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  • Pharyngitis

    Cough, runny nose, hoarse voice, sore throat - alas, do not leave us the scourge and in the spring, and often throughout the winter "hold" citizens defrauded warm breeze, lose vigilance - and ...

    - One of the unwanted "guests" - the symptomsViral pharyngitis: dry, scratchy, sensation of a lump in the throat and dry cough - says otolaryngologist highest category Alexander Sorokin. - When the disease on the back of the throat mucus accumulates, so the desire to clear his throat becomes almost obsessive.

    Constant companion pharyngitis - a runny nose. Runoff secret on the back of the throat, excessive use of vasoconstrictor drops, transition to mouth breathing not only create additional discomfort, but also aggravate inflammation. Take sick leave if pharyngitis is not accepted - it usually occurs without an increase in temperature, however, it is necessary to be treated.

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    Do not have high hopes for pastilles andlozenges - it merely aids that can be used in an emergency, for example if exasperates cough in a public place. Throat they certainly do not cure, but the discomfort for some time will be removed - due to contained therein "sosalki» antiseptics and essential oils soften the throat and makes breathing easier.

    It is much more effective for sore throat gargle, steam inhalation and sprays. Each method - its advantages.

    Rinse disinfect and soften the throat. Usually use extracts of herbs, antiseptics - furatsilin, iodinol, hlorofillipt and soda solutions.

    Treatment of pharyngitis Steam inhalation drug charges are indispensable for coughs - they contain essential oils reduce inflammation and thin the mucus.

    Sprays are formed on the surface of the protective film of the throat - medical components at the same time get "right on target", removing the swelling and providing bactericidal and antibacterial action.

    "We must remember that sore throat usually proceeds withouttemperature and lasts no more than three - five days - Alexander Sorokin said. - If a sore throat does not subside, you should see a doctor. To let pharyngitis to drift dangerously. Firstly, it can become chronic - thinned mucosa, throat pain becomes constant, and cough - your business card. And secondly, a sore throat may be masked by other, more serious diseases. "

    Severe pain in the throat accompanied by increasedtemperature (up to 38 degrees) can be a manifestation of angina. Other features of this disease - pain, worse on swallowing, enlarged tonsils, gray coating on the throat. If you suspect a sore throat you need to see a doctor - without antibiotics in the treatment of it can not do, besides leaving a sore throat can give serious complications - myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle), rheumatic disease - an inflammatory disease of the joints and pyelonephritis (kidney disease).

    Often when pharyngitis inflammation"Down" on the throat and begins laryngitis - inflammation of the vocal cords. They cease to vibrate, the voice becomes hoarse cough - barking, there may be headache, and fever.

    As a rule, light laryngitis unsettling to7-10 days, and heavy may take a month or more. And all this time, it is necessary not to talk, not to smoke and to avoid irritating foods from dishes - sharp, hot and cold. They irritate and aggravate inflammation in the throat.

    According to Alexander Sorokin, with laryngitisyou need to follow the home mode and intensely treated - every 2-3 hours to do steam inhalation, hot compress on his neck, hot foot bath. Doctors recommend plenty of warm alkaline water: milk with soda, heated mineral water without gas - it not only displays the infection from the body, warms and softens the throat, but also promotes discharge of phlegm.

    If the voice was gone completely, you need to consult a doctor. In this case, you need to deliver drugs precisely "at destination" - on the vocal cords.

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