When it is necessary to sound the alarm


    When a child is deaf

    When it is necessary to sound the alarmPrevention of hearing loss and deafness shouldbegins long before birth. Prospective parents should not be blood relatives: deaf children often are born in such cases. Alcohol abuse can also cause birth of a child with congenital hearing impairment, to what evils are ear development, the external auditory canal.

    By the underdevelopment of the ear of the fetus may cause somethe disease during pregnancy. Particularly sensitive to the adverse effects of it in the first 3 months of pregnancy. Causes of hearing loss may be premature or prolonged labor, a variety of injuries, asphyxia fetus. Use of certain drugs during pregnancy are also at the hearing organ lesions in the fetus, resulting in congenital deafness or hearing loss.

    Any newborn hearing demoted becausehis ear filled with jelly-like myxoid tissue. As her sucking child begins to hear better. However, the resorption process is sometimes delayed because of colds as a runny nose. Air penetration through the Eustachian tube in the ear at the same time is delayed, and may develop hearing loss. That is why it is extremely important to avoid overcooling, which is very susceptible to the newborn.

    With the preventive point of view, you should knowthat the sharp sound can cause pain, dizziness. Even temporary hearing loss. Harmful effect on hearing and strong tightening of the head of the child's cap (there is a compression of the ears and the ear canal). Delays in removal of foreign bodies from the ear, blowing your nose wrong, systematic self-removal of sulfur, shortness of nasal breathing, various injuries are also common causes of hearing loss.

    Acquired deafness is often causedInfectious diseases (mumps, influenza, epidemic cerebrospinal meningitis, scarlet fever, measles), traumatic brain injury. When mumps (mumps) lesion of the auditory nerve accompanied by hearing loss and the subsequent development of deafness. The rumor is not restored, but to stop its further deterioration is possible. When scarlet fever inflammation of the throat and the Eustachian tube can easily be extended to the middle ear and can cause significant, often irreversible changes.

    Also cause deafness, the child may becomecongenital and acquired anomalies of the ear, auditory nerve lesions, and often adenoids. One of the leading causes of hearing loss in children belongs to chronic suppurative otitis media. The background for the development of hearing loss are features of the ear structure, past illnesses and possibly an allergic predisposition. What matters as food. Among the diseases that precedes the development of hearing loss, we can distinguish acute otitis media, acute respiratory infections, acute exacerbations of chronic sinusitis, sinusitis.

    Parents self-treating their children withmedications are often not even aware of the harmful effects on the organ of hearing. The lower the age of the sick child, the more pronounced and persistent can be a change of hearing. The negative effect of various drugs is particularly sharply if there are aggravating factors: prematurity, birth trauma, infectious diseases, kidney disease, liver.

    How to identify deafness and hearing loss

    It should be noted that pre-school children,as a rule, do not complain on hearing loss, especially if it is one-sided. Manifested disease that kids do not respond to treatment to them, often ask again in conversation. Sit close to the sound source, such as a TV.

    Suffice it to note early hearing loss inchild's parents can help with the simplest methods of examination. The reaction to the sound of a newborn can be determined by unconditioned reflexes arising without first generating, for example, the closing of the eyelids, dilated pupils with a sudden loud sound. Early reflex to the auditory stimulus is the motor excitation.

    It is also possible cessation of sucking, remission when crying.

    The examination hearing should be kept out of the fieldchild view. Needed sounding toys low or high tones. The drum and accordion convey the totality of the bass is pretty big force. Tweeters - high tones.

    At the slightest suspicion of hearing lossnecessary to carry out a targeted inspection and examination in a medical institution. If hearing loss is not detected in the early stage of development, the effectiveness of treatment is much reduced.

    The first signs of upper respiratory diseases

    As already mentioned, the child often loses hearing due to various ENT diseases. As the time to understand what a child is sick?

    Clear signs of the disease in a child rarelyvisible from the first days. At the initial stage, during the latent (prodromal) period, to understand that a baby is not all right, it is possible by his behavior. In a sick child's face is pale and anxious, "adult" expression. The mucous membrane of the mouth is dry, coated tongue.

    Alert, if you notice a child's anxiety (in the nursing infant is reflected in the fact that he suckles sluggish), if you see on the pillow a drop of pus.

    In inflammatory diseases of the upper respiratory tract (especially otitis media) often fever, headache begins, tinnitus, nausea, vomiting.

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