Diet with Meniere Disease


  • Diet and Meniery's Disease

  • Diet and Meniery's Disease

    Endolimph - liquid filling the structures
    inner ear (snail and semicircular channels) and washing
    Sensitive cells of auditory and vestibular analyzers. Normal
    Constant volume of endolymphs and contained in it
    electrolytes (potassium, sodium, chlorine, etc.), while regulation of volume and
    composition occurs independently of other body fluids.

    When violating regulators can
    An increase in the volume of endolymph with a change in normal
    Concentration of electrolyte. This condition is referred to as endolymphatic hydrops (Meniere disease).

    The development of endolymphatic hydrops can lead to the emergence of a number of symptoms: a feeling of abandonment of ears, noise in the ears,
    Reducing hearing, sharp attacks of rotational dizziness, lasting
    hours and accompanied by nausea and vomiting, or, just a small
    Step up, uncertainty when walking.

    Hydrops treatment is usually long and in
    obligatory should include adherence to a special diet.
    Diet is one of therapeutic measures and aims to reduce
    fluid fluctuations in the body and a decrease in toxic
    The effects of certain substances on the structure of the inner ear.

    The main recommendations that you must comply with:

    • Restriction of consumption
      Salt salt up to 1-2 g per day. Usually salt intake in quantity
      below 2 g requires considerable effort;
    • Try to eliminate the consumption of products with high salts, such as ketchup, mayonnaise, soy sauce, chips;
    • not
      Make ready-made dishes at the table, reduce the amount of salt at
      Preparation of dishes, for example, instead of the type of tea spoon specified in the recipe
      add 1/2 salts;
    • In baking and desserts do not add salt at all;
    • Diet with Meniere DiseaseWhen cooking meat and vegetables, some salt can be replaced by spices and herbs;
    • Limit the consumption of ready-made products sold in the store (sausages, brines, canned food);
    • Have it
      in mind that in addition to the cooking salt, sodium may be contained in many
      Food additives. The most common of them can be considered
      Sodium glutamate, which is part of many concentrates, packaged
      Products, Chinese dishes;
    • When buying ready-made products, get acquainted with the information about the content of sodium in the product.
    • an exception
      or a significant limitation of alcohol consumption. Alcohol is rendered
      Direct toxic effect on sensitive cells
      inner ear and can increase the severity of symptoms;
    • some restriction of the amount of fluid consumed;
    • an exception
      Coffee-containing products (coffee, chocolate, Coca-Cola,
      Coffee-containing drugs). Caffeine, possessing a diuretic
      action, can lead to sharp fluctuations in the volume of circulating
      Blood, in addition, its stimulating effect on the central nervous
      The system can increase the symptoms of the disease;
    • an exception
      or restriction of nicotine consumption. Impact of nicotine on vessels
      can lead to a violation of the inner ear blood supply and an increase in
    • noise in the ears and
      Dizziness can be enhanced by aspirin overdose. If you
      often accept aspirin or aspirin-containing drugs
      Medical Indications - Consult your attending physician.

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