pushing at night in the side,
    offensive whispering, "Yes quieter you are, the snorer!"

    Interesting fact

    The loudest person in the world, listed in the Guinness Book of Records,
    town crier Allan Mayatt from the English city of Gloucester - large
    pohrapet lover. He has an incredibly loud voice - 112.8
    decibels, sound intensity that is comparable to a roaring jet. A
    Allan snoring so that the house rock paintings and crockery rings. oddly
    Strangely enough, he was married. But according to Mrs. Mayatt, it is not for many years
    pulls out earplugs at night ...

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