Causes of scanty menstruation

Scooty periods are a violation, in which the menstrual cycle is disturbed and monthly flowing can be reduced to three days. When such changes appear in girls, they do not cause concerns, but in women in adulthood, scanty periods say about health problems.


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Scooty monthly medicine are named hymen. The disease is expressed by a disruption of the menstrual function, as a result of which a woman has a slight amount of blood mucus during menstruation. Such a deviation in the menstrual cycle is caused by violation of the functionality of the ovaries, which may be the presence of various diseases or the impact on the female body of external factors.

When menstruation delay, menstruation can be quite scarce. Such a phenomenon is more often observed in the development of the tissues of the genital organs in insufficient quantity (especially if such a type of development is accompanied by the failure of the ovaries). In addition, scanty periods can also be caused by the inferiority of the mucous membrane of the uterus, which may occur as a result of inflammatory processes.

When the menstrual cycle comes to complete, the top layer of the endometrium begins to reject in the uterine cavity, the result of which are monthly bleeding from the vagina. Such discharges are a mixture of the mucous membrane, a fetched uterine, vaginal secret and mucus of the cervix. Ideally, monthly pass is painless or with a sensation of easy discomfort. Blood discharges with normal health women should continue from three to five days at intervals 21-35 days. The amount of blood lost during menstruation should be about 50-150 milliliters, but not less. When menstrual function is broken, then the reasons for this can be a different.

The weakening of menstruation can manifest itself with an unusual state and scarce periods that are allocated in the amount of less than fifty milliliters are no exception. Hymanorery is accompanied by oligomenogenia (phenomenon when the duration of menstruation is reduced). These two phenomena are often found together, having a negative impact on the course of the menstrual cycle of women and often becoming the result of amenorrhea - more rare menstruation or its absence.

Scarceful periods of primary can manifest themselves in adolescents who are inclined to congenital interomalies of the sexual system. In such cases, scanty periods may be accompanied by a delay in general or only sexual development. With a secondary syndrome for scanty menstruation, a sharp decrease in the duration, volume and frequency of menstruation, which previously passed absolutely normal, and no failures in the menstrual cycle were observed.


Gynecology, Hymenarya, Female Diseases, Menstrual Cycle, Menstruation, Menstruation Violation, Mebly Monthly

About scarce menstruation can evidence different symptoms, which in some cases can be pronounced. Such discharge can manifest itself in the form of droplets, and sometimes they can leave slightly noticeable traces on underwear. The color of this type of selection ranges from light brown to very dark. If monthly steel is not sufficiently abundant, then their duration can be significantly reduced while maintaining a regular menstrual cycle.

Scooty periods in no way affect the well-being of women, do not violate ordinary processes, but sometimes painful contractions may appear, which is the result of cutting the uterus. In addition to these grabs, the appearance is possible headache, Pain in chest. Also, with such a phenomenon, nausea is not excluded, changing the characterity of the chair, and in some cases there are even bleeding from the nose. With a long duration of scant monthly, a woman can significantly reduce sexual desire and increases the risk to infertility. The result of such changes in the body is to reduce the level of female hormone - estrogen.

There are often cases when a latency of menstruation appears with a scant monthly period of men, and after they appear, pain. When such menstruants showed themselves during puberty or reduced it, then in this case the meager periods are the result of hormonal rearrangements in the body and they do not need to be taken as a pathological symptom. But if in the reproduction phase, scanty periods appeared together with blood clots, then this is the first sign of quite serious problems with the body's sexual system. Therefore, in any case, when the first scarce periods appear, it is necessary to refer to the doctor who will prescribe the necessary tests, will conduct a thorough examination to establish the cause of such a strange menstruation and appoint adequate treatment for this type of disease.


Gynecology, Hymenarya, Female Diseases, Menstrual Cycle, Menstruation, Menstruation Violation, Mebly Monthly

In order to assign the proper treatment of scarce menstruations, careful diagnosis and examination of the patient must be carried out. After all, if the reasons that influenced the occurrence of such a period of menstruation are different, then the treatment will be unequal. For example, when scanty periods have appeared due to dietary disorders, the treatment will be slightly different than in the case of impaired physical activity or the equilibrium of the mental and emotional state. Only after all surveys and analyzes can be prescribed to the patient a complex of vitamins, reception of hormonal drugs, as well as various antimicrobial means.

If the scanty periods appeared after childbirth, during lactation and during menopause, then such a phenomenon does not require special attention and to treat the cause of such discharge - everything will be held by itself. Sometimes after unprotected sex, the appearance of menstruation can linger that it will be similar to pregnancy. But after a negative test, the pregnancy can clearly say that the inflammatory process began in the female body, the result of which may be scarce. In general, the one-time phenomenon of non-menstruation - this is normal, but when such meager allocations began to appear often or constantly, then this is a sign of improper functioning of the body and a reason to consult a doctor.

Frequent phenomena of scanty periods indicate certain diseases, in the presence of which it is necessary to treat not the result, but the cause of the disease. But besides aimed at the problem of events, you still need to fully strengthen your body. But such a phenomenon as scarce periods can be cured not only with the help of drugs. The following treatment methods can help in such a situation:

  1. ACUPRESSURE METHOD. To implement such a method, it is necessary to carry out a regular massage with circular motion points on the tip of the thumb. It helps strengthen the mucous membrane, as well as bring the menstrual cycle to the stable state.
  2. Aromatherapy by oils. Helps to stimulate the selection of genital hormones. You need to use juniper oil and mayoran.
  3. Yellow contact. Yellow clothes, as well as yellow foods contribute to better blood supply and strengthening of the mucous membrane of the female genital organs.
  4. Hot Foot Baths. Over 8 days before the start of the expected menstruation, it is necessary to take hot baths for legs that enhance menstruation, moreover, actively act on the body.

Treatment with folk remedies

Scarer monthly, which are brown and continue for a long time, can be treated with different folk remedies:

  • If menstruation stopped, then for their recovery you can take a onion decoction every morning before meals. For such a branch, you need to take two kilograms of purified bow and pour in three liters of boiling water;
  • To restore the menstrual cycle and restore menstruation, you need to drink decoction from the leaves of the knots;
  • In case of painful and irregular menstruation, they take the infusion from the root of nine, for the preparation of which you need to pour a glass of boiling water a teaspoon of the root and boil on a small fire fifteen minutes. Then give the brand to break 4 hours. Drinking infusion is necessary 3-4 times a day on one tablespoon;
  • With scant monthly or complete lack of menstruation, drink infusion from the inflorescence of the Pijmas. In order to prepare infusion, you need to take a tablespoon of inflorescences and pour a liter of boiling water. Insist at least two hours. You need to drink an infusion on an empty stomach, but no more than twice a day;
  • During the nights to insist two tablespoons of colors and leaves of calendula, filled with a liter of hot water. Drinking infusion instead of tea three times a day in a glass;
  • Scarce periods pass from the reception of such a broth: the leaves of the root and the Golden Usa mix with the seeds of parsley and to slaughter for ten minutes. Having a drink is needed during the day, but the amount of drilled liquid from herbs should not exceed 200 milliliters;
  • With the manifestation of scanty menstruation, you need to take the golden mustache, the root of the tangutsky, the grass of a three-part series, the fruits of red rowan, the fruits of the TIN cry in equal proportions, mix and pour 350 milliliters of water. Put on a boiling water bath for half an hour and insist one hour. Drink three tablespoons three or four times a day, every 2 hours after meals.


For the prevention of hymenoreliament, it is necessary to try as much as possible in the fresh air, to move more more, but not overdo it, since excessive physical exertion can lead to a violation of the menstrual cycle and cause the appearance of scarce periods ahead of time, and sometimes the complete absence of menstruation.

Stresses have a great negative impact not only on the state of female genital organs, but also on the state of the body as a whole. This is due to hormonal disorders that negatively affect the menstrual cycle. by the way! Do not apply Homeopathic remedies in parallel with essential oils, because together they can cause irreparable harm, although individually each of the drugs is quite useful.

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