Anemia in Children

The diagnosis of "anemia" heard from your pediatricianmany mothers. And the notorious hemoglobin, which somehow lower than normal, even know the Pope! Anemia vary widely, but the overwhelming majority of anemia due to iron deficiency develops. These iron-deficiency anemia are called, it is about them and talk.

The diagnosis of "anemia" heard from your pediatricianmany mothers. And the notorious hemoglobin, which somehow lower than normal, even know the Pope! What is anemia in the child and how to treat it, says MirSovetov.

What is anemia

Histological picture of the blood, with iron deficiency anemia
Anemia - a decrease in the total concentration of redblood cells and hemoglobin in blood. The problem of red blood cells - to deliver oxygen to the body tissues. Therefore, a decrease in their numbers, the body suffers from the so-called hypoxia - lack of oxygen. Particularly sensitive to a decrease in hemoglobin children.

According to statistics, the anemia observed in 15% of children. Anemia vary widely - some are related to the lack of B vitamins, while others - with folic acid deficiency. But the overwhelming majority of anemia due to iron deficiency develops. These iron-deficiency anemia are called, and they are the most common (about 90% of all anemias). About iron deficiency anemia today, and we'll talk.

Causes and symptoms of anemia

Causes of iron deficiency anemia are divided into three groups.

The first - a situation associated with blood loss. These include and bleeding from the gastrointestinal tract, menstrual bleeding, any other blood loss.

Anemia in Children
The second group comprises iron shortfall. Although this is possible only when fasting, it happens in children. For example, when parents are vegetarians deliberately deprive a child eating meat - the main source of haem iron.

The next group of reasons - malabsorptiongland. In some diseases of the stomach or intestines, after abdominal operations on the digestive tract. The fact that iron is absorbed mainly in the duodenum 12 and in the upper small intestine. Therefore, any problems with these GI can trigger anemia.

Anemia can also occur when there is insufficient development of red blood cells, disrupting their operation and premature destruction of red blood cells.

Your child is pale, tired quickly, complainsmuscle weakness, dizziness. These are the first signs of anemia. Such situations are typical for school, and for children, preschool age children. Attentive parents sazu go on reception to the doctor. If anemia run, then soon your child will become inactive in the corners of the mouth will crack the language is smooth and glossy, the sight will be flickering "flies." There will be distortions in the food desires - especially the desire to lick nails and other metal objects.

Your job, as a parent, and your physician - to reveal its view, the reasons and eliminate iron deficiency.

Diagnosis and treatment of anemia

Tubes of blood
In order to confirm the diagnosis of "anemia"you need to pass the elementary common blood test (fingerstick). According to its results it will be seen as critical of the child's condition. If the hemoglobin (HGB) in the range from 90 to 110 - a mild anemia; 90-70 - moderate anemia; index below 70 - alarm of severe anemia. Pay attention to the need and the number of red blood cells (RBC). Their 4,0-7h1012 rate for children (depending on age).

It is an important indicator of anemia is the colorblood component. Normally it must be equal to unity. If its value is above 1.05 - it becomes clear that anemia caused by a deficiency of B vitamins or folic acid. If the CPU is less than 0.85, suspected iron deficiency anemia. There are other criteria, on the basis of which the diagnosis of IDA, but their analysis will provide a knowledgeable doctor.

After diagnosis, the doctor mustdetermine the cause of anemia, and you have to help him. Be sure to tell your doctor if your child suddenly does not eat meat or fish, if he has a gastrointestinal disease (ulcerative and predyazvennye bowel condition). It is important to find and eliminate the root cause is anemia, or no treatment fails, and after a few months of anemia will reappear.

Treatment of anemia should be comprehensive. Diet may eliminate just a small lack of iron, more serious situations require complex treatment that combines a special diet and medicines. But more on that later.

Treatment shall appoint a doctor only. And it is better, if it is a qualified hematologist. MipSovetov Readers should be aware that an excess of iron is also dangerous for the child's body, as well as the lack of it. Therefore, engaging in self-treatment, you run the risk to see overdose symptoms - cramps, vomiting and diarrhea.

Modern iron preparations are madesuitable for receiving the forms - as syrups, drops and even chewable tablets. In mild anemia sufficient oral medications. Moreover, it is better to drink juice, and to make sure the food is! If the anemia is severe in nature, it is shown in-patient treatment, parenteral administration of drugs, and sometimes even blood transfusions. So do not risk the health of children, and at the slightest suspicion of contact for medical assistance.

Meals for anemia. Prevention of anemia

Meals for anemia
To form a correct nutrition principlesthe child is important to understand the mechanism of iron absorption from different sources. The fact that a red meat, eggs and liver iron contained in the rapidly digestible form - the so-called heme (haem) iron. Plant foods (legumes, buckwheat groats, pomegranates) - a storehouse of non-heme (non-haem) iron that is absorbed worse. Therefore, the child must be present menu, meat (beef, rabbit - 30 grams per day), sea fish, eggs (1-2 pieces), fruit and juices, rich in ascorbic acid. It askorbinka and animal protein improves iron absorption (while the application is 3 times!). While whole milk and milk products must be consumed separately from meat, fish and eggs.

Earlier view was that a lot of ironfound in apples. This is not true, as the iron apples as much as in the buckwheat. Just Apples contain ascorbic acid, which enhances iron absorption. Therefore, it is not necessary to force-feed the baby apples, and if he does not like berries and juices, it is best to give a good old-Vitaminki askorbinku. By the way, few know that the record for the content of iron are dried porcini mushrooms (35 mg per 100 g), seaweed (16 mg per 100 g), cocoa powder (15 mg per 100 g), liver (9 mg 100 g).

Do not be ill!

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