The use of candles Natalsid

Eight out of ten of the years of his lifecertainly faced with the symptoms of hemorrhoids. This common disease is expanding, an inflammation of hemorrhoidal veins of the rectum, usually accompanied by the release of out internal venous nodes, discomfort, soreness and sometimes bleeding.

General information about the preparation

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Natalsid applied externally, it is available insuppositories (suppository). The color of their light-gray, with a small kremovatym and torpedo shape. Each rectal suppository contains 250 mg of active substance - sodium alginate. To obtain a suppository weighing 2.25 g, take the required number of special solid fat. This fat allows the active ingredient uniformly distributed throughout the volume of the candles. In the package there is 10 suppositories. Sodium Alginate is a natural polysaccharide. It is produced during the processing of kelp (brown algae). One of the structural units of sodium alginate - hyaluronic acid. It can regulate the mechanism of cell division. Thanks to hyaluronic acid, normal cell walls of hemorrhoidal veins of the anal sphincter and the mucosa of the colon proliferate intensively. So there is a wound healing (restorative) effect of the drug. The second structural unit of sodium alginate - is able to increase in volume of alginic acid. Once in the colon, it attracts water molecules, quickly and strongly swells. It turns into a gel-like substance, enveloping wall of the intestine and inflamed hemorrhoidal veins. Gradually increases the analgesic effect. When the pain cropped, then weakened and blocked pathological reflexes, such as a strong spasm of the sphincter, the suppression of the physiological desire to empty the bowel ... In addition, there is a reaction between the alginic acid and sodium, as a result of which forms a salt, which reduces excessive peristaltic activity of the intestine, thereby normal emptying. As part of the sodium alginate has a carboxyl group, so Natalsida expressed more and hemostatic effect. It reduces the time required for the polymerization of a fibrin clot, then closing a gap in the wall of an injured vessel. So, thanks to the natural component of the drug exhibits analgesic, hemostatic and wound-healing properties. Within 7 days of administration of rectal suppositories significantly reduced inflammation in the anus. And the inflammatory process completely stops even after seven days. There have sodium alginate and another very important feature: it stimulates the production of immunoglobulin in the body type A, are valuable links of local mucosal immunity. Appeared assistants immune system endow the mucous membrane of the large intestine and the anal sphincter resistant to the adverse effects of different pathogens.

When recommended Natalsid?

hemorrhoids, hemorrhoid treatment, natalsid, proctology

Natalsid Candles are introduced into the rectum, that is,rectally. To enter they should be only after the occurrence of independent bowel movements (defecation). If reflex emptying of the gastrointestinal tract does not occur, it is first necessary to resort to the enema. Before the introduction of candles, wash the area of ​​the anus with warm water, using soap and water. Then remove one suppository from the pack, lightly moisten it with water, and enter into the rectum, pushing a finger. Pushing carried out to as long as there is any resistance from the sphincter. Resistance is stopped suddenly, then it's time to remove your finger from the anus. Of course, the hands you should be clean, fingernail-mate must first be trimmed to prevent injury to the walls of the hemorrhoidal veins. Adults and adolescents over fourteen years of age is recommended to introduce one suppository twice a day, every day for one or two weeks. If you feel that the two administrations is not enough for a good therapeutic effect, the introduction of candles can be performed more frequently - three or four times a day. It can be repeated after some time to consolidate the results of treatment course.

If you use candles Natalsid tostop arising from anal bleeding, the result must come in an hour or even earlier. But if the bleeding continues, then do not waste your time and ask for help in the "ambulance".

Not only adults, but children suffer fromcracks anus, hemorrhoids, inflammation of the colon. They also can be used suppositories Natalsid in combination with other drugs. and they showed bleeding or prolapse of the rectum. Rules of administration are the same as for adults, but the dosage and frequency of use depends on the age:

  • children between four and fourteen years - one suppository two to three times a day;
  • children from one year to four years - twice a day for suppository;
  • kids who do not have a year - one suppository per day.

The course lasts from seven to fourteen days.

About side effects and contraindications

In some patients, after administrationsuppositories appear allergic reactions, such as itching, skin rash. Upon detection of these phenomena drug overturned, the doctor will recommend a different means, different in composition. If a person has an individual hypersensitivity to the components included in the composition, then this means it is contraindicated.

Natalsid and pregnancy

hemorrhoids, hemorrhoid treatment, natalsid, proctology

Most women awaiting birth of a baby face hemorrhoids and constipated. Due to the constant pressure of the uterusdeveloping fetus in her pelvic organs, in particular the rectum weak contractile activity of this important female organ, blood stagnates in the veins of the lower body. The large volume of blood that accumulates in the hemorrhoidal veins, stretches the vascular wall so formed large "bumps". They are dense and very painful, delivering a lot of trouble for women. The pain intensified when walking, trying to sit down or to empty the bowel. Sometimes the situation is aggravated by the bleeding of varying intensity. To get rid of such problems can Natalsid suppositories. They are approved for use both during pregnancy and during lactation. candles introduction course lasts 7 to 14 days.

Many patients who have passed the course of treatmentdrug Natalsid, regard him as their salvation from the symptoms of hemorrhoids. our site once again highlight the positive qualities of the drug: security, natural components of the composition, rapid pain relief, as well as the use of children, pregnant and breast-feeding women.

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