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Otitis Prevention in Children & Mdash; Learning correctly blowing aroundIf the sharpeble child is incentive with the nose, then the case of the launch bubbles of thick nasal mucus, the parents are time to beat the alarm. Runny nose — not such a harmless disease, as it may seem at first glance. He is able to lead to otitis, inflammation of the middle ear, which is manifested by pain in the ear, decreased hearing and in the launched cases leads to a complete deafness.

Why the runny nose turns into otitis?

The development of otitis in the cold is connected with the violation of the essaye tube, connecting the nasopharynx with the emancipation of the middle ear, which is primarily due to its edema and blockage with thick nasal mucus.

Children Evstachyeva pipe is wide and short, so microbes are easily and quickly overcome with the nasopharynx to the middle ear.

Throwing infected mucus in the ear promote nasal congestion and incorrect blowing.

The development of otitis has:

  • Passive smoking, that is, inhalation of tobacco smoke;
  • the use of dummy;
  • decrease in immunity;
  • running runny nose;
  • adenoids.

How does this happen?

Thus, Otitis is quite frequent complication of ARVI. Increased mucus release and throwing it in Eustachiev Pipe with imnation leads to inflammation and blockage. Violation of the ventilation of the eared eared cavity leads to the accumulation of inflammatory fluid in it, which, occasionated by nasopharynx microbes, on the second or third day from the beginning of the disease turns into a pus, pressing on a drumpatch from the inside and causing sharp pain. When a breakthrough of the eardrum occurs, purulent liquid begins from the outer auditory passage.

What to do to avoid otita?

  1. Treat a runny nose: use vasoconducting drops to improve the outflow of mucus through the nasal moves, reduce the likelihood of its casting in Eustachiye tubes and reduce their edema.
  2. Liquid nasal secret does not represent danger in the development plan of otitis. In order not to give it to thicken, it is important to ensure that the child consumes enough liquid, not temperature, in the room where it is located, was clean, fresh, cool and wet air.
  3. Abiderate. The situation when mom clamps a baby's nose scarf and asks him to blow herdors «stronger, even stronger» Very often precedes the development of otitis.

How to blow it out?

Let's start with what to do is categorically impossible:

  • Make a child blowing the nose in both nostrils immediately and to enhance the effect to periodically close both nostrils.
  • Blow the nose into one nostril, periodically overlapping it.
  • Pull off separated from the nasopharynx and then pull it away and spit it through the mouth.

With such a purification of the nasal cavity, the pressure in the nasophage is sharply increased, which is accompanied by the cast of infected mucus in Eustachiye tubes and the subsequent development of otitis.

As need to be mad?

If the child has a tight nose, before asking him to blow herdorship, you need to bump throat dripping drops — They will reduce the swelling of the mucous and make it easier to the depression of mucus.
To clean the nasal cavity from the mucus, it is enough to close one nostril and confidently and smoothly exhale the air through the second.

How to teach the baby blowing the nose?

Little child need to teach to blow the nore to 3–4 years he knew how to do it alone.

  1. Play with him to the game: ask to breathe intensely through the nose, «as hedgehog or train».
  2. Helm one nostril and continue this game. Repeat in the breath and exhale 5–6 times, then repeat everything with another half of the nose.
  3. Now ask the kid to do inhale through the mouth, and exhale through both nostrils of the nose. Repeat 5–6 times.
  4. Continue such a breathing, one at the beginning one, then another nostril.

When need to contact a doctor?

Otitis Prevention in Children & Mdash; Learning correctly blowing aroundThe appearance of the symptoms of otitis in a child — reason to appeal to the otolaryngologist.

The development of the disease is indicated:

  • Earache. Skin it in the baby allows unmotivated anxiety, crying, sleep disturbance and appetite. An older child will tell you that he has an ushko sore.
  • Sharp pain when pressed on the goat — A small protrusion of the ear shell, in front of the outer auditory passage. Such manipulation when otitis most often causes a shrill cry of a baby.
  • Ear mortgage and hearing reduction.

With timely and adequate treatment, Middle Otitis passes quite quickly and almost never leaves traces in the form of hearing loss. If late with the start of therapy, hope for «Folk Methods», severe complications are possible in the form of full hearing loss and purulent meningitis.

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