Treatment of purulent congestion in the throat

With purulent stoppers throat encountered almost every person at least once in their lives. Treatment is usually prescribed by a doctor after the examination. There are also folk remedies to combat this disease.

The reason for the formation of purulent plugs

sore throat, pus, purulent plugs, throat, tonsils

As a result of inflammation of the tonsils in the throatformed cork pus. They consist of lipid tissue that protects the body from infection. For accurate diagnosis, you need to take a swab from the throat.

Most often purulent stoppers are formed byfrequent, prolonged or dolechennyh angina. If a child or an adult is constantly sick from colds, then sooner or later, he will face such complications. Please note that this is the first "bell" that the amygdala can not cope with their functions.

In children, purulent plugs are most oftensymptom of angina, accompanied by high fever disease, pain in the head, weakness and unwillingness to eat. The blood test greatly increased the number of lymphocytes. These children urgently hospitalized as the risk of this disease lies in the complications. Treatment in this case appoint a doctor.

In adults, purulent plugs may arise duelow immunity, pharyngitis, tonsillitis, self-medication. Sometimes the patient is prescribed tonsillectomy, to save him from permanent inflammation.

Symptoms of occurrence of purulent plugs

The main symptoms of the disease can be attributed as follows:

  1. From his mouth came a specific smell of pus. The first time is difficult to feel the smell, but if you're already sick purulent tonsillitis, do not confuse it with anything.
  2. If the patient has difficulty swallowing,It feels discomfort in the part where there is a purulent cork. This usually indicates that the plug has reached impressive size. This happens if there is no timely treatment.
  3. In tonsils appear white spots. By simple inspection plugs, are generally not visible. They can be seen only when viewed from a doctor. Since they are located deep folds. But sometimes it happens that purulent cork visible when viewed in the form of white spots.

If you find at least one of these symptoms, recommends that you immediately consult a doctor.

Treatment of purulent congestion in the throat

sore throat, pus, purulent plugs, throat, tonsils

If the doctor decides to remove the tonsils, thehim for this must be a good reason. And the main of them - in the body is peritonsillar abscess. The fabric, which is located around the tonsils, is a dangerous continuation. It extends inside the chest around the heart and lungs. And if purulent process, which began in the throat, go on this way, it is possible to consider a verdict.

Also tonsils removed when afterconservative treatment is not improving. Curative courses should be carried out 2 times a year, and include antibiotics, lavage, general strengthening of the body. Incidentally, purulent female plugs may even lead to infertility. Since toxins from the bacteria weakens the action of sex hormones and disrupt the egg's development. Therefore, if a woman can not become pregnant while strep throat is not less than twice a year, it will be shown.

Remove the tonsils can be a variety of ways. Previously used only with a scalpel. Now they burn galvanokauterom. You can freeze them with liquid nitrogen, but will completely get rid of after only three treatments. And in between, the fabric will be ill and smell bad. It is best to remove the tonsils ultrasound, radio waves or laser.

Treatment of folk remedies

sore throat, pus, purulent plugs, throat, tonsils

There are many ways to treat purulent congestion in the throat. The most effective help rinse:

  1. Take flowers chamomile and linden blossom (6:4). 1 tbsp. l. mixture pour a glass of hot water. Leave to infuse for 20 minutes and then strain. Wait for a little cool down, and rinse in the form of heat. The course of treatment - a week.
  2. Take the herb marjoram, marshmallow root and oak bark(4: 1: 5). 1 tbsp. l. mixture brew in a glass of boiling water, let stand 20 minutes, then strain. After the infusion has cooled, it can gargle.
  3. Take 3 parts peppermint leaves part 4sage, 3 parts of flowers elderberry. Dislodged, and add a spoonful of mixture into a glass of boiling water, cover, let it brew. Then gargle 3 times a day.
  4. For gargling and fit this recipe: take three parts of marshmallow, 4 parts of sage, 1 part fennel fruit.

Mix and 1 tbsp. l. brew in 0.5 liters of boiling water. Insist half an hour, and warm gargle.

For inhalation, you can use these tinctures:

  1. The bottle add chopped leaves of aloe,fill them with sugar (glass) for 3 days to insist, and then add the alcohol to the bottle edge and still insist 3 days. Add 3 drops to half a cup of warm water.
  2. Mix 20 g of leaves and flowers of St. John's wort with a glass of alcohol 0.5. And insist 2 weeks and then strain. In a glass of water add 40 drops of tincture.
  3. You can buy ready-made pharmacy tincture of eucalyptus and add 1 ch. L. a glass of warm water.

sore throat, pus, purulent plugs, throat, tonsils

these oils can be used to lubricate the tonsils:

  1. Sea buckthorn oil - it is applied three times a day for 2 weeks.
  2. Fir oil - it with a cotton swab or a syringe is applied to the tonsils. This should be done five times a day. Not less than 2 weeks.

Good help in the fight with purulent stoppers bee products:

  1. Gargle three times a day diluted in a glass of warm water 1 tbsp. l. honey.
  2. Keep the pieces of propolis in the mouth during the day, but you can just put on the cheek at night. This treatment, and prevention.
  3. To rinse, use an alcohol solution of propolis. Take 10 g of propolis, add 100 ml of alcohol and insist week.

Use the tincture should be having tea together (a few drops), there is added, and honey.

Sometimes you can find in the People's Councilslubrication purulent plugs kerasinom and formalin. Keep in mind that doing this is by no means impossible. Since lymphoid tissue can develop into malignant. This has been confirmed by clinical observations. It is better to once again consult a doctor.

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