Symptoms and treatment of scabies

Scabies is a skin disease thatcause microscopic parasites. The parasite that causes an unpleasant itching and rashes all over the body, called scabies or itch mites. The disease is transmitted through skin to skin contact as well as through clothing, appliances, bedding and so on.

Description of the disease

disease, mites, skin parasites, scabies

Accurate information on the epidemiological picturemange to date does not exist. The disease was most intense during the war, when the itch to hit thirty percent of the population. There are theories that read on the wave-like nature of the disease, but such opinions are strongly criticized, because they do not have accurate evidence.

Seasonality is one of the indicators for thisdisease. That is scabies is the most common in the autumn and winter season. This is due to the active fertility of ticks from September to December because cooler temperatures promotes the survival of a larger number of newly hatched manage on.

If a person is infected with scabies, he noticedit's not just because the incubation period of the disease varies from 4-6 weeks. During this time, the infected person may feel itching on the body in certain places, but it is at night, when the tick is most active due to cool, wet environment. As a result of these "walks" the parasite to man is difficult to sleep, sleep becomes sensitive and as a result this can lead to nervous disorders. Many people think that scabies occurs due to low level of human health, but it is not so. Water and soap for scabies is not a threat, so the number of parasites is not reduced when taken daily shower or bath.

Symptoms of scabies

Scabies can be like an epidemic(A disease of many people) and endemic (illness of one person) character. Very often you can pick up scabies in organized groups, such as barracks, boarding schools, prisons, dormitories and so on. In institutions where people are together for only a few hours a day (for example, schools, kindergartens, labor groups) scabies does not pose any threat.

As a rule, in most countries suffer from scabiesyounger children. This is due to the lack of immunity to the pathogen of the disease. If children are in contact with scabies patients, the risk of exposure to mite exists in 99 percent of the 100. But in Russia, scabies is more common in adolescents and take on 25 percent of the country's disease. In second place are the incidence of school-age children, on the third - pre-school, and the fourth place is occupied by mature people. Very often, scabies is found in this age group as students and less in school and children attending kindergartens. This is due to the fact that children of different ages protivozudnevy immunity develops differently, and they have very different sexual activity. In addition, most of the time students spend together, than students or preschoolers.

In children, symptoms of scabies are always the same: First there is an itch, is greatly enhanced in the evening, followed by a rash that combing can form abscesses. This rash appears as a result of vital activity of scabies mite, which throughout the night digging tunnels, at the end of which lay eggs. If you do not know what it looks like scabies and doubt in the symptoms of the disease, you can view photos on the internet and compare them with your rash. But better, of course, to see a specialist for the timely identification and treatment of disease.

If itch appears first in childrenhalf-life, it is similar to hives, because accompanied by a red rash. Rash localized and mostly appears on the face, back and buttocks. Not everyone knows how it looks like scabies, so do not just take it for various dermatoses and to self-medicate. There are cases where scabies in children is similar to the acute eczema with itching occurs not only in the affected areas mites, but also in remote areas of the skin.


disease, mites, skin parasites, scabies

Very often, but not one hundred per cent,scabies in adults accompanied by pruritus. But if the itching is present, it is more and more felt in the evening. This is due to the fact that the female mite starts digging "moves", a length of one centimeter. The rate at which "works" mite is 0.5-5 millimeters per day. The tick is not able to bear the impact of the environment, and to penetrate into the skin of his victim he needed time interval of about an hour. During this time, the parasite is affected by many factors, mainly the temperature, whereby the female mite dies. Therefore, if time does not detect this parasitic disease, one can only imagine how many eggs the mite can be postponed for a few nights, in this connection, the symptoms will be very unpleasant, and the treatment will be delayed for a longer period.

If a person has scabies appeared, the first of itssigns will be rash, accompanied by a slight reddening. Already after a few days in the body of the patient can see the itch moves, but not always. It happens that scabies occurs without formation moves. At the initial stage of the disease symptoms are as follows: there will be small pimples on the body, which in a short time can be transformed into bubbles - vesicular rash. If this type of rash is clearly expressed, it does not mean that a large number of parasites is under the patient's skin. Just due to the fact that a person has aggravated an allergic reaction to manage on the waste products of scabies.

In pregnancy, a negative impact on scabieswell-being of women. Because in this state, it needs good health sleep, rest and tranquility, and itchy skin makes it impossible to rest the young mother, so that she does not restore your strength as you need to. The fetus is not in danger at the time, but during birth the baby can become infected by scabies mother. And in such cases typically in the infant scabies urticaria take over and, accordingly, the treatment of disease is in a different direction. In addition, at untimely treatment of scabies in young children can lead to the development of purulent infection, the treatment of which requires a long time, and receive medication, which may badly affect the baby's health. That is why during pregnancy is a must scabies prevention.

Precautions of scabies infection is:

  • avoiding contact with infected people;
  • strengthening the immune system;
  • personal hygiene.

But if you still have the itch appeared pregnant,then at the first sign of the disease it is necessary to use special means which will not bring any harm to a pregnant woman or the fetus. It is also possible to use the ointment and that doctors prescribe most often. This ointment called sulfuric due to the large amount of sulfur in the composition, which kills scabies and disinfects manage on human skin. Contraindications to this drug is not present, so it can be used by pregnant. And if the newborn from the mother passed on scabies, it is necessary to begin treatment without delay.

In order to make the correct diagnosis,not enough just to look at photos of scabies in health benefits or other sources. We need to see a doctor and get tested for laboratory research. It is necessary to make thin sections of the epidermis, which will give an opportunity to identify not only the mite, but deferred mite eggs. Also applied to the skin alkaline solution, whereby the affected areas of the skin visible. Another method for identifying burrows is staining of the skin with tincture of iodine. In such a case, the moves will be seen on the body, because it will look dark brown strips. Healthy same code will have a color of light brown color. Then this is proof that it is scabies, which should be carried out immediately if the treatment in laboratory studies mites strokes will be visible.

There are cases that resemble the symptoms of scabiesother illnesses, and as a result a person engaged in self-treatment, extends the livelihoods of mites and promotes the formation of new adults.

In the initial stages of the disease in scabiesthe patient has a rash on the hands, namely mezhdupaltsevoy zone on the hands and on the inner side of the wrist. An infected person can see the manifestation of scabies very soon. Because the disease affects the skin quickly elbows, feet, armpits, navel, waist, buttocks. Symptoms of scabies occur in women under the breasts, and men on the penis and scrotum. This disease can spread throughout the body except the scalp and face. You must know that in most cases scabies is transmitted through direct skin-lasting leather. Also, the disease can be transmitted sexually. And parents of sick children can become infected if it is to sleep with them in the same bed. Itch mite contagious at any stage, but the most common scabies is transferred to another person from the fertilized females, which greatly accelerates the process of developing the disease.

scabies Treatment

But how to get rid of scabies? Treatment of patients with scabies is aimed at the destruction of pathogens. For this purpose, acaricidal preparations - skabitsidy. Such drugs doctors prescribe only after carrying out all the necessary surveys and analyzes. If the patient has no desire to take unknown drugs to him, it can be treated at home. Treatment should begin with a damp clean the house and change the bed linen infected family member. Lingerie patient it is necessary to boil and iron hot iron on both sides.

In the treatment of scabies is necessary to observe hygiene,therefore the patient must wash to remove all manage on that are on the surface of the skin. Besides hot water expands pores, which promotes better penetration of drugs into the skin. It is necessary to cut the nails as short as possible, so that the ointment could get under them, because infected ticks by scratching places, under the nails hammered egg and then spread throughout the body. Scabies is treated only by external means, the most effective of which are sulfuric ointment or ointment Wilkinson, a part of which contains tar. Rub the need for five days in the evening, paying special attention to places of accumulation of the greatest number of ticks (elbows, fingers, belly). After all the procedures and recovery need to take a shower and change his bed.

There are other drugs for the disease, butthe most popular are these ointments. Although they have an unpleasant odor, and leave traces on clothes, but effective and not expensive, unlike other imported equipment. However, these agents are contraindicated for children and for people with sensitive skin. Ointments can irritate the mucous membranes. Therefore, in such cases it is necessary to purchase the more expensive drugs.

If patients with scabies live in oneindoors, the treatment should be carried out simultaneously to all infected scabies. Of course, one who is completely cured of scabies can not get it back right away from another patient, but treatment alone is all a long and uncomfortable. For patients with scabies requires ten quarantine. After the treatment you need to see a doctor again.

Folk remedies for scabies mite

disease, mites, skin parasites, scabies

Scabies Treatment folk remedies maycarried out at home. To do this, you need to prepare an ointment composition resembles cream Wilkinson. For its preparation you need to take two teaspoons of sulfur, one spoon of tar, and a tablespoon of oil and a spoonful of soap. All this must be thoroughly mixed and applied to clean and dry the patient's body. Perform this treatment should be three to five days.

Also you can use ointments and other means for the treatment of, for example:

  • decoction of kilograms of barley, which should pour with scabies;
  • 500 grams of a mixture of industrial alcohol and 50 grams of salicylic acid, which is necessary to lubricate the morning and evening body;
  • for the prevention of rubbing the body to mange using a salt solution which is not washed off after drying.

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