Symptoms and Gonoronia

Gonorrhea is a disease caused by a gonococcal, which is transmitted to a patient with sperm, vaginal discharge, saliva. Gonokokk quickly dies outside the human body, so it is impossible to infect gonorads when bathing in one pool. Knowledge of symptoms and certain precautions will help protect yourself from this disease.

Gonococci on the surface of the lymphocyte
Gonorrhea is a disease caused by a gonococcal, which is transmitted to a patient with sperm, vaginal discharge, saliva. Gonokokk quickly dies outside the human body, so it is impossible to infect gonorrhea when bathing in one pool with sick or when using one toilet. Nevertheless, knowledge of symptoms and certain precautions will help to protect against this disease.

Symptoms and the course of gonorrhea

Gonorrhea proceeds in different ways in men and women. In men, after 2-5 days after infection, pain in urination and yellow-white discharge from the urethral canal appear. Water becomes muddy, you can see the flakes and threads in it. Urination becomes frequent, with pain at the beginning and at the end of the process. Erection also becomes painful. If you do not consult a doctor during this period, the pain in urination gradually grows and the disease will go into a chronic form. In chronic gonor, men develop complications: the defeat of the seed tubercle, seed glands, seed bubbles and inflammation of the appendage of eggs. Complication of gonorrhea is prostatitis.

Women Gonorrhea often proceeds asymptomatic. And if there are symptoms, they are often taken for other Diseases: The pain at the bottom of the abdomen is associated with cystitis, and yellowish discharge from the vagina takes Manifestation of thrush. Some time and gonorrhea is developing, pain occurs when urination, frequent urges for urination. Gonococcus climbs up the female sexual paths and the following disease develops one after another. Endometritis - Inflammation of the mucous membrane of the uterus, in which severe pains appear at the bottom of the abdomen, temperature 38-39C, purulent discharge from the vagina, menstrual disorders of the menstrual cycle. Then Gonokokk falls into the ovaries, the SalpingOForit is developing - inflammation of the appendages. SalpingoForit with gonorly gives strong and numerous spikes, because of what a woman is forever loses the opportunity to have children. If the Gonokokk fell not to the vagina, it develops either proctuits (inflammation of the rectum) or a gonorrheal pharyngitis (inflammation of the pharynx). When you proceed (scaling is not often found, in women, infection rarely occurs, but it is possible even without anal sex, but the men are scattered only in homosexuals) the patient suffers from constipation, itching, pain, burning in the rectum. And pharyngitis is characterized by swelling of the larynx, the increase in submandibular lymph nodes and purulent raid on the rear wall of the pharynx and almonds.

Our site draws your attention to the fact that if gonoron is not treated, Gonokokk will spread further - the inflammation of the peritoneum, which can end with blood infection. With bloodstream infection gets into the brain - meningitis begins. If blood enters the gonococcus to the liver or kidney - the diseases of these organs begin.

But all this can be avoided if timely start treatment.

Diagnosis of gonorona

Diagnosis of gonorona
If you suspected gonorrhea, our site in no way recommends starting self-medication. Many times proved that it will only beat the disease inside, lubricates the whole picture of the disease and complicates the work of doctors.

At first taking the doctor in detail asking the patient about the disturbing symptoms and assigns analyzes. To diagnose gonorrhea, the following procedures are held.

Bacterioscopic analysis - this analysis is valid only if the patient has not enjoyed any disinfiveing ​​agents.

Smear on gonorrhea: smear stained either methylene blue or in a way of gram. Gram smear is the most simple and accurate way to identify gonorrhea.

Bacteriological analysis: most often this method is used after the treatment of gonorrhea, to confirm the curableness of the patient.

Immunofluorescent analysis - very effective in the early stages of the disease (in the period from the moment of infection and up to 2 months). This analysis allows you to identify not only Gonokokk, but also related infections - for example, syphilis.

Immuno-immunimal analysis - identifies particularly sustainable strains of gonococcal and its non-visual forms.

Before starting treatment, analyzes for syphilis, hepatitis B, with, chlamydia, AIDS. If any of these diseases is revealed, the treatment is adjusted.

Treatment of gonorona

Treatment of gonorona
The treatment of gonorrhea depends entirely on which stage there is a disease, as well as from age, gender and availability of complications. So, with early, acute gonor can be quite a single reception of strong antibiotics.

When subacute and acute gonor, drugs of cephaloproryns are prescribed - Ciprofloxacin once orally, or spectinomycin 2 g intramuscularly once.

Patients with an invisitious form of gonorads are prescribed by comprehensive treatment: antibiotics, physiotics (electrophoresis, UHF, Laser therapy, Darsonvalization).

Depending on the severity of the disease, the doctor may appoint other antibiotics: offloxacin, azithromycin, doxycycline, metronidazole. Our site would like to note that the dosage and duration of reception of drugs determines the doctor, it is necessary to strictly follow its instructions. This is important because Gonokokk is able to adapt to antibiotics, and therefore the doctor has to pick up such an antibiotic that will effectively deal with a gonducting infection.

Prevention of gonorrhea
Antibiotics courses are able to almost completely destroy the normal intestinal microflora. Therefore, after treating gonorrhea, antibiotics are often prescribed bifido- and lact-containing drugs: bifidumbacterin, Biofilong, lactobacterin, acidophylus, acilakt, Linex. It happens that the treatment of gonorrhoids is unsuccessful, and then after a short-term improvement there is a recurrence of the disease. In this case, re-treatment is carried out using another antibiotic.

Prevention of gonorrhea

As with any other sexually transmitted disease, the most reliable prevention of gonorrhea will be loyalty to its partner and using a condom. No matter how sad, so much popular now sex tourism is the best way to spread gonorrhea. Prostitutes, fearing gonoraly infection, often take antibiotics «just», To prevent infection. But instead, the strains of Gonococcus develop the ability to adapt to antibiotics, the disease takes a requisitious form, and infected confused often do not even know about their illness.

Doctors conduct a survey of the population, detect and treated patients with gonorads, but still the most reliable way is not to get sick - to be true and not change.

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