Treatment of pharyngita

Mountain pain may indicate different diseases, most often attacked in cold, rainy season. Our site has already told readers about Larygitis, today it came to find out the details about the other disease - Faringitis.

In this article, you will learn about the distinguishing signs of Farnight, his culprits, treatments and other recommendations that help to quickly remove unpleasant symptoms of disease.

Overview of the disease

diseases, diseases of the throat, throat, cold, pharyngitis

On Latin diagnosis sounds like «Pharyngitis». At the same time, the mucous membrane of the pharynx and lymphoid fabric, located under it. The disease is sometimes confused with other inflammatory processes, such as laryngitis. But when Lingitis, inflammation occurs, affecting voice ligaments and larynx. Here's how to distinguish the ailments: for laryngitis is characterized by changing voices (hoarseness, malfunction or full voice loss). With pharyngitis, patients suffer more from severe pain, especially in swallowing. There are also signs similar to the angina at which the inflammation of the tonsils is celebrated. Promote the development of the disease Here is what factors: inhalation of cold air (or contaminated by dust, irritating gases), ethyl alcohol and tobacco smoke, supercooling, consumption of cold drinks and products. . Well, the main perpetrators of the doctors consider viral infections (rinovirus, cytomegaloviruses, adenoviruses, flu virus. Faringite manifests itself as independent pathology, but most often he is a satellite ORVI. Provoke microorganisms disease - streptococci, staphylococci, pneumococci, mycoplasm, fungi genus Candida. Sometimes infection «Clear» from other neighboring foci of inflammation arising from rhinestone, sinusitis and even caries. Classify pharyngitis on acute and chronic. When an aggressive pathogen acts on the mucousness of the pharynx, the sharp form develops. If the disease is treated in a timely manner, then it will quickly pass. In the case of unlapping in the future, pharyngitis can periodically repeat and goes into a chronic form. Then alternate the periods of remission (sinks) of the disease and exacerbation.

Types of acute pharyngitis are as follows:

  • bacterial;
  • traumatic;
  • allergic;
  • viral;
  • fungal.

Distinctive symptoms

As a rule, from patients you can hear complaints of dryness in the throat, constant testing, discomfort and pain, increasing when smoothing and eating. Sometimes pain gives (that is, Irradiates) to the area of ​​the ears. The doctor sometimes gropes enlarged lymph nodes in the neck area. There is a weakness, the appetite is lost. The temperature usually does not rise more than 38 ° C. Washes dry, unproductive coughing. And only in a few days a sputum occurs when. The diagnosis is confirmed by the ENT doctor after pharyngoscopy, noting redness of the mucous membrane, looseness, sometimes even ulceration of tissues.

Basic principles of treatment

diseases, diseases of the throat, throat, cold, pharyngitis

So, the diagnosis is delivered if the process proceeds in a light or medium-shaped form, the doctor will give the necessary recommendations and will send a patient home for further treatment. Food should be gentle, warm, but not cold or too hot. Brew yourself vitamin and toning teas, adding rowan fruits, rosehip. Make items from lingers, sea buckthorn, currant. Will be useful for cooking in advance frozen in the summer of berries. They will help the body to cope with infection faster, give the forces. Prepare compote from pressing apple polek, kuragi, raisin. Herbs (calendula, sage, eucalyptus) are suitable for rinsing. You can use antiseptic chlorhexidine or soda solution. Improve the condition of the throat and rinsing with a warm solution in which the pharmacy drug Rotokan has been added. It contains yarrow flowers, chamomile and calendula. These plants have a bactericidal, anti-inflammatory effect, clean the breath against mucus, crusts, destroy the microbes. Do not forget about chlorophyllipte, consisting of extractive eucalyptus components. In the package from this drug you will find a comfortable nozzle that allows you to warm the throat well. At the same time, buy a solution of Lugol in the pharmacy to lubricate them to the throat twice during the day. The procedure is not pleasant, but effective. Sterile wool is screwed onto a spatula or wooden wand and loosen in the odorless solution. Then the throat is neatly lubricated.

If the pharyngitis is caused by bacteria, then the doctor may assign antibiotics, such as amoxiclav, amuxyne, cephalexin, azithromycin. In the presence of viruses in the body, antiviral drugs are prescribed, among them the proven Inhavirin, as well as the more famous and long-known remantadine, Anaferon, Arbidol. You can resort to homeopathic Aflubin. I note that the earlier to start the treatment with these means, the faster the disease will leave you.

At the very first signs, Pastille, Lollipops and Tablets for local resorption, such as Septol, Faringosept, Strepsils, Ajiascape, Hexalysis, Lizobakt, Super Ma., will help to stop the inflammatory process. Some assferences and bouts of dry cough helps to remove the phalia.

Sprays for local struggle with infection: hexoral, inhalipt, kamoton, bioparox, hyvalex. The aerosol particles of these drugs are deeper into the respiratory tract and foci of inflammation.

To strengthen the immunity it is useful to take inside the vegetation of immunal containing Echinacea. Tones the body Eleutherococcus Extract or Other Natural Bostimulators.

Treatment errors

Local antiseptic means (chlorhexidine or chlorophyllipt) Apply only externally, do not drink them inside! Some people instead of a lugol solution acquire a solution of iodine on alcohol, they say, alcohol will destroy microbes. Opinion is erroneous. Such a solution will quickly wash off the pharynx. The second negative point is that the alcohol will even stronger to promote the nervousness of the mucousness, aggravating the pain. The lugol is made on softening glycerin, this solvent forms a soft film on the throat and the active ingredient of iodine longer on it will continue.

Our site again warns readers that you need to carefully read the attached instructions before using drugs, because drugs have contraindications and dosing regimen.

Folk remedies

In addition to frequent rinsing, healing herbal influences, the beneficial action will have tea from raspberry leaves or linden flowers, regularly taken inside. Do not forget about inhalations with essential oils (for example, Mirta, Sage, Lavender). When the sputum was a cough, then you can brew yourself the grass of the chasty or oregano. Or take inside the tincture of the eucalyptus, an adult person enough to use it three times a day, feeding 20 droplets into a small amount of warm water. This contributes to the best separation of mucus and throat cleaning. With frequent inflammatory diseases, if you feel ailment, the first symptoms of pharyngitis, then you can drink mulled wine on the night, made of infusion (cloves, fragrant pepper, ginger) and red wine. Drink a hot drink and immediately go to bed, covered warmly.

With a tendency to all sorts of inflammation of the larynx, pharynx, almonds, try to dress warmly in bad weather, do not heal, strengthen immunity. Then your body will include its own protective function and warn infectious processes. Let your diet be rich in vitamins contained in greenery, berries, fruits and vegetables. Be sure to cure foci of infection in the body so that the disease does not acquire a chronic form.

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