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  • Insidious angina
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  • Insidious angina

    Angina in one dayInflammation of the tonsils or tonsillitis - diseasequite insidious as severe complications can occur at untimely or inadequate treatment. Not only that, after a sore throat gets rapid development of rheumatic fever followed by a heart defect. Intrigue angina is that it is not without inflammation in the neighborhood with the palatine tonsil tissue. It provokes inflammation (Qatar) in which:

    • catarrh of the mucous membrane of the throat (pharyngitis)
    • larynx (laryngitis)
    • nose (rhinitis),
    • maxillary sinus (sinusitis), and so on.

    Therefore, at the slightest sign of hypothermia(Sat on the draft, came under the rain, drenched feet promёrzli Stop) must be immediately to take preventive measures, especially if feel unwell.

    Do not waste a minute

    It is advisable to start the fight with just a sore throatthe first few hours. First of all, try as quickly as possible to warm up: Dress warmly, lie down in a warm bed. If this is not possible (for example, if you feel unwell on their way to work or home), you can warm up with the help of jumps, running (at least locally), simple gymnastic exercises, many of which can be performed in a static position (sitting or standing) . This can be practiced even while on the go - at the bus stop or on public transport.

    Arriving home, you should immediately take a hotshower and gargle decoction of herbs - sage and eucalyptus. To prepare the broth take 1 dessert spoon of herbs, brew cup of boiling water, stand a water bath for 20 minutes, strain. To rinse take 1 tbsp. a spoonful of broth to a glass of water. However, this means you can use later.

    And not to waste time on cooking broth,It may be on the way home to buy in a drugstore or finished products eucalyptus Salvin (a drug derived from the herb sage) for gargling. Good effect gives gargling red beet juice: 1 tbsp. a spoonful of beetroot juice diluted in a glass of warm water, half of the dose used for gargling, and the other half just swallow.

    At home, in the case of hypothermia(Eg, getting wet feet) as soon as possible to make a warming massage, during which the rubbing movement of hands is necessary to warm the feet and hold a point Cough massage (its implementation is also possible to start even on the way home). To do this, the tips of the index and middle fingers, rub vigorously biologically active points, which are:

    • on the sternum,
    • clavicle in place of the compound (of the jugular fossa)
    • on the neck, side of the carotid arteries (the place find surge probed them)
    • at the temples (on the line to continue the eyebrows)
    • in the nasolabial folds (nose wings)
    • in the occipital mastoid behind the ears,
    • in the 7th cervical vertebra,
    • in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd thoracic vertebrae,
    • on the hand, at the junction of the thumb and forefinger.

    Rub each of these points in the 20-30 times a circular motion, repeating, if possible, the whole cycle several times a day in 2-3 hours.

    Angina in one dayCertainly it helps, and pretty funnyVacuum Therapy - air suction mouth with closed lips. This procedure simulates the sucking process and is performed as follows: you close your mouth, presses the tip of the tongue to the palate solid and try to lower the lower jaw, at the same time as if sucking air. Do this exercise is also at least 30 times. It enhances the blood circulation in the vessels of the pharynx.

    In addition to these emergency measures can be:

    • chew fresh fir, spruce or pine resin,
    • before going to bed to put on foot and lower leg for 1-2 hours mustard,
    • at night to eat a clove of garlic.

    If all this is to perform consistently and in a timely manner, then the next day you will be healthy. On the treatment of angina, you will need only one day.

    The process has started

    If a sore throat has already started and you are unable tocatch the disease in the early stages of its development, will certainly prepare the infusion of a mixture of herbs: sage (2 parts), Eucalyptus (part 1), chamomile (1 part), pine buds (1 part), the fruit of anise and thyme flowers (1 part) , marigold flowers (1 part), mint (1 part). Mint can be replaced with anise, and anise - fennel (of course, the main ingredient of this medical collection - sage). 1 tbsp. spoon collection pour a glass of boiled water, in a water bath for 20 minutes, allowed to settle for 15 minutes, strain and use this infusion for gargling (2 h. spoon collection in a glass of warm water). Rinse Repeat 3-4 times a day after meals and always - at night.

    If not mentioned herbs and throat may be rinsedbeet juice. It is also useful to drink juice onions. Between Rinse well to suck aloe leaf or kalanchoe or drink for 1 h. Spoon the juice of these plants. The juice can add 30 drops of tincture of eucalyptus or Salvin.

    For gargling may be prepared tinctureof sage leaves. Pour a handful of leaves in a bottle with a screw cap, pour a glass of vodka to 0.5, wrap it in a dark cloth and hold a bottle of 1-2 days on a warm radiator. The resulting infusion is recommended to add a decoction of herbs, or in the thick broth of potato "in uniform" (1 h. Spoon of tincture to 2 tbsp. Tablespoons of broth).

    Spanish cloak

    If you for some reason unable toprevent the onset of the disease, and you in no matter what was necessary to be healthy tomorrow, it is the most effective means - Spanish cloak. This procedure offers its patients a German healer Sebastian Kneipp. He did so.

    On a clean blanket put cleancotton sheet. Another such as a sheet soaked in warm (30 degrees) water, diluted in half with apple cider vinegar (you will need about 250 grams of apple cider vinegar and the same amount of water). Moistened sheet thoroughly drained and quickly put it on a dry sheet. It is necessary to sheet soaked in a solution too quickly cooled by evaporation of apple cider vinegar.

    So, completely undressed patient lies onsheet and your whole body, except the head, on their own or with the help of an assistant wraps wet, then dry the sheet and on top - a woolen blanket. Turn out to be so that was not there the slightest draft (gap). The edges of the sheets and blankets to tuck under the hips, shoulders, legs and neck. Above you can escape another blanket, rug, quilt or pillow lay, especially in the legs. Blanket and other things keeping you warm, and the body is warmed. Position of the top feather further increases the heat-saving effect.

    At the reception procedures and pay attention more tosomething to wet the sheet was provided with full contact all parts of the body, especially the legs, which should wrap each one separately. Then wrap up the patient's condition is 1.5-2 hours. At this time, there is a strong heating of the body, the patient is actively sweating. At the same time due to the created microclimate in the shelter of his body improves blood circulation and muscle power. Among them stand out and washed the skin and the kidneys accumulated in the body of waste products, poisons, toxins. The body goes accelerated skin treatment, lung, kidney and other organs.

    Angina in one dayTo improve the efficiency of this procedureIt recommended every half hour to make 1 cup of hot water with lemon juice (juice of 1 lemon Stir in 1 cup of boiled water). Drink this drink through a straw is better. It is advisable to drink 3-4 cups. After the procedure should take a hot shower to wash away the released from the body through sweat waste. In order to avoid the body hypothermia must be immediately after a shower to go to a prepared bed. The procedure is best done at night. Compress "Spanish cloak" - a great tool cleaning of the whole organism. During this procedure, along with poisons and toxins from the body and out the disease.

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