Intervertebral disc protrusion

Among the different kinds of disc degeneration protrusionintervertebral disc is the most common. This illness intervertebral disc extends beyond the spinal column, causing quite severe back pain.

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Spinal discs have been known to have an ovalshape and a spongy structure. Their displacement usually occurs due to injury or age-related changes. Pain in the back a man with such a shift does not feel until there is irritation of one of the nearby nerves.

Normally when driving the vertebrae in the spineis their amortization via vertebral discs. Over time, these wheels as a result of wear and they protrude beyond its normal position. However, the deterioration of spinal discs gradually. This process can be divided into several stages. The first stage - is damage to the disc. At this stage, the inner part of the disk is displaced from its normal state, and protrudes toward annulus fibrosus. In this convexity may be formed over half the circumference. The second stage of wear - a herniation and protrusion of the intervertebral disc. In the formation of a hernia injury occurs fibrous ring. And the inside of the tumors sometimes goes beyond the boundary of the ring. Status protrusion characteristic protrusion of the inner part of the intervertebral disc into the spinal canal.

A person who has formed a protrusiondiscs often also has other health problems. At the same time to treat these problems, various methods of herbal medicine. In addition, other treatments may be used.


back pain, spinal disorders, spine, protrusion, intervertebral disc protrusion, back

It is worth noting that the spineusually suffers the most. This is due to severe load and a large range of motion. As a result, the intervertebral discs of the spine are more prone to damage and the appearance of the protrusion. This kind of disease can develop at a young age. Although age-related degenerative processes may make the situation worse. This person usually complains of aching pain in the lumbar spine that occurs with prolonged lying down, sitting, standing or after a long walk. In addition, when bending the head forward or lifting the legs there is a nagging pain in the lumbar area. In the future, there is a nagging pain in the legs, which gradually descends to the foot. In this case the person feels tingling in the feet and has a state of so-called "cotton" legs. MirSovetov also notes that in this illness the person becomes difficult to perform the motion in the lumbar spine. There may also be pain in the feet, headaches, and can "shoot" at the waist.

The pathology of the cervical spine

As you know, as part of the cervical spineThere are seven vertebrae of the spine. Between each vertebrae these are the intervertebral discs. When the wheels start to wear out, then there are protrusions, which could lead to the compression of the spinal cord or nerve endings. If there is an impact on the structure, the person begins to complain of muscle weakness in the limbs and elbow, he has a numbness and tingling in the hand, as well as the pain that can be given throughout the hand. People with such a violation as having chronic pain in the neck.

Protrusion in the thoracic region

back pain, spinal disorders, spine, protrusion, intervertebral disc protrusion, back

This kind of disease is much rarer thanother. This is due to the fact that the mobility in the thoracic spine is much lower than in the lumbar region or the neck. For this reason, an excessive impact on the discs are significantly less. Nevertheless, a small amount of motion is still present. Therefore, the wear of the intervertebral discs in these areas may also experience a protrusion. When the diagnosis is important to rule out other diseases with similar symptoms. The main symptoms in this case are a pain in the thoracic spine in the area of ​​the blades and intercostal neuralgia. Also available are a pain in the middle of the back, abdominal muscles weakness, stiffness and pain in the back and expressed numbness and tingling in the chest.


Most information about the state departmentsthe spine can be obtained by MRI (magnetic resonance imaging). MRI is quite complex, but at the same time secure the research method. With this diagnostic method can obtain all the necessary information about the size of protrusions, the width of the spinal canal, the presence of other pathologies, as well as information about how pronounced inflammatory changes. For the diagnosis of intervertebral disc protrusion using a CT scan, but this method does not give a complete and correct information. Sometimes a CT scan may even show the wrong sizes protrusions.


back pain, spinal disorders, spine, protrusion, intervertebral disc protrusion, back

The man who grasped this disease, it is not necessaryto delay treatment. After all, if you do not carry out the necessary treatment on time, then eventually protrusion can lead to the complete destruction of the intervertebral discs. Sometimes, in order to prevent disability may even require surgery. Of course, before this it is better not to bring. In order to eliminate the symptoms and causes of the disease, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive therapy. In general, for the treatment of various types of protrusion of intervertebral discs are often used methods of treatment of Tibetan medicine. These methods make it possible to treat without surgery, only through a special integrated impact. In order to eliminate the pain and relieve spasms in the muscles, held acupressure and professional acupuncture. With these methods it is possible to relieve pain,improve the flow of nerve impulses in the tissue, deeply relax the muscles, improve tissue nutrition and normalize blood circulation, especially in the affected areas protrusion. In addition, methods of Tibetan medicine to stimulate the supply of the intervertebral discs with nutrients and blood. Inside the discs themselves come to normal metabolic processes. All this means that their normal functions are restored.

It is believed that the most difficult to treat protrusioncervical spine. This is due to the fact that it is cervical spine is the most subtle and complex plot. Patients with this diagnosis is usually given a course of massage, physiotherapy exercises. In addition, it is necessary for several years seen a doctor.

When any type of protrusion can be assigneddrugs such as muscle relaxants, hondroprotektory and nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs. If there is a need, the patient is prescribed painkillers.

such treatment methods are used to activate metabolic processes, elimination of muscular units, to improve blood circulation and decongesting like girudoterapiya, Moksoterapiya, stone therapy and vacuum therapy. With adequate treatment can achieve the most important thing - to include natural healing mechanism.

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