Sand in the kidneys, treatment and prevention

In case of violation in the body of water-salt metabolism, a person appears in a predisposition to urolithiasis (ICD). And it happens regardless of age, gender or social status. Kidney stones are a dangerous and severe disease that it is easier to prevent than to treat.

Where does sand come from?

Urolithiasis, urinary system, sand in the kidneys, kidneys, urology

Currently, no one can say one hundred percent confidence about where the sand in the kidneys come from. There are several versions that can be viewed both individually and in the complex.

  1. Experts argue that all this is connected with violation metabolism - At the moment, the amino acids, urea, phosphoric and calcium components begin to interact.
  2. Dangerous infections of urinary tract and various breaches in the work of the kidney is also the cause of urolithiasis. Especially if the patient has a stagnation of urine, it is necessary to immediately pay attention to this and do everything possible so that the sand does not appear.
  3. Bad ecology and environmental pollution leads to a number of violations in the work of internal organs.
  4. Poor-quality water that is used for drinking, especially if it contains many minerals, can lead to microlithms.
  5. When eating too salted or acute food, as well as with irregular nutrition, sand is possible, and then stones in the kidneys.
  6. Frequent stresses and intense atmosphere surrounding a person generally negatively affects human well-being, not to mention the fact that it can lead to urolithiasis.
  7. Sand in the kidneys may appear with hypervitaminosis D or if taking drugs containing calcium salts.
  8. Sand in the kidneys often accompanies Grugan.
  9. Dehydration or irregular use of water - direct path to urolithiasis.

Symptoms of sand in the kidneys

Urolithiasis, urinary system, sand in the kidneys, kidneys, urology

Patients who have a tendency to urolithiasis should strictly adhere to a diet - this is the best prevention of this ailment. The diet must strictly correspond to the composition of microlithas - the chemical analysis of sand, since the effectiveness of the diet depends on this.

Remember that without proper nutrition, the sand from the kidney is impossible! In addition, diet will have to adhere to regularly, throughout life - only this can be guaranteed a complete getting rid of sand, as well as to protect yourself from the formation of stones.

To find out what kind of chemical composition of your sand, you must pass the tests.

  1. Urata. They are formed if a violation of purine exchange occurs. To prevent the development of the concrections, it is necessary to abandon protein food: fatty varieties of meat, offal, sausages, smoked, should be prohibited. Exclude beans and asparag from your menu. In the diet, it is necessary to introduce fruits and vegetables, as well as berries and citrus. Pour apricots, watermelons, peaches, dried fruits, beet, cucumbers, carrots, zucchi and pepper. All this can be consumed both in the cheese and in the boiled or stew. Can be prepared for a couple, but in no case in a fried form. Use porridge cooked on water.
  2. Oxalates. From its diet, it is necessary to eliminate the products containing acid (like sorrel), as well as chocolate, cocoa, bows and tomatoes. You can eat porridge cooked on milk, apples and pear, as well as a variety of vegetables.
  3. Phosphates + potassium salts. The precipitation of these two salts form phosphatuing. To facilitate the condition to patients, it is necessary to abandon a variety of dairy and fermented milk products: cheese, cottage cheese, milk and t.D., Canned vegetables and vegetable juices, potatoes. You can eat meat (low-fat), bird, fish, cereal porridge. Refuse fat and roasting, cook for a couple or grilled, lean or bake dishes.

No matter what diet you will prescribe a doctor, it is necessary to strictly observe the drinking mode! Per day it is necessary to drink at least two liters of water. If sand leaves, then the amount of water must be increased. Discard soda and sweet drinks, try to use tea and coffee, but best - completely refuse. Instead, enter the diet drinks and brazers from herbs and rosehips and dried fruits. Drink Mineral Table Water.

Folk ways to get rid of sand in the kidneys

Urolithiasis, urinary system, sand in the kidneys, kidneys, urology

ethnoscience Proven to treat this ailment from a positive side. Useful will be used from herbs infusions and decoctions - they are capable not only to relieve pain and relax, but also drive out the sand from the kidneys.

Treatment of sand in the kidneys is a long process, however, if you comply with all the recommendations, the disease will retreat. The main thing is not to throw halfway and go through the whole course. Together with the diet, it is important to find that recipe that is suitable for you, and the problem will be solved. Remember:

  1. All chambers and tinctures for the treatment of sand in the kidneys must be taken in the morning on an empty stomach before meals.
  2. Depending on what the origin of the sand depends on the purpose of the decoction or tincture.
  3. If you have detected urates, you need to eat rosehip, corn silk, Birch kidneys, sport. It is possible to prepare a decoction of all components, and possibly - separately. Two tablespoons brew 500 ml of water, then insisted about six hours. Drink decoction is needed at least three months, only then you can notice the result.
  4. If you have discovered oxalate, you need to be stocking with such herbs: St. John's wort, mint, dye, lingonberry (sheet), dill (seeds). The tablespoon of the mixture will need to pour a glass of boiling water, brew, like tea and drink immediately. Repeat the procedure every two weeks. This recipe can still help: dill (seeds), chicory, immortelle and DONONNI. Cook and use the same as described above.

Universal recipes of traditional medicine

Urolithiasis, urinary system, sand in the kidneys, kidneys, urology

These recipes will suit everyone who suffers from a predisposition to urolithiasis.

  1. Vegetable juices. If you mix carrots, cucumber and beet juice, then you can get a very good drink to remove sand from the kidneys.
  2. Carrot dessert. Grate carrots, two tablespoons of carrots pour a glass of milk, after which it will be necessary to boil no more than five minutes. Take a dessert on a tablespoon before meals. You can eat in a quarter of an hour. This dishes can be stored in the refrigerator. Useful for children.
  3. Oats. Take three glasses of non-separated oats, pour four liters of water and insist a day. Boil a quarter of an hour, add three spoons of the horsetail and boil as much as much. Let stand forty minutes, strain, insist a day. Drink together with Rosehip three times a day for 200 ml.
  4. Rose hip. Drinking infusion or decoction of rosehip, when there is a need to quench thirst - instead of water.
  5. Sunflower. The root of this plant needs to be stocking in the fall, as soon as the seeds will be collected. The root must be chopped into the powder, then 250 grams of the resulting mixture to pour three liters of boiling water and peck for about two minutes. The resulting decoction to cool down, then strain. The resulting liquid needs to drink in two days. When you spend such treatment, you need to abandon acute and salty foods, as well as fatty food and vinegar. This course must last at least 30 days. And even better - drink until the color of urine becomes normal.

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