Addicted to chocolate - what to do

Can a person, in fact, developdependence on chocolate? Studies conducted by scientists have shown that shokoladomaniya has several features in common with alcoholism and drug addiction: the majority of those who are aware of his addiction to chocolate, pointed out that eating too much of it, and it provides them with certain difficulties.

Addicted to chocolate - what to do
Can a person, in fact, become dependent on chocolate?

Studies conducted by scientists have shown thatshokoladomaniya has several features in common with alcoholism and drug addiction: the majority of those who are aware of his addiction to chocolate, pointed out that eating too much of it, and it provides them with certain difficulties.

At the same time, there is no shokoladomanovabstinence syndrome or withdrawal syndrome when they are deprived of chocolate. Therefore, some experts argue that shokoladomaniyu can not be considered a true addiction. They think we can not talk about addiction, even if you are not uncommon irresistible desire to eat chocolate.

Why do we love chocolate?

Chocolate like almost all women. When it comes to shokoladomanii, they even choose cookies with chocolate. Studies have shown that chocolate - a favorite food of women, while men tend to have a weakness for meat and fish, hamburgers and other dishes with a high protein content.

Where did such different tastes come from? One of the theories that explain women’s addiction to chocolate is that women need chocolate when their body lowers the level of the chemicals responsible for a good mood - endorphins. They form in the brain and act like drugs. The content of some of these substances decreases and increases depending on the level of female sex hormones - The administration of progesterone and estrogen. That's why women love chocolate more than men, but the desire to eat chocolate have changed throughout the menstrual cycle, reaching its peak just before menstruation. Chocolate increases the level of endorphins and thus improves the mood.

In addition, the wonderful taste of chocolate. our site, based on the results of the same studies can confidently say that the chocolate substitutes are ineffective. Capsules containing the active ingredients of chocolate, but deprived of its unique taste, does not satisfy the demand for chocolate. It could only chocolate - sweet, creamy, pleasant.

Often, women who have a passion for chocolate, say - it's the one thing that always brings them pleasure.

Harm chocolate

Harm chocolate
Chocolate can be as harmful to health as it is pleasant to the taste. If you eat a lot of chocolate, can recoverAnd fats contained therein, may haveadverse effects on the heart. If you have diabetes, or they suffer from one of your relatives, trouble may deliver the sugar contained in chocolate.

Refusing to lunch or dinner to eat chocolate and not get better, you can still harm your health. Chocolate, though rich in taste but poor in the necessary vitamins and minerals.

Getting rid of addiction to chocolate?

What do you do if you and without chocolate is not sweet life? Our website can not give advice that would suit all but one of these will certainly help.

Wait a little

Always try to be patient - this is the first rule. If you want chocolate, drink a glass of water and wait 15 minutes may pass itself a desire, but it may be so that you have no choice but to take up as a chocolate.

Replace chocolate

If you are just hungry or if you want sweet, eat something more nutritious, such as fruit or salad.

The more you age, the more likely that this advice is for you. As it turned out, people over sixty years, it is easier to replace the chocolate products other than people of a younger age.

However, some people can not be replaced by anything chocolate. Addiction is, chocolate is not lost, even considering that the food consumed and other sweets.

Eat, but a little

Eat, but a little
If you want to get rid of the addiction tochocolate now, not when you retire, or know from experience that you will not want no substitute, our site encourages you still afford to eat some chocolate.

In order to satisfy this desire, youwill be enough to eat just 15 grams (this is where a two squares of milk chocolate). They contain about 75 calories and 4.6 g fat. A little bit, is not it? But you do not harm your health and figure, but the desire is quenched.

Out of sight, out of mind

Sometimes we start eating chocolate, "nothing better to do." You walk into the room, look, what would keep him occupied and eventually begin to absorb chocolate lying on the table.

Enthusiastically talking on the phone with his girlfriend anddevour chocolates, happened to be at hand. And you do not have time to blink as box would be empty, but you did not plan to eat every last candy.

The only way to get rid of this habit - remove the chocolate from him away. I wanted a piece? Get out of the closet one plitochki and the rest immediately clean place.

Go to the fat-free goodies

If you are trying to get rid of addictionso loved the chocolate out of a desire to lose weight, you can switch to fat-free goodies. Trying to use less fat, instead of chocolate can eat candy several defatted with chocolate flavor, sweet creamy low fat chocolate or the same but containing little fat or skim a cup of hot cocoa.

How gobbled up so much and stamped

Addicted to chocolate - what to do
Afford to eat a small piece of chocolate? Now, immediately distract yourself from thinking about the next piece. Go for a walk in the park, talk to a friend on the phone, go to the movies, read a fascinating book, solve a crossword puzzle - in short, do everything that can distract you from thinking about chocolate.

More favorite classes and different

If chocolate is your source forfun, try to convince yourself that in your life there are many other sources of joy, for example, true friends, favorite sports or other exercises.

Life can be made interesting and without permanenteating chocolate. You've read our article "What to do when bored?" No, then study it. You will find a lot of useful information that will help you make life more interesting.

Chocolate - small female pleasure. But is it worth sacrificing your health and beauty for the sake of it? With our tips you will surely be able to get rid of the addiction to chocolate. And the next time you want to eat a piece, you will not blame yourself for it, and will know exactly what your desires under control.

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