Hepatitis C, Symptoms and Treatment

When someone gets sick of your friends, all believethat this just does not happen to them. Today all heard about hepatitis C, but many are mistaken in thinking that the sick are the only people who use drugs or promiscuous. In XX century, everything seemed so, but scientists have concluded that there are many other factors to date.

When someone becomes ill from friends allsympathize with him, but at the same time believe that this certainly does not happen to them. Today all heard about hepatitis C, but many are mistaken in thinking that the sick are the only people who use drugs or promiscuous. In XX century, everything seemed so, but scientists have concluded that there are many other factors to date.

The risk of infection

Hepatitis C, Symptoms and Treatment
Yes, hepatitis C is really common among people who use drugs, the use of the same syringe by different people many times increases the risk of infection.

Today, the practice shows that the risk of infection is practically at all successful and wealthy people from normal families. Proven cases of infection through transfusion blood, As the disease is transmitted from mother to fetus.

Few people know that there is a chance of contracting hepatitis C in manicure, tattooing, ear piercing, body piercing, acupuncture. This may occur iftools who follow these procedures were not properly handled. There have been cases of infection when visiting a dentist, so some people, going to the dentist, prefer to deal with an individual set of dental tools.

Why is this happening? The fact that the visiting public places: manicure parlor, tattoo parlor, medical treatment, every sane person must be careful. No one knows who was sitting in the chair before you, and if the instruments were treated without respect for the rules, there is a chance of infection.

This does not mean that we should stop to visitso important place for us. Do not panic. In most cases, in hospitals and other places all controlled by special services, inspected regularly. From you, dear readers of our site, you only need to be vigilant. Upon delivery of the analysis always carry a disposable syringe, the nurse at the same time to be in a sterile gloves. Visit the nail salon recommended by friends, whose good reputation. If you decide to apply a tattoo, it is not stingy and buy a set of individual needles.

In fact, the recommendations are quite simple, if you perform them, then worry about absolutely nothing.

Hepatitis C - a viral disease that leads to swelling of the liver. By infection risk factors include:

  • drug use;
  • a stay in a rehabilitation center or nursing home;
  • a trip to Asia, Central and South America;
  • work in health care or food;
  • sexual contact with a patient with hepatitis C, without any means of protection;
  • operations;
  • blood transfusion;
  • Long-term kidney dialysis;
  • the use of common personal care products.


Hepatitis C, Symptoms and Treatment
Hepatitis C is usually diagnosed by chance,because the course of the disease is most often asymptomatic. There are non-specific signs in which a virus test should be taken to rule out a disease. Well, if it is detected at an early stage, it is easier to treat. Such symptoms include persistent weakness, fatigue and asthenia.

In 1 out of 10 people suffering from hepatitis C,yellowing of the skin occurs. Before the disease enters the chronic form, it may take a long time (up to 25 years). In some cases, this may show symptoms:

  • bloating and abdominal pain;
  • loss of appetite and weight;
  • vomiting;
  • itchy skin;
  • fever;
  • dark urine.

Hepatitis can affect not only the liver but also other vital organs (kidneys, blood vessels, eyes, nervous and endocrine systems, hematopoiesis).

If the virus is present in the body for several years, may cause scarring of the liver (cirrhosis). Before cirrhosis patient may not have any signs of the disease.

One of the distinguishing characteristics of hepatitis CIt is the aggressiveness of the disease. Hepatitis A and B, also cause liver damage, but not so destructive. The infection is in the blood constantly, if not regularly surveyed, the patient first develops cirrhosis, then cancer.

The most dangerous feature of this diagnosis isthat the virus blocks the nerve impulses from the brain to the liver and does not allow the body to understand that he was sick, to take protective measures. That is why the people who put this diagnosis, most are shocked and do not believe in everything that happens.

Doctors around the world have spent infection studyand came to the conclusion that the hepatitis C ill in 3-5% of cases of unprotected sex with a partner having the disease. If the mother is sick, the fetal infection occurs in 5% of cases.

An increasing number ofdiseases by contact with infected blood. In this case, about 85% of infected people have a chronic course with pronounced change in the risk of liver cirrhosis further manifestation.

Diagnosis of Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C, Symptoms and Treatment
How to find out, sick people or not?

The main argument for diagnosisThey are laboratory studies. For this purpose shall be the analysis of antibodies to this type of virus, it is called "qualitative" and determines the presence of infection in the body. If the result is positive, then in such a case is assigned the following analysis, which is called "quantitative" (the amount in 1 ml of blood infection). In a second analysis to determine the degree of infection and severity of disease.

Genetic testing is also carried out forGenotype detection of the disease, there are only six. And the next stage, when the liver is performed a study to determine the extent of its damage. In some cases, a liver biopsy is prescribed. These results help the doctor choose the best treatment. It is worth adding that the laboratory diagnosis today pleased informative.

Treatment of Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C, Symptoms and Treatment
After diagnosing the disease is appointedtreatment, and the method, duration of treatment and dosage of drugs is strictly individual. When properly selected treatment recovery efficiency is 40-80%. We should not forget that the result depends not only on the doctor and the patient.

As today offers medicine in the fight against this insidious disease?

For the treatment of hepatitis C by modern scienceIt uses interferons such substances, which are released by the body with the appearance of any infection. Interferon does not cope with the virus, but it helps the immune system to produce an enzyme that is able to kill the infection.

Use of interferon in combination withantiviral drugs - the only recognized method of treatment in the world, it has a positive effect. The treatment is usually prescribed for at least six months. This combination of drugs is sometimes difficult tolerated, but it is the standard of care for all.

To the attention of readers mymedinform.com: positive results of treatment the body gets rid of the virus, but unfortunately, the liver cells do not regenerate. Therefore, it is important as soon as possible to contact the experts, was scheduled to competent treatment. Reanalysis of the presence of infection is carried out in 6-12 months after completion of treatment.

In some cases, to increase thethe effectiveness of drug treatment is carried out in vitro blood cleansing, which helps to remove the body of a large number of infections particles. The combination medication with a method such as filtration of blood plasma, can increase the chances of recovery of 75%.

Duration of treatment of patients with chronicthe form of the disease can last 12 months or more. Naturally, the methods of therapy depend on various factors. There are patients who, in addition to hepatitis C, have concomitant diseases. In this case, other specialists are involved (neuropathologists, endocrinologists, psychotherapists, cardiologists). Some patients are offered inpatient treatment, others outpatient treatment, it all depends on the severity of the disease.

There are several factors that mostly affect a beneficial effect in the treatment of hepatitis C:

  • the period of infection of less than 5 years;
  • absence of excessive weight;
  • female;
  • age younger than 45-48 years old;
  • no alcohol;
  • homogeneity of the virus population;
  • absence of cirrhosis.

The disease changes the life of the patient, butthey are not so significant. You can work, communicate with friends and family, to bear children. And the thing to remember is that this diagnosis is not a death sentence, medical treatment gives positive results. This virus is not transmitted through kissing, intercourse, hugging and sharing dishes. Bringing some adjustments to the way of life, the patient lives a full life. Of course, we have to follow a certain diet and take medicine. If someone is depressing, it's worth thinking about the people who have serious illnesses that restrict their movement, communication, and can not have a family. Everything is relative. Remember that the life of the majority of patients with hepatitis C in the length and quality is no different from the life of healthy people.

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