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  • How to recognize the enemy

    Angina - all-season infectionIt is unlikely that it is a sore throat and when the painIt adjoins the throat with a cold and cough. In classical angina snot and cough does not happen. Most likely, you are introduced to a tonsillitis, laryngitis and pharyngitis - diseases that are caused by viruses and affect either palatal or nasopharyngeal or lingual tonsils.

    Angina - terrible beast. It attacks at once on all of them. The usual means of Cough is not giving up, because not caused by a virus, a bacteria - staphylococcus and various fungi, which only can be defeated with antibiotics. These bacteria usually live in us and constantly rush to the attack at the time when the body for some reason weakened. This reason may be hypothermia, physical stress, other chronic diseases, a sharp temperature drop (the icy air conditioning, draft, ice, frosty glass of soda).

    Generally speaking, self-diagnosis"Angina" - a thankless task. Yet the symptoms of angina is necessary to know at least in order not to delay the visit to the doctor. Here is what you will feel with angina necessarily:

    • sharp and severe pain in the throat,
    • elevated temperature,
    • aches throughout the body,
    • chills and headache.

    If at the same time looking in the mirror, you will see in the throat white or dirty gray raids, almost no doubt - a sore throat.

    Angina, by the way, too, are different. The easiest of these catarrhal angina . which captures only the surface of the tonsils. Temperature It can be quite low. But lacunar tonsillitis begins immediately with the temperature under 40, increasing the lymph nodes under the jaw, and the tonsils become red and covered with bloom. Finally, when tonsillitis swollen tonsils can be seen on the yellow dots the size of a pinhead, the type of "starry sky".

    We are treated no nonsense

    Angina - all-season infection"It is very mistaken who thinks that the mainin the treatment of sore throats - to relieve pain in the throat, - says the doctor-otolaryngologist, MD Maxim Shubin. - Of course, the feeling of pain and aches is not pleasant, so you barely feel them, use one of the drugs on the basis of paracetamol (Nurofen, Strepsils, koldreks), which will remove the pain and reduce the temperature. To remove toxins need to drink plenty of fluids - tea with lemon, cranberry juice, warm fruit juice or compote. But the next step is to become a doctor on call.

    Firstly, a sore throat is well masked terrible disease like diphtheria . and it needs to detect as early as possible to avoidbring the matter before the suffocation and death of the patient. Absolute confidence in the diagnosis can only give a special swab from the throat. Second, the physician should you choose the scheme of antibiotic treatment, and get blood and urine tests, do a cardiogram, to avoid complications in the kidneys and heart.

    Finally, it can be a dangerous localcomplications of tonsillitis - inflammation of the tissue around the tonsils, which are the first sign of a sharp increase in pain on one side of the larynx, the limitations of the masticatory muscles and neck mobility. This complication can develop within hours and requires immediate hospitalization and emergency measures until surgery. In general, it should be remembered that the majority of complications developing as a time during the recovery period, when a person or throws to take medicine, or ceases to comply with treatment. The minimum duration of treatment should be 12 days plus another two weeks gentle treatment without hypothermia and loads. The desire to save for a day or two then it will be paid for over the years hardball disease. "

    Help Dr.

    • From the first hours of the disease, you can start taking antiseptics with a local anesthetic action in the form of candy or lozenges.
    • Add gargling solution furatsilina (1tablet on a glass of water), an alcohol solution or hlorofillipta Rotokan (a teaspoon in a glass of water in both cases), lubricate the throat Lugol solution with glycerol or propolis and honey (if not allergic to them).
    • As an adjunct to medication, you can usedecoctions of herbs such as calendula (1 tbsp. spoon pour a glass of boiling water and boil for another 10 minutes), chamomile (cook as well), blueberries (100 g of dried fruit pour 0.5 liters of water and boil until half of the water has evaporated) . The infusion of anise (1 h. Spoon fruits, pour a glass of boiling water, 20 min.), Or Salvia officinalis (4 hr. L. Of crushed leaves to brew 2 cups boiling water and infuse for 30 min.) Can be taken orally, pre-filter.
    • And do not forget to keep your neck warm. In addition to the woolen scarf wraps itself about it. The most simple - alcohol (vodka or diluted by half alcohol) and the usual vegetable oil with honey. The technique is simple: soak the linen or cotton cloth selected tool and wrapped around his neck, capturing the area of ​​submandibular lymph nodes. Top fabric wrap polyethylene, then a layer of cotton wool or a scarf. Do not keep a compress and a half hours long, and do not make it more than twice a day.

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