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In a world of so much beauty, but there are people whonot to notice how beautiful it is. And such people in recent years become more and more. People addicted to liquor. Often they are called - are alcoholics. They are trying to isolate from society. In fact, alcoholism - is a huge problem, and it can be overcome, if we act decisively.

Why is this happening? Earlier, a good man - a wonderful family man, just a few months turned into an alcoholic. The reasons - weight, why it happens, and most importantly, how to get rid of this addiction, you tell our site.

What does the term "alcoholism"? First of all - a disease suffered by people who do not have the will power to get rid of a bad habit to drink alcohol on a daily basis and in large quantities. A person who is addicted to a glass, do not even notice how much he was involved. First, this is one "Footprint" before dinner, then two. Subsequently, this is not enough and a person feels the need to drink alcohol in the early afternoon.

It is sad, but the addiction to alcoholIt affects not only men. In recent years, statistics show that women alcoholics is increasing. Addicted to alcohol and young people.

Why do people drink

alcoholism, alcohol dependence, binge, alcoholic drinks

The reasons are many. There are situations in life when a person has lost their loved ones, or get a lot of stress. Trying to cope with their pain, he reaches for the glass. It becomes easier, but not for long. Again glass.

Also, a passion for strong drinks experienced by people with severe, depressed, insecure and dissatisfied with their lives and actions of others.

A certain percentage of people who have the status of"Alcoholic" they have acquired, so to speak, "inherited". For example, when the family often patrilineal great-grandfather, grandfather and father had a predilection for strong drink.

Children and young people drink too much very quickly, and begin to drink alcohol, because it's interesting and prestigious.

How to recognize trouble

When a person feels the need to drink allMore and more, he does not respond to what is happening around, becomes passive. Most of these people no longer go to work or classes and in general do not want to communicate with people. If the situation has gone too far, man ceases to care for themselves.

The first signs:

  1. Drinks often and a lot, hoping to forget about their problems.
  2. He begins to drink in the morning.
  3. Drinks itself, without the company.
  4. When reached intoxicated, it becomes aggressive and can be dangerous to others.
  5. Doses of alcohol is constantly increasing.
  6. Lots of drinks and little or not eating.
  7. He does not understand where he is and what happens to him.

If you're familiar with the above symptoms, you should immediately begin to act.

How to get rid of glasses

alcoholism, alcohol dependence, binge, alcoholic drinks

This method is called encoding and lay onI have high hopes. In a conversation with a person he is given a clear signal - lead a healthy life without a drop of alcohol. That is, if the doctor or therapist was able to establish contact with a person addicted to alcohol, and to give him hope for deliverance - it is believed that only half the job done. And much will depend on the patient. Gradually returning to the rhythm of life "to the glasses," we should remember that, you should not drink alcohol in any form and even a little bit.

One of the most effective, according to manypeople who stop drinking, the doctor is a method of Dovzhenko Ukraine. The basis of his successful techniques have a strong desire of the patient to get rid of a bad habit. Only with the desire of the alcoholic, which arose purely voluntary and not coerced, this method works.

There are certain conditions. Before the start of the session can not drink alcohol for ten days. If this condition was not sustained, successful treatment outcome can not be achieved. Why ten days? During this time the body a little clear of harmful alcohol toxins. Next, the patient comes to the doctor, in the course of the conversation Dovzhenko know the patient, how long he wants to coded. Ideally, it is from three to five years. During this time, the body is completely cleansed and restored. After coding, it is strictly forbidden to drink alcohol, as sad consequences can occur: a heart attack, paralysis of the limbs, and even death.

Traditional methods

alcoholism, alcohol dependence, binge, alcoholic drinks

Since ancient times, there were recipes with whichreceived relief themselves alcoholics, and his family. There are many recipes to help reduce the impact of alcohol on the body. For example, drink strong tea, green or black coffee with lemon.

It will help to remove the impact degree on body peppermint water. We must take a glass of water and add it to 20 drops of tincture of mint. After this drink drunkenness will pass quickly.

Also by not severe intoxication help cold water and ammonia alcohol. Glass of water and two drops of alcohol. If a person has a strong intoxication - Add five drops.

These tips will help in mild forms and singlecases. When a person suffers from a severe form of dependence, and no way to immediately send the patient to the hospital, the man poured on his head very cold water and pour completely with water at room temperature. If opened vomiting - give a breath of a piece of ice. But most importantly - field of all the procedures put a person in bed and allow a good sleep.

One of the recipes, get rid of the desire toa glass is the following. In humans, causing artificial aversion to alcohol. The alcohol is added infused with bitter herbal liqueur. Drinking contents, a person experiences an aversion to alcohol. Consider a few of these recipes:

  • in a glass of vodka, add lovage root and two bay leaves. Infuse for two weeks, then give to drink;
  • in a glass of alcohol to put one or two beetles (green, they have an unpleasant odor, live in raspberries). Infuse the mixture and allow to drink. It is a strong aversion to alcohol;
  • Encourage the patient to eat a lot of sour apples, they contribute to the aversion of alcohol;
  • prepare a decoction of the herb Thyme: 15 g, pour a glass of boiling water and infuse 15 minutes. Giving to drink a tablespoon three times a day;
  • for the treatment of chronic alcoholism apply strong decoction of thyme (7%), it will cause a gag reflex.

Tea Cleansing.

Useful drink that purifies the body and helps the kidneys work harder. It is necessary to drink sugar in the form of heat to 10 cups per day.

Take the herb St. John's wort and wormwood, 20 g. Mint 15 grams, 10 grams of medicinal angelica and thyme, juniper - 5g. Stir, brew in a teapot (the best china) one tablespoon of mixture + a glass of boiling water. Infuse 10 minutes and drink one glass several times a day. The course of treatment - 10 days. Then five days break and continue the treatment again. Drink this tea should be a longer period, for about six months and more.

Coffee with herbs.

Take root powder ungulates, one fourth of a teaspoon in a cup of boiling add the coffee fire. Give drink to the patient once. Repeat receiving only a few days later.

In using herbal teas need to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as diet: less junk food.

And let the way of getting rid of alcohol addiction difficult, you need to believe in themselves, and then everything will be fine. The main thing - not to go back to the past, because a lot of good in the world and without the glasses with vodka.

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