Symptoms and treatment of swine flu

Today is not heard about swine flu just lazy. A / H1N1 virus in popularity rating in black eclipsed the global financial crisis, they are already afraid of careless children, talking about him at every corner. What do we need to know about this exotic disease?

Today is not heard about swine flu just lazy. A / H1N1 virus in popularity rating in black eclipsed the global financial crisis, they are already afraid of careless children, talking about him at every corner. What do we need to know about this exotic disease?

What is swine flu

A / H1N1 virus under an electron microscope
our site has to say, that in itself Swineflu known doctors have a relatively long time - more than twenty years. In the world of known and widely used drugs for the disease - amantadine, zanamivir, oseltamivir and rimantadine. But the kind of Mexican swine flu has become a surprise for the doctors. Mutated swine flu have become immune to the drugs known to us, he has become more dangerous and cunning. Currently in the world there is no known effective drugs against the Mexican species of swine influenza A / H1N1.

To date, the influenza virus A / H1N1 has acquiredthe most widely used at home - in Mexico and the United States. Here, the number of infected is growing exponentially and with Canada exceeded 30 000 people. They suffer from the disease and the inhabitants of the neighboring countries - Brazil and Argentina - are already beginning to appear the first alarm calls. Among European countries, the most widespread virus got in Spain and the UK. Isolated cases of swine flu recorded in other countries in Europe and Asia.

Pandemic - it's scary?

Just the other day - June 11 - WorldHealth Organization awarded the sixth swine flu threat level from six. This means that now the virus A / H1N1 pandemic is officially recognized as the first in forty years. The last pandemic before the epidemic was the Hong Kong flu, which killed about 34 thousand people. Swine flu to date killed 145 people worldwide.

people on the street wearing masks against swine flu

A pandemic is different from the epidemic in the first place,Distribution territory. If the epidemic engulfed much of the state, as well as neighboring and distant states, it is called a pandemic. The most dangerous and severe influenza pandemic in 1918-1919 was in the history of mankind. Then, from a new disease, so-called "Spanish flu" killed by approximate calculations (the exact number of victims, given the huge scope of the disease, it was impossible at that time), about 30 million people, including the star of Russian silent film Vera Cold.

Despite the fact that in the cases of the former Soviet Unionswine flu are rare, but on the border carried out strict supervision and inspection of people coming from the dangerous geographical areas, you should definitely take some precautions. First and foremost, of course, is to avoid trips to Latin America and China. Also, you should avoid contact with people who came from that region. The swine flu virus from an infected person can appear within seven days, so that it was during this period to survive before contact with foreigners and people who have arrived from abroad. In addition, doctors recommend to avoid any contact with people who have symptoms of respiratory illness. It should also wash their hands often with soap and water, use all means to improve the body's immune defenses.

Swine flu is not transmitted to humans virtuallyof animal meat and thermal treatment reduces the chance of malicious virus to zero. Therefore, you can safely eat the meat of pigs and poultry. The main thing that it was fresh, high quality and not damp.

According to doctors, much more in the summerprobability to pick up meat intestinal infections than flu. Therefore, our website is strongly recommends that you avoid eating meat products prepared in all sorts of stalls, tents and eatery.

In order to prevent

Do not panic afraid of this disease. Obzavedshiysya exotic consoles, the flu is the flu, and people with high immunity has all the chances are relatively easy to cope with the disease. Exercise, spend more time outdoors, drink plenty of fluids - Doctors recommend consuming tea with wild rose, raspberry or lemon, plain water, but not carbonated and alcoholic beverages. Strengthen your body and illness necessarily bypass you party.

Is there a vaccine?

To date, a vaccine strain of porcineA / H1N1 flu does not exist. In China now there are clinical trials of the vaccine created by local doctors. After about a month, if all goes well, will start vaccination of the population of the east of the country. Then, possibly, medication and go to hospitals all over the world.

But do not despair, according to Director of the Research InstituteVirology RAMS Dmitry Lvov, existing vaccines from a simple flu, if not prevent the risk of disease disease overseas, it significantly reduces the risk of getting serious consequences of the disease. These vaccines contain components H1N1, which is part of the swine influenza.

The symptoms of swine flu

Manifested swine flu as well as the usualvirus. In diseased temperature rises sharply, begin headaches, muscle aches, cough, vomiting, diarrhea and runny nose. When these symptoms should immediately seek medical attention and to limit contacts with the people around you.

The symptoms of swine flu

Remember that the risk in the first placeincludes people with weak immune systems - the elderly and children, and the greatest danger of a new influenza - the big speed distribution. Therefore, if you already feel bad, try to protect them from illness of their loved ones.

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