Symptoms and treatment of periodontal

Smile «for all thirty two» - Synonym for success at all times. Providing the oral cavity full care, we increase your chances to avoid the eliminated teeth and «Divorced» Toothpaste hours from healthy life. However, there are such insidious diseases that are waiting when we are going to immediately occupy healthy «territory».

Who «steals» Our teeth?

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The main reason for the loss of teeth lies in the disease of the gum. It occurs, as a rule, painlessly, and when a person still finds himself in a chair at the dentist, it's too late to save anything - and the gums and teeth in a deplorable state. Toothpick does not know age borders: 30 year olds it attacks carious disease, and older people torment the periodontal diseases - enveloping tooth of fabrics. Hence the name - periodontalosis. This is chronic destructive inflammation of periodontal and bone alveolar jaw tissue. Result - tenting, and even missing teeth. The problem is old as the world, they knew even more than two hundred years ago.

Gingivitis and periodontitis are periodontal predecessors, his «lightweight» option. First, gentle tissues are beginning to pulsate from inflammation - so declares gingivitis. Unpleasant but completely tolerant. If try «miss» These signals, passionontitis will visit you - the inflammatory process covers the sedental ligament and alveolar bone (the nearest areas of periodontal). There is also no attention to the symptoms of the disease will not work: the gums swell and bleed, solid dental sediments and putrid breathing appear. Further - worse. The next stage of periodontitis occurs with the advent of the pathological cavity, the so-called «Pocket», between tooth and gums. This niche of various kinds of dental deposits are filled. Bone on which «Sit» Our teeth, experiencing pressure, gradually collapses. Left «On somehow later» The problem of gum disease is solved by itself - trivially and disappointing - first swing the teeth, then fall out.

Where the periodontalosis came from?

teeth, periodontalosis, oral cavity, dentistry, teeth care

There is no general solution to the problem for all those who suffer. And advice of traditional medicine for independent home healing is not at all by the way. Run to the doctor! Approach to periodontalosis - diverse and strictly individual. The nature of the treatment of periodontal is determined by the stage of the disease, specificity of complications, as well as the general condition of the patient. These may be procedures, during which the dented stone, physiotherapy, vitamin therapy (main treatment - group vitamins B and C), surgical and orthopedic intervention, diet and resort treatment.

The task of the patient is to ensure the affected oral cavity with decent hygienic care. Massage will benefit the gums with suitable toothbrushes, the presence in the arsenal of home ambulances of flosswomen (dental threads) and rinse means.

Specialists, in turn, will look at x-ray and modern computer tests «deep into the problem»: It will assess the state of the bone, the degree of its deformation and will make an appropriate program for the treatment of periodontal. In the most seemingly hopeless cases, periodontal operations come to the rescue. Their goal is to achieve a significant reduction in the mobility of the sick tooth and give the tone of the injured gum. When a person's large bone pockets have a large bone pockets that is fraught with a loss of several teeth, it is possible «Subject» missing bone tissue.

Laser therapy and photophoresis - types of recovery treatment of periodontal. Thanks to these methods, the patient may forget about the inflammatory process in the field of periodontal and obtain prolonged therapeutic effect.

Like ne «pick up» Perodontosis?

teeth, periodontalosis, oral cavity, dentistry, teeth care

Periodontalosis can be called an ageal disease - he is readily thrown on those who are forty. In addition, there is a disappointing tendency - periodontal «young people»! The list of His victims are increasingly active, full of strength people. Therefore, it does not matter your age - whether you are 18 or 35 - do the prevention of periodontalism now. Especially since it has nothing complicated.

Eat a lot of solid vegetable food - it is a manna heavenly for teeth and gums. Very useful raw apples and carrots. Patients teeth must be immediately cured - the uniform load on all dental surfaces in the process of chewing.

Toothed stone fear like fire! To prevent its appearance, it is necessary to carefully brush your teeth To remove from their surface of a soft laid. Should not be neglected toothpicks and special dentures, which ideally should be used whenever you rushed something in your mouth.

If you «Wrap» Dental and he firmly settled on your teeth, do not be lazy to look at the dentist. The doctor will remove the uninhabable guest by resorting to an ultrasound method, and prescribes the irrigation of the oral cavity herbal decoctions (let's say, from Sage).

To clean your teeth after easy snack, when there is no toothbrush at hand, our site recommends remembering the old good chewing gum.

Unfortunately, there is no one way of treatment, which in a moment will save you from the periodontalism, there is no one vitamin, sees, which can be forgotten about periodontosis at all - it's only in a fairy tale, a milk boiling bath, all the calves takes. To the prevention and treatment of periodontalism is very serious and thoughtfully. All efforts spent on improving the quality of their health are now as a maximum will give you happy years without illnesses and, at least save money you will not have to spend on medicine.

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