Symptoms and treatment of thrush

Each woman had in her lifeto deal with thrush, and many well-known of its unpleasant symptoms, which affect not only the mood and general well-being, but also on family relations. So what are the symptoms and how to treat a yeast infection?

Symptoms of thrush treatment of thrush
Each woman had in her lifeto deal with thrush, and many well-known of its unpleasant symptoms, which affect not only the mood and general well-being, but also on family relations. So what are the symptoms? Abundant white cheesy discharge (hence the popular name of the disease - "thrush"), more or less pronounced itching, sometimes burning, discomfort during sex - no doubt, all painful and extremely unpleasant.

Thrush, she candidiasis, caused byyeast fungi of the genus Candida. The most common vaginal candidiasis affects women of childbearing age, but can also occur even in young girls. The fact that a small number of fungi Candida is always present in the body. However, thrush occurs only under the influence of some factors.

Predisposed to thrush

On the occurrence of thrush can affect such factors as wearing tight underwear or clothes made of synthetic fabric
The following triggers can lead to a rapid proliferation of Candida fungi and displacement of the normal flora of the vagina:

  • uncontrolled use of antibiotics
  • elevated blood sugar
  • the use of hormonal contraceptives (estrogen)
  • pregnancy
  • diseases that weaken the body's defenses (endocrine, acute and chronic respiratory)
  • bowel bacteria overgrowth

In addition, the occurrence of thrush mayinfluence and secondary factors, such as wearing tight underwear or clothes made of synthetic fabric, excessive consumption of sweets (carbohydrates), as well as stress, climate change, inappropriate diet.

Thrush does not always, but can be transmittedsexually partner therefore, in the case of infection must also be treated. In addition, the infection can be transmitted through oral-genital contact as many people are carriers of Candida in the oral cavity.

Seventy per cent of cases there is a transfer of infection from mother to newborn, with equal frequency among women giving birth on their own or by cesarean section.

thrush Treatment

If you appoint the expensive preparation of the yeast, you can pick up an analog at a lower price, for example, Flucostat
Often, women are embarrassed to see a doctor, andThey are trying to deal with thrush yourself. At some stage of withdrawal symptoms is acceptable, but if possible, it is necessary to visit a specialist, to be examined and assign complex treatment.

It should be immediately clear that candidiasis - is nothing more than an infection, so it is necessary to treat it as an infectious disease:

  • get rid of the pathogen
  • check destruction
  • prevent the re-occurrence of

In the arsenal of modern medication has a lot of highly effective drugs like topical (creams, vaginal tablets, suppositories) and internal use (tablets, capsules).

There is one little trick you canTake advantage of going with a doctor’s prescription to the pharmacy. If, for example, the doctor prescribed “Diflucan”, a rather expensive drug (its price ranges from 800-1200 rubles), you can pick up a Russian-made analogue at a lower price, for example, “Flucostat” or “Vero- fluconazole. " All of these drugs contain the same active substance - fluconazole. It is also possible to act in relation to other medical devices. A pharmacist will help you choose the most low-cost medicine.

Among the topical administration of drugs for the treatment ofThrush has a good reputation drill with glycerin (available at drugstores). Quite often also assigned douching solution of potassium permanganate solution or iodine derivatives. However, douching with such cost to be extremely careful, so as not to burn the vaginal mucosa.

Folk remedies to combat thrush

From folk remedies you can try a douche of tea tree oil
How Whatever was good preparation, I boughtpharmacy prescription, unfortunately, it does not guarantee the absence of recurrent cases. In scientific circles, it is proved that the re-emergence of the disease is still the same strain of Candida fungus that was in the beginning of the infection. However, until now there is debate on the topic of relapse - if the infection comes from somewhere else, hiding there where it does not get the disease or was not finished the cure.

Be that as it may, the fact remains -antifungals can not solve the problems to the end. Often, doctors do prescribe traditional medicines to combat thrush, despite the fact that such remedies have no scientific justification. However, centuries-old experience of our grandmothers often simply saves.

Here is a fairly effective "people" thrush treatment regimen:

  • spend the night douching butter teaWood - 1-2 drops of tea tree oil on a teaspoon of calendula oil, olive or corn oil. For the procedure, you can use a syringe (without needle) or a small syringe.
  • morning douche infusion prepared frompm this recipe: 1 part oak bark, 1 part chamomile flowers, 1 part sage leaves, 3 parts of nettle. 2 tablespoons of this mixture pour 1 liter of boiling water and infuse overnight. On the morning of the infusion of strain and use for irrigation.

Other people's advice for the treatment of thrush - teawhite clover flowers. Flowers can be collected by the summer dry, thereby having prepared medicament for the winter, when the body immune system is weakened, and increases the risk of thrush.

But if the city resident clover flowers,perhaps hard to get, in this case in any pharmacy you can buy flowers of chamomile and calendula. To prepare for syringing need one teaspoon of chamomile and calendula two spoons pour a liter of boiling water, leave overnight, strain and douche again received tincture.

Also useful bath with sea salt.

If thrush acquired a chronic form, ourwebsite recommends to pass control of the gynecologist-endocrinologist and urologist. Frequent recurrences of candidiasis may be caused by the presence of a more serious condition, Tochal immunity. It makes more sense to treat the problem rather than its consequences.

In any case, the science does not stand still, and every day comes the latest developments in specific clinics arsenal drugs to treat candidiasis and effective means Immunocorrecting.

Be healthy!!!

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