Symptoms of premature birth

Not to all future mothers given to feel the charms of pregnancy all nine months. Some have a lot of childbirth. What is the reason for such a failure in nature, than it threatens this mother and child and what to do if premature genera began? Our site will tell us about all.

Causes of premature birth

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The main reason, due to which a woman usually begins premature birth - this is the presence of infection. A healthy pregnant cavity of the uterus is always sterile. And any inflammation makes the walls of the uterus vulnerable, and the pregnancy in this case flows until the walls are able to stretch, after reaching their limit, the body will be looking for a way to get rid of the fetus. What provokes premature labor. Therefore, all gynecologists strongly advise, do not regret the time and strength, and pass a full examination for the presence of infection in the body, especially this concerns some diseases that proceed without symptoms. Ideally, it needs to be done before pregnancy, when planning a child. The doctor should pay special attention to pregnancy for women who, in history, there are acute or chronic inflammation of the appendages and mucous membranes of the uterus, those who had any intrauterine interventions such as abortion or scraping, as well as in cases of spontaneous miscarriage.

If the tests show inflammation, it is natural that it must be cured, and then pregnant. But if there were some reasons why the analyzes were not made before conception, all these tests are handed over when diagnosing pregnancy. The earlier the infection will be found, which can cause premature birth from the future mother, the better. Today, modern medicine in the arsenal has a lot of funds capable of preserving pregnancy to the preceded forty weeks.

There is another fairly common cause of not tooling the fetus to the term - this is ereticious cervical insufficiency. With her, the muscle layer of the uterus is defective and loses his ability to hold the fruit inside the uterus. ICH has both congenital and acquired, after an abortion, tensions of the cervix in the previous birth and in general any injuries of the cervix.

In addition, premature births may arise due to the failure of the thyroid gland. If these violations are serious, the woman will not be able to get pregnant at all. Also, childbirth can begin before, if pregnancy multiple or child is large. It is not necessary to deal with severe physical labor, to be in a long stressful situation, all this can also provoke the beginning of labor.

Behavior at the beginning of premature labor

Pregnancy, premature child, premature childbirth, childbirth, pregnancy pregnancy

First of all, in the occurrence of kits, the doctor prescribes drugs that will reduce the tone of the uterus. They are introduced first intravenously, and after the fight stops, it will be possible to go to the form of tablets. These medications should be taken up to 37 weeks. After the fight stopped, the doctor is looking for the reason for their occurrence, that is, infection, prescribes antibiotics and sedatives that can calm the future mom. Because any excitement, and especially as a strong, as the fear of losing the child, increase the tone of the uterus.

On the period of up to 28 weeks, when ICH has, the doctor imposes special seams on the neck of the uterus, which will not let the fetal egg from the womb. After this period, a special ring is introduced into the vagina, which as it supports the fruit, not letting it put on the cervix. Usually, if bites no longer, at this stage the disclosure does not continue.

Mandatory for preterm birth is the drug dexamethasone. It does not affect the disclosure or prevention of childbirth, it is aimed at ensuring the lungs and he could breathe independently.

A woman is appointed bed mode, moreover in the hospital walls. And it is recommended not to eat heavy and acute food.

It is more difficult to preserve pregnancy, if the oily water is happened. If the doctors manage to suppress the generic activity, a pregnant woman has no high temperature and the state of the fetus satisfactory, it is possible that the pregnancy will try to preserve, but at the same time be sure to prescribe Antibiotics. The fact is that when the waters began to leak, this means that the integrity and sterility of the arrivinal bubble and the path for infections is open. So, taking antibiotics is a vital necessity.

After childbirth

Pregnancy, premature child, premature childbirth, childbirth, pregnancy pregnancy

The postpartum period in such patients is usually no different from the one that happens with the timely end of pregnancy. If a woman is delayed in the maternity hospital, then it is usually due to the fact that the child.

All women undergo a complete examination, in which they reveal the reason for the start of childbirth, analyzes are surveyed, the specialists are examined.

With subsequent pregnancies, a woman is usually hospitalized in critical deadlines. The most dangerous is the term of the former childbirth. In addition, disadvantaged dates for three weeks, when the fetal egg is fixed, in 12 weeks - when the placenta is formed, and at 22 weeks - when a strong increase in the volume of the uterus. And also it is worth the fear of all days that meet menstruation.

Today in medicine there are cases of perching even a semi-kilogram child born on 25 weeks, but it is rather an exception to the rules. Yes, and the restoration of such children is very expensive. Talk about less decent digra of survival among kilogram children. However, and here every second child is doomed. And just starting with 1.5 kilograms, pediatricians give good chances that the child will live, since all organs have quite mature for independent work. After resuscitation, when the child's life is no longer threatened, he usually has the second stage of sticking. It also happens in the hospital and can last until half a year, it all depends on how the child is gaining weight and develops.

Often, these children are slightly lagging behind in the development of dead children, but with proper care and development, they usually completely catch up with their peers.

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