Liver in Motion


Liver in Motion
Hydodine is the cause of many human aids. This term, known until recently, is only a narrow circle of health professionals, today received widespread. After all, it is hypodynamine that is one of the most important causes of the obesity epidemic, which every year becomes more and more threatening scale and is already named by the problem of the 21st century.

In this regard, at present, an increasing number of people in Russia are aware of the fact that physical education and sports bring undoubted benefits. On the growing interest of Russians to the field of physical culture is evidenced by the statistics of the WTCIOM: 52% of the inhabitants of our country are engaged in sports with one or another periodicity (for comparison in 2006, this figure was 39%).

Everyone is well known to the beneficial effect of regular sports: an increase in the body's resistance to colds, improving its performance, getting rid of excess weight, strengthening the human bone system. People under the supervision of experienced coaches, systematically paying attention to physical stress, are much easier to cope with physical, emotional and stressful situations.

However, there is also the reverse side of the physical culture. It is associated with the reaction of the human body for long and intensive loads. The fact is that when performing physical exercises requiring excessive efforts, all organism systems function especially intensively. Fatigue and discomfort arising from such a load can lead both to a decrease in the effectiveness of training and the emergence of pathological changes in the state of human health engaged in sports. As a result of long-term physical activity in the body, a significant amount of decay products can accumulate for the elimination of the liver. Additional problems creates and irrational food.

The purpose of many people engaged in sports becomes weight loss and reduction in volumes. For this, along with physical exercises, they often resort to low-calorie diet. But only a few think that such a combination is negatively affected by health, because as a result of diet the body and some particularly needed cell recovery organs (liver, heart and brain) cease to receive the useful fatty acids and antioxidants for this. Without advent of these indispensable substances, the human body cannot fully cope with intensive loads, the liver is overloaded and the non-alcohol fatty disease develops.

There is another extreme. In the struggle for building muscle mass People begin to consume too much an animal protein contained in food, and then more «finish» yourself proteins, drinks and cocktails. Such unbalanced nutrition can cause significant disorders and leads to the accumulation in the body of difficult-scale substances. There is an urgent need for improving the functional state of the liver, since it is precisely the body from toxic products that. For full-fledged work, essential phospholipids are met, which are the main structural component of all cell membranes of the body, including muscular fabric. They restore mechanical damage in the cell structure, displacing toxins from them.

In addition to hepatoprotective action, one of the types of phospholipids — phosphatidylcholine — Due to its unique physico-chemical properties, it helps to improve the blood supply of muscle tissue, with energy and vitamins muscles, increasing their tone and increasing performance. Thus, phospholipids respond not only for the restoration of the body after physical exertion, but also have a positive effect on the indicators of physical strength and endurance, which is very important for all people leading an active lifestyle.

The source of polyunsaturated phospholipids are mainly soybeans, nuts, seeds, cold intake vegetable oil (soybean, sesame and linen). Close uphill lipids are in fatty sea fish. However, the daily need of a modern person in phospholipids is so high (about 10 g.) that providing it only with food is almost impossible. In this regard, along with the preparation of the necessary substances from products, the reception of appropriate hepatoprotectors containing polyunsaturated fatty acids is recommended.

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