Candidiasis in children

Candidiasis, or as it is called, thrushIt is very common in infants and toddlers. Basically, the problem faced by those children whose mothers fungal infection was detected directly during pregnancy. And if you do not pay enough attention to his treatment, during birth the baby will catch candidiasis.

Do not forget that you need to treat thrushOnly under the scrutiny of doctors. So it will be possible to choose the qualified help for mom and her newborn baby. Remember that the child is still very sensitive to the outside world, as his immune system has not yet formed.

Candidiasis in infants

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Despite the fact that such a disease asCandidiasis is not a sexually transmitted disease that is transmitted sexually, doctors often see it because of the similarity of symptoms together with a group of diseases transmitted during sexual intercourse. Candidiasis - is a fungal infection of the urogenital area. What is remarkable, mainly Candida fungus is common in women, but its bearers are mostly men.

In newly born babies candidiasisproceeds quite differently than adults. For example, a woman has the Candida fungus causes only vaginal candidiasis, and a man - balanoposthomycosis. As for the baby, he has this fungus settles in the mouth - affected tongue, tonsils and oral mucosa in general.

In most cases, when there is a baby in candidiasisoral, experts call it "kandidomikozny stomatitis." Very, very rare in newborns Candida fungus can affect girls' sexual organs and provoke vulvitis development.

Do not forget the fact that Candida -more precisely, fungi of the genus - is at all healthy people: they are the constant companions of human microflora. In the case where the immune system is not of concern, the number of fungi is stored at one level. Otherwise, when a person has for the development of an enabling environment fungus infection multiplies, making microflora of benign - in pathogenic.

Causes and symptoms of the disease

the fungus candida, candidiasis in children, thrush, newborn, child

Symptoms of candidiasis in children specific, immediately catches the eye.

  1. White patches on the tongue. This is the main sign of incipient thrush. If the baby in the mouth instead of the usual customary plaque plaques were white, cheesy plaque or just white patches all over the mucosa, there is every reason to suspect candidiasis. First thrush occurs foci, and then can cover the entire mucosa - to prevent its proliferation is one of the main tasks.
  2. Plaque on the inner surfaces of the cheeks. Thrush does not necessarily start with "language". Candidiasis can appear on the gums, and the sky, on the inner surfaces of the cheeks, on the tonsils. The clinical picture is the same - whitish plaque.

Remember that you can not in any case be removedappearing plaque, which gives candida own. The point is that kids are very sensitive mucous membrane - can be damaged by accident. Pockets of plaque can cause injury because of which formed a small wound - it can bleed and irritate the baby, giving him discomfort and pain.

Treatment of infantile candidiasis

the fungus candida, candidiasis in children, thrush, newborn, child

Before starting any treatment, you mustconsult with an experienced doctor - it will be able to diagnose the disease and prescribe adequate comprehensive treatment. If thrush is just beginning - my mother noticed early symptoms, and doctors identified the disease in the early stages, the cure of the child will not be difficult.

In the case when the disease has already passed the firststage and moved to an advanced stage, the disease can manifest itself in different ways. For example, start candidiasis skin, bowel, or conjunctivitis - if fungus hit the mucous eye.

Treatment of candidiasis should be held safe for a newborn drugs that are completely non-toxic for the baby. Do not use systemic antibiotics for babies.

Most often used the funds that would be suitable, and my mother, who feeds the baby, and her baby. For treatment of thrush in such a case is assigned "Nystatin", "Diflucan", "Candide solution."

The hardest thing is treated intestinal candidiasis.

Traditional methods of treatment

Traditional methods of treatment should be moreall auxiliary and not basic. In the treatment of candidiasis emphasis should be exactly on medicines. But with the doctor's consent, carefully, so as not to cause allergies, you can try at home the old ways offered by grandmothers.

The most basic way to treat candida "ofthe people "- a soda solution. The glass should be diluted spoon (tea) the usual baking soda. Then the finger wound a piece of gauze or a bandage, and moistened it in a solution, wipe the baby mouth: the inner surface of the cheeks, gums, tongue. This procedure should be performed every two or three hours.

The soda will help? Firstly, it relieves whitish coating, and secondly, alters the acid-base balance in the oral cavity - it helps to modify the pathogenic microflora.

Another traditional treatments candidiasis - is a strong calendula tincture (Flowers). They also need, as well as a soda solution, wipe your mouth. Calendula can be replaced with sage, chamomile or eucalyptus or other herbs that have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. But try this therapy should be cautious, as there is a chance of allergic reactions.

Prevention of candidiasis

the fungus candida, candidiasis in children, thrush, newborn, child

In principle, more important is not properly treatedcandidiasis, and do everything possible to prevent it. How to do it? First of all, recommends personal hygiene and try every possible way to strengthen the immune system. Remember that the Candida fungus loves warm, moist environment - in it it perfectly reproduces. This type of fungus, "settles" mainly in the folds of the skin, especially "loves" those places where get natural body fluids. That is why it is very important to bathe the baby every day and watch his intimate hygiene, for example, to wash away before each change diapers.

Remember that candidiasis is very unpleasant diseasefor the baby, since apart from the general discomfort there is a possibility that the baby due to lower immunity any infectious diseases or manifest skin or intestinal candidiasis.

Children who develop thrush, is often thrown to suckle, which is very harmful to the newborn, as eating disorders are very harmful for the crumbs.

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