Symptoms and treatment of herpes

How many times has happened to you and me upset,he felt the familiar burning sensation on the lip - again herpes "came out." But herpes - it's not just annoying sore on the lip, the herpes virus can not be banished from the human body. Infected - simple, but to get rid of - in any way. Herpes can also occur on the genitals - about his treatment, we will also tell.

How many times has happened to you and me upset,he felt the familiar burning sensation on the lip - again herpes "came out." But herpes - it's not just annoying sore on the lip, the herpes virus can not be banished from the human body. Infected - simple, but to get rid of - in any way. Herpes can also occur on the genitals - about his treatment, we will also tell.

The types of virus

Herpes virus (Macro)
There are as many as 8 species of herpes virus,infect humans. 95% of the population are carriers of the virus type 1 HSV (herpes simplex virus) - is known to all manifestations of herpes on the lips, face, and even the hands.

HSV type 2 causes genital herpes disease. HSV type 3 causes varicella ( "Windmill"), and herpes zoster. HSV type 4 causes infectious mononucleosis (inflammation in the throat, fever, enlargement of the liver and spleen), inflammatory plaques in the language. HSV type 5 - one of the causes of cytomegalovirus infection. HSV type 6 is manifested in the fact that an adult is constantly feels tired and the baby is suffering from short-term rise in temperature and a pink rash that disappears as suddenly as it appears. herpes viruses 7 and 8 types were opened recently, and doctors still are not sure whether they are the cause of some types of cancer and lymphatic diseases.

herpes Symptoms

herpes Symptoms
Determine the type of virus is very difficult, asthe human body can live together several types of HSV. But most of us hit the virus types 1 and 2, of which we'll talk. The herpes virus is manifested in moments when the human immune system is weakened. For example, after exposure to cold, excessive consumption of alcohol it weakens the body temporarily and herpes virus manages to manifest itself in the form of "sores" on the lip. Advice from our website as soon as you feel a burning sensation and itching on the lip, to take urgent action: starting herpes can "strangle".

The herpes virus is transmitted by contact withand an infected person by airborne droplets. This is due to that herpes can also affect the eyes. Under the influence of the virus develop herpetic dermatitis eyelids, conjunctivitis, and many other diseases. Manifestations of herpes dermatitis are similar to a herpes on the lips eyelids covered with clusters of bubbles.

The virus is the second type of herpes is transmitted sexuallymeans. Accordingly, it appears - on the genitals. After infection takes 3-7 days, and on the penis appear bubbles on the inflamed red group basis. Sometimes bubbles appear on the scrotum. Bubbles burst, in their place are nonhealing lesions erosion. Often erosion merge into a few largefoci. The process can take place not only on the skin but also in the urethra: a person complains of pain and burning sensation when urinating, increased body temperature, increased inguinal lymph nodes. If herpes is not treated, erosion disappear within 1-2 weeks. However, in most cases of genital herpes will recur (because the virus remains in the body, it is only waiting for the right moment to re-emerge: the weakening of immunity, hypothermia, alcohol intoxication - any of these conditions will cause cold sores again to life).

In women, herpes blisters and erosions are formed on the labia, clitoris, vagina, on the cervix.

Diagnosing herpes

Most often, the doctor determines the herpes visuallytoo revealing its manifestations. But in some cases, necessary laboratory procedures to detect the herpes virus. Spend immunofluorescence and enzyme immunoassay, using cytomorphological methods, assess the patient's level of immunity.

The most reliable method in determining virusHerpes is the method of PCR (polymerase chain reaction). It is unique in that it allows you to detect even a single representative of the virus. For PCR with herpes need scraping or erosion of microscopically small droplet content gerpetichekogo bubble. The analysis is automated, the result can be obtained within a day.

herpes Treatment

Outset that modern medicine does not have a means to destroy the herpes virus. Treatment only removes the symptoms of the virus, but the virus remains in the body in spite of everything.

For the treatment of herpes of the lips are bestantiherpethetical ointment Gerpferon, Zovirax, Acyclovir, Vamtreks, Famvir. The more often you lubricate the affected area, the sooner get rid of the symptoms of the disease. If you wait too long, and herpes is still manifested, our site advises him to continue to lubricate with ointment - it will reduce the pain and speed up recovery.

For topical treatment of genital herpesAcyclovir is used (200 mg five times per day for 10 days), Valacyclovir (0.5 mg 2 times a day, 10 days). Foscarnet (aka Foskavir) used topically in the form of applications to the affected places. Foscarnet is also available in the form of intravenous drugs. These drugs (in the form of tablets and ointments) relieve herpes symptoms and improve the patient's condition.

Moreover, in patients with genital herpesremission administered vaccine that contains killed viruses of herpes - every 3 days, the patient is administered 0.2 ml of vaccine, only 5 injections. This procedure should be carried out twice a year, while the number of relapses is possible to reduce to 1-2 per year, and even more rarely.

Herpes virus causes immunosuppression andconsequently, frequent recurrences of the disease. That is, the treatment should not only be limited to the suppression of symptoms, but also to strengthen the immune system, which we describe below.

Errors in the treatment of herpes

herpes Treatment
Herpes lip does not require treatment tablets, alltreatments are reduced to frequent lubrication ointments. In no case do not try to squeeze herpetic bubbles - risk to bring an infection. It is better to continue to use ointments and wait until the cold sore will be held under the influence of an ointment.

Unfortunately, there is no doctor whoI would deal only with genital herpes, so patients are treated by urologists, venereologists, gynecologists ... of course, possible medication errors. For example, your doctor may recommend the patient to cauterize herpetic erosion by liquid nitrogen. Of course, the herpes virus will die on the spot, but it still remains in the blood, and relapses will occur again.

Another common mistake - the appointmentimmunomodulating agents without prior analysis of the immune system. Illiterate assigned immunomodulators can produce the opposite effect: the number of relapses is reduced, and grow. Our website recommends: before the appointment you immunomodulators, requires an assessment of your level of immunity - immunogram. So you will save your health from the intervention of unqualified physicians.

Preventing herpes

Strong immune system - a guarantee of health, so thattry to eat right, take vitamins during the cold season. It happens that people live a lifetime in the body carrying the herpes virus and never ill them. To catch a virus of genital herpes, you need to follow faithful to your partner, use a condom during casual sex.

So take care of your health, strengthen your immune system healthy varied diet, physical activity feasible and no virus you are not afraid.

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